Journal Entry #144

September 22, 2018
12:17 AM

Oh noooo! I’m late starting this journal entry because I was busy creating a makeup look for my upcoming sub box makeup looks post. It took me longer than I expected but, I am actually really happy and proud of the outcome. 🙂 I did have to schedule that post for a later date (again) though because I still want to do more looks for it!


I got my period today. I had already showered, shaved, and moisturized when it came. Annoying but hey, at least it didn’t come out while I was at work! That would be the worst case scenario!

Thursday night, work was busier than expected. Of course, this huge festival called Life is Beautiful is being held all weekend here in Vegas and I’m out for the count, it always happens this way. 😡

I was lucky to have had really nice and respectful clients all night. I had one drink (Patron and pineapple juice) and accepted two more but, didn’t end up drinking either of those. One of my clients was so cute (personality wise). I was laying down the rules in the VIP room and when I said “no touching” he was like “whoa, whoa, whoa… of course not! We don’t even know each other yet.” LOL! I had never heard that one before and after like 4 years of dancing… it’s really rare to hear something new! Most men just roll their eyes when I tell them that rule. I know there are probs plenty of gentlemen out there like this but, not too many that I come across at my job so it’s always nice when I do get to.

I left work a little after 2 AM. It started emptying out and I was tired anyways.

Today, we woke up a little after 1 PM. We laid around for a bit and then, we had to go to the dispensary for weed, Albertson’s to buy chicken thighs and razor blades, and the smoke shop to buy blunt wraps.

When we got home, I showered then we smoked a blunt while watching Love Island. I continued that while boyfriend made us dinner. I had some pre-dinner snacks and that’s when I realized my Aunt Flo was here for her visit!

I don’t know what time I got up from the couch to start on this makeup look but, I watched two episodes of Love Island on the iPad while I was doing it so that means it took me around 2 hours. WOW, hahaha that’s how you know I am a newb. 😛

I took some (maybe 100) pictures of myself and then hopped on here to start typing this! I couldn’t believe that it’s already midnight! Goodnight! ❤

12:32 AM


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