Journal Entry #143

September 19, 2018
10:47 PM

My two aunts, sister, uncle-in-law, his siblings and friends are here in Nevada. I’ve just gotten a text from my sister that they just landed but, I didn’t text back yet, lol. They’re staying in Henderson instead of The Strip or Downtown and they’re mostly doing outdoorsy shit like hiking and kayaking. It is way too hot for those kinds of activities and it’s just not me at all. Maybe I’ll meet them for drinks and dinner one night while they’re here? We’ll see.

One of my aunts seriously hates me though. When she was pregnant she said the rudest things to me in our family group text and then apologized and blamed it on her hormones. I don’t know if I believe her– I think she’s hated me before pregnancy and still does now, after she’s had her son.

It just seems like she’s always attacking me whenever I say something. I don’t really want to have to hang out with her and feel like I’m walking on eggshells or trying to impress her/get her to like me the whole time? D’you know what I mean? I do really wanna spend a little time with my sister though, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind not seeing any of them at all because she’s different towards me around those two aunts of mine anyways.

Last night, I got to work and was sooo relieved to see my regular whom I haven’t seen in ages sitting at a table waiting for me! You might remember me talking about him in the past; he’s the one who brings me candy. 🙂 This time he brought me 3 different flavors of Hi-Chews!

After he left, I scoped the crowd and really only got a dance with one other guy. It was pretty empty so I just headed home. It was like 2 AM and I had gotten there around midnight.

When I came home, I took a shower, smoked some weed, ate some leftovers and watched TV for a bit before going to sleep.

Today, I woke up around noon. Boyfriend didn’t wake up until 2 PM and I had completely caught up on all the blogs on my Reader by then!

I got an e-mail from VeganCuts saying my snack box of the month had been shipped so I checked the tracking and found it had been in the office since Saturday! It’s so annoying how I always get the shipping e-mail when it’s already been delivered DAYS ago. I did get some yummy looking snacks though! I hope they taste that way, too. 😛

I was going to start reading the second installment of the 4MK Killer series by J.D. Barker but, he has switched to writing in 3rd person for this one (and I hate that) so sadly, I DNF’d it. I started Sadie by Courtney Summers instead. I like it so far. I had to return Not Her Daughter because I had it for too long. I only got to read like 7% of it but, it is still on my TBR list for later. I need to get back into reading so I can accomplish my Goodreads Reading Challenge before the year ends!

Eventually, we went grocery shopping at our usual spot (Smith’s). I bought the cutest freakin’ Halloween themed mug buuuut… boyfriend fucking broke it when he unwrapped it. Yep. I’m still mad at him even though *mocking voice* “accidents happen” lol.

For the first time ever we didn’t have to stop at the dispensary… but we did still need to buy blunt wraps before we could go home.

When we got home, I ate some of our new snacks and watched Love Island while boyfriend made dinner. It was delish!!

Finally, the time came where I turned the TV off to hop on the computer and type this mumbo jumbo up. I also paused in the middle of this to put some raisin bread in the toaster and then, paused again to spread crunchy PB on the slices. I ate while typing with one hand for a bit and it was quite the task lol.

Alright, I’m signing off now… hope you have a good night!! ❤

11:18 PM


29 thoughts on “Journal Entry #143

  1. Oh man! I completely understand what you mean with your aunt.
    I have the same with a colleague. I am tiptoeing when I go nearby his office. I wish I had Harry Potter’s cloth of invisibility even.
    I hate it!

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    1. Hahah, in my case, I wish I could throw the cloak on my Aunt so I only would have to see my sister and other aunt. 😂

      It’s always nice knowing that someone else understands how I’m feeling. Thank you, Andrea! ♡


  2. Aw no! I would not want to spend time with someone who had dissed me in the group chat or in real life, hormones or not you think before you press send! In fact, I’d be more forgiving if she said it in person because sometimes you blurt things out but when you’re sending a message, you have time to stop and reread it! Bless you hunny!
    I hope you get the chance to see your sister. Is there anyway you could meet up just the two of you and maybe grab a drink alone or something? I would hate to think you’re letting your aunt get in the way of sister time, that would SUCK! Are you close to your sister at all?

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    1. Yeah, she apologized but still, whenever I say anything at all in the chat (which I RARELY do) she is the first to respond with a snarky comment. Like… honestly, no matter what I say she’s got a response. I ended up blocking her number and on all my social medias but my dad yelled at me when she told him lol…

      I doubt my sister would want to part with them, she worships my aunts. We used to be really close but not so much anymore.


  3. I know exactly how you feel – I am not close to my aunts, cousins… I know they don’t like me and they always make snide remarks. I hate being around them, it makes me feel bad about myself and now that I am older I haven’t seen them in a long time which is GOOD. x

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    1. Ah I’m sorry you can relate but it’s so nice to know we’re in the same boat and I’m not the only family-member hater lol. ❤

      I actually really like ALL of my family members except this one Aunt of mine. Of course, she's the one that's here trying to "visit" (AKA TORMENT) me. I'm so glad I have moved out of state so I don't have to spend the holidays around her anymore. I feel like she knows I hate her and is only here so she can go home and make me look bad by telling my dad and grandparents I ignored her!!


  4. That’s a lot of family visiting! How exciting!

    Oorrrr maybe not- LOL. I guess I should keep reading, huh? As bad as hormones can make a person, there is no excuse for being unkind like that. Nope nope nope. Not a fan. I’m in defense mode at the fact that someone treated you like that!

    I’m so excited to hear about Vegan Cuts! If you really like it I may suggest it to DJ as a Christmas gift or birthday gift for me- sounds so yummy & fun!

    If anyone can accomplish the goodreads reading challenge- it is YOU.

