Journal Entry #142

September 17, 2018
10:19 PM

I was reading blogs via the WP app on my phone earlier today and I think my comments were being sent to spam so please, check yours!

I just made an order on Ulta because I had to buy my First Aid Face Cleanser that was 50% off today. I bought 2 of those and then added a few other things in my cart to make it up to $50 for free shipping. I do feel a bit guilty because I have quite a bit of new makeup I haven’t even touched yet but, I couldn’t let that deal slip away from me, could I???

Saturday night at work was complete shit. I don’t get why it’s been so slow this month when last year it was busier than ever? Our house mom was saying that our club needs to do more promoting stuff which is probably true. I just don’t really want to switch clubs but, maybe I will have to after I renew my business license since I can’t find my current one…

Today and yesterday, I switched between reading blogs, writing them, and watching Love Island. While doing all of those things, I also ate a whole lot. My stomach is never-ending right now.

When we went grocery shopping, we had bought marinara sauce, my fave faux cheese, and pepperonis so we got creative with all that stuff:


I made the crescent pizza roll-ups last night and boyfriend surprised me with the whole-wheat tortilla pizza for a snack before dinner today. πŸ™‚ He’s actually making me another one right now as I type this, hehe. They are so yummy and the closest to pizza I’ve ever gotten without using any dairy!!

I think I’m going to write up my blog post for tomorrow and schedule it then, get back to watching Love Island. I just need to finish all of the episodes as quickly as possible so I can get my head of out of the gutter… one and half more seasons to go.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to your week! ❀

10:29 PM


41 thoughts on “Journal Entry #142

  1. Girl- yum! Those crescent rolls- and him surprising you with that pizza- gosh, what a sweetheart! What did you say your favorite “cheese” was again? I’m drawin’ a blank, but I need to get some cause that looks guuud.

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    1. I just heard him put something in the oven & I asked him what he was baking & he was like a “a surprise” LOL, he really is so sweet, right?! ❀ I was also impressed with his creativity!! πŸ˜‰

      My fave cheese is by a brand called Lisanatti's. I buy the block form in Jalapeno Jack most of the time but the Mozzarella is good, too! I've not tried their Cheddar flavor yet though. I like Chao slices in Tomato Cayenne, too. πŸ™‚

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      1. ooo that’s right- LIsanatti’s– I need to look for it, I wonder if whole foods has it! I do like Chao! They make some tasty stuff. I discovered a new one recently that I LOVE, but I can’t remember the name off the top of my head- I’ll include in a Friday Faves!

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        1. It says The Original Almond in big letters on the front, the Lisanatti brand name is tiny in the corner if you look for it at the store!

          I can’t wait to see the new faux cheese you’ve discovered!!

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  2. Ooh that pizza looks yummy 😍 I’m hungry!
    Sorry work hasn’t been so busy for you recently! I hope it gets better for you! I’m sure it will pick up if not, switching clubs may actually be really good for you! Who knows whats around the corner πŸ™‚
    You are getting through Love Island so quickly! It’s so time consuming isn’t it? I’m watching Season 2 at the moment! Xx

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    1. I’m hungry right now, too! Hahah, I could prob eat 10 of those pizzas. πŸ˜€

      Yeah, I am hoping it picks up where I’m at right now because I’m just so lazy to learn everything about a new club… but you’re right, it could really be a good thing for me if I did.

      I am trying to get through Love Island as quickly as possible so I can stop being addicted to it! LOL, how are you liking Season 2 so far?!?

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      1. Omg don’t! It looks so good 😍
        Well fingers crossed it will pick up, I totally get you, starting somewhere new is hassle! But exactly who knows, it could be an anazing experience for you! Just see where life takes you and do whatevers best for you hun ❀️
        Hahah it’s so addictive! I’m just not feeling season 2 as much if I’m honest- I’m only a few eps in! Did you enjoy it? I’m going to perservere with it because everyone says its the best season!

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        1. Thank you for such kind and encouraging words, Jennie. You are the best! ❀

          You know, I wasn't that much into Season 2 either!! I thought everyone was really bitchy and boring?! It gets a bit more interesting towards the end but it still wasn't my favorite.

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          1. You are so welcome but no, you are the best!!!!
            Oh gosh really? I might give it a miss then. Yeah that’s how I feel, like I’m not warming to the people at all. I love Olivia (I follow her on social media) but other than that like, yeah, just not warming to the people. I’ll try and perservere, but it might take me a while!

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              1. Really!? I’m shocked she is so popular on social media and obvs I only know her through that! Like i haven’t watched much of season 2 so i couldn’t comment on her personality! Haha season 3 olivia is hilarious! X

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    1. Hehe, it wasn’t completely vegan because the pepperonis are made out of pork. ;D But thank you, I kind of have faith in my club to pump up the business, too but you’re right… it would be good to see what other establishments are like.

      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comment. ❀


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