My Favorite Dairy-Free Snacks #2

If we’ve been friends since the very beginning of Hunida’s Blog, you may remember when I first transitioned into a dairy-free human and I had a “Dairy-Free Me” series going. Now, I’ve deleted all of those posts and will try to make these My Favorite Dairy-Free Snacks posts into a little series. If you missed the first one, click here.

I’ve also recently published a post sharing all of My Favorite Dairy-Free Substitutes. If I find more to add to that list– I’ll be sure to write a part two. 🙂


Snack Factory — Dessert Thins in Brownie
I also tried the Choco Chip Cookie kind but, wasn’t a fan at all. These thin little crispy brownies are the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Kashi — Soft Baked Cereal Bars in Blackberry Graham
These are similar to the Honey & Oat Bars I shared in my first post of fave snacks, but these are thinner and less filling. They are also way better than your regular dairy-filled fruit stuffed bars (*ahem* like Nutri-Grain *ahem*).


Blue Diamond Almonds — Nut-Thins in Sriracha
I haven’t tried the other two flavors and I’m sure Cheddar Cheese is NOT dairy-free but, luckily, the Sriracha flavored one IS! The chips are somehow completely made with almonds so they not only taste fantastic but are good for you, too!


World of Peas — Peatos in Fiery Hot
When I first saw these on a big display in my grocery store, I immediately grabbed a bag expecting to find dairy in the ingredients but, I didn’t! I haven’t had actual Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in awhile but, these little Peatos are way better than I remember them– they keep finding a way into our cupboards!

late july

Late July Snacks — Tortilla Chips in Jalapeno Lime
Similar to Doritos but better in every way! I’ve not tried any other flavors by this brand yet but, I loved the Jalapeno Lime a lot.


Hostess — Bakery Petites in Chocolate Chunk
Can you believe Hostess has created a line of snacks that uses real chocolate and no high fructose corn syrup? I barely could either! I was more than surprised when I read the ingredients and found no dairy included! They tasted just like those mini brownie Little Bites, too! No difference at all.


Good Health Enjoy Being Good — Pretzels in Himalayan Salt Veggie
While a little bit too salty for me, boyfriend absolutely loved these! I could only enjoy a few pieces at a time but, they easily filled me up and satisfied my junk food craving.


This Bar Saves Lives — Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter
I bought this bar at a Starbucks once and I don’t remember it being so skinny… it was super yummy though! It tasted exactly like one of those big, square PB Crispy Bars with the chocolate covered bases. Mmm, mmm!


What are some of your favorite dairy-free snacks?! I’d love to give them all a try!


51 thoughts on “My Favorite Dairy-Free Snacks #2

  1. I am considering trying to eat dairy free. I hate that bloated feeling.
    For the past year I did buy Soy Milk, so that’s a first step I guess.
    The snacks look really good!
    Would it say on the package that it’s dairy free or how would I find out?

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    1. If dairy makes you bloated, you will feel so much better if you do cut it out! Soy milk is a great start. 🙂 & to find out if a product is dairy-free, I read through the ingredients in the back! Most of the time if it contains dairy there is an allergen warning but not always so I just read through the whole list every time I try something new just in case!


      1. Is there an organic/health foods aisle in Publix?! Most of these snacks I found at my local grocery store!! & I do miss cheese oh so much!! 😦 but, at least I’ve found some pretty good faux cheese!!

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  2. I never knew there were so many great options and variety for dairy-free snacks! That is so great because I always thought people had to miss out on so much if they couldn’t tolerate lactose. I love the sound of those brownie dessert thins!

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      1. Oh I could definitely see how they would complement a cup of coffee!! That’s a bummer about having to give up some of your favorites, but it really is inspiring that you’re choosing to do so for your better health overall. 🙂

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  3. YES! I love Late July- I like their sea salt organic multigrain Quinoa chips…almost feels healthy. I can’t believe the veggie straw company makes pretzels! NOTHING is too salty! I like kale chips from trader Joes, dark chocolate, and popcorn cooked in olive oil. I know you probably don’t have TJ in Las Vegas. Also dried dates! SOOOOO sweet and delicious!

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    1. Ooh, I’ll have to keep a lookout for those Multigrain Quinoa chips! Thanks for the recommendation!! ❤

      Hahah yeah, I looked up the brand for the pretzels and all I saw were the veggie straws at first! You'd really love those pretzels if you love salty stuff!!

      I haven't tried Kale chips yet but someone else has told me to try them, too! I will have to scope some out asap now!! I love dark chocolate, too!! & popcorn without butter is a fave, too. ❤

      There actually are some TJ's around here in Vegas, just not really close to where I live!!


  4. All of these snacks sound so delicious, Hunida!! I’ve had such a craving for Hot Cheetos lately, but I know they’re so bad for you! Those Peatos in Fiery Hot would be a great alternative, and apparently they have them at my local Mariano’s. Gotta go to the store this weekend lol! Awesome post, hon! x

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        1. I used to love Doritos but they’re made with so much bad shit so I was excited to find the Late July snacks. Did you look in the “health foods” aisle?! What a bummer, Fred Meyer should have everything being that big lol.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeah and so are hot Cheetos which is why I’m desperately looking for an alternative lol.
            And I feel like I walk through the isle whenever we want chips but I have never seen late July chips there. I might have to try natural grocers or Whole Foods. Fingers crossed I find them.

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      1. Yeah literally alll my electronics were being cunts last night, my laptop, my phone and my stupid iPad. I wanted to throw them out the window lol
        Ooh yeah that was my initial thought if they were made from peas, i mean, even if they were, i don’t mind them. Have you ever tried snap peas? They look like long green chips? They have so many different flavors. They’re delicious and surprisingly CL likes them too lol

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        1. Hahaha oh no, I feel ya! I hate when my electronics act up, it’s so frustrating! 😭

          Oh I think I have tried those snap peas chips before! They’re pretty good! I don’t think I’ve tried the different flavors before though. That’s so cute that Ciel likes them! 😍

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