Catching The Clap

I know this story will not shine the best light on me but, I want to share it anyways. Plus, it’s Sexual Health Awareness Month so it couldn’t possibly be a better time for it! Also, if you remember My Unfaithful Relationships post, I did make a promise in there that this story would be coming your way so here it finally is (nearly a year later)!rsz_pink_flower_divide

When I was a junior in High School, I lived with my best friend (K) and her family for about half a year in Bothell, Washington. On the best days, K’s mom would drive us to school but, on most days… we took the big yellow school bus.

Photo by Austin Pacheco

One day, I recognized a new head of hair in the back seat. I remember immediately looking at K with wide eyes and squealing about how handsome he was! I was never one to be shy about my feelings– so, I’m sure he knew right away that I was interested.

We started talking all the time and flirting even more, I’d go on walks with him and his friends to smoke weed and cigarettes during lunch since we were allowed to leave campus at this school.

But all of a sudden, something was different as I waited for him… he was late and told me we were waiting for someone else before we could go because SHE had weed… I was like “oh fuck, a girl.” And my instincts were right. He completely ignored me and I soon found out (not even from him) that she was his girlfriend!

Obviously, I didn’t enjoy walking around and being ignored so I ended up completely separating myself from the group. I’d go on my own for a cigarette during lunch, secretly hoping I’d cross paths them.

The boy (let’s call him Leo) and I still hung out after school, just not during lunch anymore. We’d smoke in the woods together– most of the time we’d be with K and other neighborhood kids… until the day K got a job and had to go to work.

Leo and I spent that afternoon alone together.

Photo by Aaron Alvarado

We were in the middle of the woods, behind our weed dealer’s apartment building, across from an old, dirty, abandoned mattress and a small running stream. We were sitting on top of a laid down log, so close to each other our knees kept knocking. Our conversation was flowing with ease, as usual, and the weed-packed pipe was rhythmically being passed back and forth between us.

He looked at me after taking a hit and hurriedly shouted, “shotgun!,” put his lips to mine, and transferred the smoke. I blew it out and we kissed again. “Gosh, is that every stoner’s first move?!” I teased him.

Yeah, he still was with his girlfriend but, we never told her about our kiss. (I also had a “boyfriend” back home in MN. A relationship is something I was never looking for while in WA and I made that very clear to all the boys I slept with.)

A couple days later, he called me to come over to his friend’s house. He tried to persuade me (though I didn’t even need to be) with the fact that his friend had a California King Sized bed we could all lay on.

K had a friend over at the time but, there were only two boys… and we already knew Leo was for me.

I used one last “excuse,” that I couldn’t just leave my friends. Leo straight-up said, “my friend will fuck K and you already know I’m going to fuck you!” I silently screamed and threw my fist in the air! After I heard him say those words, there was no stopping me from going to see him. I had been ready to sleep with him since the day I met him!

It was really quite raunchy what happens next. We were finally in the dark, “watching a movie” on that huge, comfy bed… I turned over so quickly to let Leo inside me and I noticed K had done the same with his friend.

Photo by rawpixel

K’s friend that we had to force to come along, cried that she was “uncomfortable and knew what was going on” the entire time but, were we really going to stop? (NOPE!)

When we finished, K and dude were still going (I was ignoring K’s friend after her distracting episode) so, Leo and I walked out onto the roof and had a cigarette together. It was really quite romantic, actually.

Too bad he had a girlfriend and I had a “boyfriend.”

Fast forward a week or two later…

I’m in Science class and I get a text from an unknown number. It’s Leo’s girlfriend. She asks me if I had sex with Leo and I texted back like, “no way! we’re just buds!”

A few moments later, Leo texts me and lets me know that his friend that K had sex with had caught chlamydia from a girl I had never heard of. A girl Leo ALSO had sex with a couple days before he did with me! If you’re wondering… nope, Leo and I were not smart enough to slip a condom on in the mist of it all.

K apparently did use one, though! Buuut, guess what? We both came up positive for the freakin’ clap!!! We don’t know if the condom failed or if she somehow caught it from me? Personally, I don’t think she used a condom at all but, she was too embarrassed to admit the truth.

Leo came up positive, so did his girlfriend, and so did the other boy(s) I was having sex with.

Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

Luckily, for girls, you simply have to pee in a cup. A couple days later, you’ll get the call with your results. When I saw the clinic’s number on my caller ID, I already knew what the doc was going to tell me. I had to go back in to pick up my medication. I was given two pills– one for me and one for anyone else I might have contaminated.

I scheduled a follow-up appointment to make sure I was clean a week later and THANK GOD, I was.