    Oh no! poor mug! What a bummer- that means he gets you two then, right?! Tehe

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    1. Hahah, I do that, too!! I’ll be reading a post and then, “OH I better write that in the comments so I don’t forget to say it!” hahah. Thank you for siding with me, Mack. She is really rude and seems to think I’m sat on a “high horse” when it’s really her who is that way. 😛

      I don’t think I’ll be posting about the Vegan Cuts snack box because it’s sooo much work to put that post together but, I’ll definitely write down the snacks that I’d repurchase so I can share them with you!

      I think you’d really enjoy the box and it’s really reasonably priced!!! This month I got a jar of this Apple “honey” I can’t wait to try. 😀

      Hahah yeah!! I am def going to buy that mug again!! But not two, because boyfriend would claim the second as his and he doesn’t deserve that!! 😉 hahah.

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      1. Haha yessss. It’s funny because I write on a word document as I comment on blogs then just copy and paste so I don’t miss thoughts- but then that’s what ends up happening ^^ 😂

        Yeah girl- those type of people can be toxic. I hope this weekend goes ok regardless 💕

        Oh yeah no worries at all!!! You’ve got your plate full- I don’t blame ya but yes just let me know your general feel about it whenever ya get it 🙂 and apple honey… 😋🤤

        Bahaha! Hope you enjoy it and get it replaced soon! Have a great weekend,Hunida !

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        1. Oh wow! You write it all on a word document first?!! AWW!! I don’t know why but I just think that’s so cute and thoughtful. 😦

          Thank you so much! Hope you have a great weekend too, babe!! ❤

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  5. I am sorry that your aunt does not treat you with the respect that you deserve! How hurtful of her to diss you in a group chat! Scientific Studies dictate that you cannot blame premeditated, bitchy, texts on “pregnancy hormones.” I hope that you have a chance to see your sister- it appears that you two had a fun time during her last visit. You have so many wonderful places to show her.

    I am impressed that you can type one-handed while eating a potentially-sticky-key-causing snack! I admit, I often eat at my work desk. But, I try to stick to grapes or forkable items so I can keep my hands free when necessary!

    P.S. I love your journal posts!
    P.P.S I don’t actually have a scientific study to reference…but still, I feel science is on your side 😉

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    1. Aww, first of all, thank you so much for reading my blog! It’s so nice to hear from you! ❤

      My sister and I did have a lot of fun when she came to visit me back in March & I'd love to see her again but, I just might not…

      Hahah it was really tough typing with the PB toast but, it didn't last long before it was all in my belly anyways. 😀 But hey, at least I'm not the only one who snacks at the keyboard!! Hehe. ;D

      Again, thank you so so much!! ❤


  6. That’s a shame about your aunt! I had the same thing from an aunt on my mum’s side (is this an Asian thing? lol) and eventually, I snapped and gave her mouth and made snide comments in return. I told my mum how I felt about her and even though we still have family gatherings together, she stopped with her comments (but not glare) and try to make small talk. She never apologized for her actions and words but I supposed being civilized is better than hearing her talk lowly about me.

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    1. Like what the hell?! They are our AUNTS. They’re older and should know better…

      I never even said anything rude to her back, I just blocked her number and her social medias but she told on me to my dad and he made me unblock her!!

      If you don’t mind me asking; what were some things your Aunt said to you??


      1. Oh my god, she would make snide comments about how I look (esp since I have my nose pierced and tattoos) and how nobody would ever employ me based on that; my friends; how I care for my dog; how my boyfriend is white; my job or education (back when I was still studying); she would oalways single me out and called me fat if I skipped a dish at dinner time; how I don’t know how to cook or be a housewife material. It felt like she would try to take a stab at anything in my life when I’m talking about what’s new in my life with my other relatives.

        I thought it could just her being Asian but I noticed how she never says these things to my brother or to the other cousins that are similar to me in lifestyle.

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        1. Wow! I’m sorry to say this but, what a cunt! Is she much older than you? Doesn’t it seem like boys can always get away with everything?! It’s so unfair!

          My Aunt isn’t that bad, honestly. She just hates my personality, I think? Lol. She’s only like 10 years older than me & non-traditional so she actually has nothing against my lifestyle, I don’t think.


    1. Ah well, maybe I will be lucky enough to get out of seeing my Aunt! & I’ll have to re-buy the mug but it still makes me sad to have lost one lol. 😦 The rest of my week has just gone by in a blur! Hope you had a wonderful week and an even better weekend, Jess! ❤

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  7. That’s awful that your aunt treats you that way. I always feel like my one aunt likes my cousins better than she likes me. Like, for Christmas she gave my cousins each $100 and I didn’t get anything. Granted, I am about to be 30 years old and they’re younger than me. One is still a teenager, so I can understand that. The other is 21 though, so technically he’s an adult like me. *shrug* Family sucks sometimes.

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    1. Oh wow, I’m sorry we both have rotten Aunts. I can’t believe she would give your 21 yr old cousin the $100 & not you? That’s honestly so rude because it’s kind of like she’s shoving it in your face that she doesn’t favor you… mm mm.

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      1. Yeah, I wasn’t even mad that I didn’t get anything. It just hurt my feelings a little and it’s so uncomfortable seeing my cousins get money and stuff and not me. It makes Christmas feel kinda awkward for me.

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  8. Ok it is now so very clear as to why you didn’t care to see them. And girl I don’t blame you, you don’t need to be around those kinds of people it’s best to avoid them. Can’t really blame her rudeness on her hormones wtf is that haha
    And I’m so sorry about your mug I would have loved to see what It is!!

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    1. Aw thanks for siding with me. People always make it seem like you have to like all of you family members & it just doesn’t always work that way, you know? 😕

      The mug was so cute! It had a black cat and it said “scaredy-cat!” On it in colorful letters. 😭

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