The other boy I was having sex with, that I didn’t give my spare pill to, had to go through a much a worse process to get himself checked… look it up if you want. Just know that he never talked to me again and deleted me off all social medias.

The scariest thing is; I had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever and I never would have known if Leo hadn’t informed me! I’m so glad he was responsible enough to ‘fess up to our mistakes even when I wasn’t. He knew he could’ve lost his girlfriend (he didn’t) but, it was more important that I (and everyone else) knew to get checked!


So boys and girls, seriously, be careful out there!!

I was “lucky” to catch a curable STI but, there are plenty of other diseases and infections out there that will stick with you FOR LIFE. All it takes is one time with the wrong person.


Featured Image by Sylvie Tittel

31 thoughts on “Catching The Clap

  1. What I most admire about your story (and you!!) is they way your wrote it. Such honesty.
    I think many women would have used terms like “This is stupid guy used me and gave me chlamydia”.
    And I am so so happy to read that everything is fine with you!
    I think it’s good to share stories like these and raise awareness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Andrea! ❤ I don't feel right writing something that isn't honest. It was not his fault at all and it was my own choice to do what I did! I still don't regret it either. 😉

      I am happy that everything turned out fine in the end, too! Whew! Lol. So happy you enjoyed the story!! ❤


  2. Good thing you found out on time and you got better 🤗
    He’s behaviour is questionable but at least he told you about the std, that’s something i guess.

    I was always more terrified of pregnancy than std, but it’s not a great way of thinking, i admit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! So lucky that I cured it before it did any damage to me! His behavior was definitely questionable but, I will admit that mine was too! What can I say?! We were only 16 lol.

      I agree though, I honestly think the same way!! I’m always always always more concerned about pregnancy even after The Clap incident.

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  3. You’re right about it only taking one time. I think there’s a stigma around STD’s and that if you catch one you must sleep around a lot. I had a Chlamydia scare once and I haven’t been with a lot of people. My test was inconclusive so I had to retake it and spent two days freaking out. Turns out I didn’t have it but very easily could have.
    I’m glad you caught it right away and thanks for being so honest 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I heard you can catch the clap & other shit from a toilet seat so yeah, that’s annoying that people think you can only catch something if you’re sleeping around a lot. 😛

      Ah, I’m glad to hear you were clear of it! ❤ Thanks so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. More Adult Story-time! You have such a fantastic way of narrating stories and depicting past events. Thank you for bravely bringing awareness to STD’s via sharing your experiece. I am so grateful you got treatment so that the only clap in your life is when people applaud your dancing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, you are just so kind. ❤ Thank you so much for reading my story! It means the world and more that you enjoyed it. ❤ ❤

      Also… LOL!! You just got a real giggle out of me with "the only clap I have is when people applaud me" line, hahaha. ❤ 😉


  5. Ah Hunida I love your story times and how honest you are! Sti’s are honestly soooo scary, you don’t think sometimes when you’re in the moment but it’s something that needs to be raised more awareness of! Sexual health is so important 😦 If I’m honest, I hate condoms but at the end of the day, look at what they protect us from! Thanks for sharing hun, your story is a great way to raise awareness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jennie! So happy to hear you enjoyed story time. 😀 hahah. Condoms seriously irritate my area so I hate them, too!! But I def should have been using them at that promiscuous stage in my life lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did! Yes obviously if you’re in a commited relationship then it’s not a big deal if you’ve both had a chat / been checked ect but yeah, if you’re having casual sex then they really are soo important! We’re all guilty though aren’t we 😭 I definitely think more awareness needs to be raised!

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  6. This story reminded me of the Lifetime movie “She’s Too Young”, except they all got syphilis. I go to my local health department every year for my annual exam, and they automatically test me for gonorrhea and chlamydia. (Any other STD tests you have to request though). Of course I already know I don’t have anything though because I haven’t been sexually active in five years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Lifetime movies! I’ve never seen that one but I’m interested now lol. Kind of crazy that my life is comparable… !!

      That’s awesome that you get tested every year! I think we all should!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow how scary!! I’m not gonna judge and no one should really, even I did some stupid shit when I was young lol. But honestly, back then, STDs weren’t really in my mind but you are right that it’s so easy to catch them. I’m so glad that the guy was responsible enough to tell you the truth for all of you to get checked and get cleared. It could have definitely been so much worse..
    And I thank you for being so honest with this story and for bringing awareness to it, not many people are brave enough to share stories like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I was so shocked when he texted me that. I was like whoa, that was unexpected. I was so dang promiscuous in high school and I was not very careful at all. I’m so lucky to be healthy today!

      Thanks so much for reading and never judging me, Rossy! 💗

      Liked by 1 person

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