My Top 5: Things I’d Do If I Were Braver

1. Get Eyelash Extensions

Photo by Shoaib SR

So many women have fake eyelash extensions these days! I’ve seen some so beautiful that they looked completely real. I’ve always thought about getting them for myself but, I’ve seen enough really messed up lashes to ever do so.

2. Go On A Multi-Day Cruise

Photo by Nick Karvounis

I’d love to book a room on a cruise ship and spend 3 or 4 days on it but, Titanic has steered me away from this forever.

3. Ride A Hot Air Balloon

Photo by Aaron Burden

A hot air balloon date would be SO romantic and the hot air balloons themselves are just adorable to me but… do I even need to explain why I’m afraid to go on one? What if it never comes down? Or I can’t breathe at the top? I don’t know… it just seems more scary than anything else.

4. Drive Around Like A Normal Person

Photo by Jiafeng Wang

My anxiety prohibits me from driving. I’ve sold my car and have boyfriend drive me around everywhere. If I ever NEED to go somewhere when boyfriend is gone, I order an Uber but, usually I can wait.

5. Attend Intimate Concerts

I’ve only been to two concerts in my whole life (AWOLNation in Seattle, WA and MGK in St. Paul, MN); they were both in small, intimate nightclubs.

At the AWOLNation concert in 2012

At both concerts, I snaked my mini self to nearly the front of the crowd. There was so much pushing, shoving, and sweat. I was smooshed to the point my feet were off the ground… I was being held up by the stomach behind me and the back in front of me! I cried and screamed to “get me outta here” so, I was lifted up by the strangers around me and then, I crowd surfed to the front where the bouncers gave me a bottle of water and escorted me to the calmer back areas.


What are some things that you let fear hold you back from doing?


Featured Image by Ian Froome


111 thoughts on “My Top 5: Things I’d Do If I Were Braver

  1. What a brilliant post idea/concept! Honestly, there are so many things fear holds me back from lol… I’d love to go on a Hot Air Balloon, but I share your “Okay but what is the escape plan if this goes wrong? What if we just float away? THIS DOESN’T SEEM SAFE!” attitude ❤

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  2. Yeah hot air balloon is a no for me. I see too many of them crash into trees around here.

    I would travel alone more often. And skydiving/bungee jumping. I would publish my book.

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    1. WHAT! See?! That scares me even more. I never even thought about them crashing!

      I don’t mind traveling alone! It’s not bad at all! Skydiving and bungee jumping are on my NO WAY list, too. I have no desire to even do those things, though!! lol.

      HEY! If your book is complete, PUBLISH IT! You never know until you try. ❤


  3. Have you heard the killshot by Eminem yet?? Tell me what you think, please. I know this question has nothing to do with your current post, but we spoke about MGK in an earlier post and I wanted to make sure you were up on things between the 2 artist.

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        1. I honestly think MGK’s lyrics were better, too… Eminem used some really cheesy similes and it didn’t really have a nice flow to it… AND over half the things he said about MGK weren’t true at all while everything MGK mentioned about Em was 100%.

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          1. We don’t know what’s true or what’s false here in the audience, but we can stick to the facts. MGK has 0 hit records. Never been number 1 on any chart. Shady has had the public’s eye since he came out with his first album. Shady battled other people and has literally ended their careers. I get that MGK has more sex appeal than em, but just lacks the luster musically. It took Kelly a week to get 76 mill views on YouTube with rap devil which is probably one of the best tracks he’s ever done. Em just did 56 mill in 2 days. Em has been around longer, sure, but people respond to talent. It’s the difference between any artist. Drake hasn’t been around as long em yet his sales and Numbers don’t lie, but we can agree to disagree 😅


            1. Lol I’ve loved both MGK & Eminem for YEARS (Em waaay longer than MGK, too). Trust me, I expected Eminem to destroy MGK but he didn’t, sorry. People are only saying Em’s was better because all Em’s fans are pretty much Stans & can’t admit that MGK’s rap was better lyrically, musically, and in every way. They don’t want their friends to make fun of them for thinking Rap Devil is better which I’ve seen happening a lot. Memes like “if she chooses MGK, she’s too young for you bro” etc. Admitting that Rap Devil destroys Killshot doesn’t mean that I think everything MGK has done is better, Em’s old work is unbeatable!

              Following both of them for awhile you should be able to kind of know what’s true or not. Mostly everything Em said about MGK was false except that maybe he used Em’s name as clickbait to gain more fans lol. That was a good one.

              Of course Eminem has more fans and is gonna produce more hits, views, likes in everything he does. He’s nearly 50! MGK isn’t even 30 yet and has been out for not even half as long.

              But yes, we can agree to disagree because Drake, to me, is a talentless hack LOL and honestly if you think he is good than I see why you don’t think MGK’s rap was 10x better!


  4. Cruises are so much fun you literally forget that you’re on a boat! There’s so much to do on the boat that I’m sure you’d be distracted if you ever decide to go on a cruise (which you should because they’re so fun!). I’ve been on two and I remember being terrified the first time, because of Titanic, which looking back was stupid because it was a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico! No way an iceberg could survive there, but my 10 year old mind didn’t know any better. 😂 Plus, they make you go through an extensive evacuation drill first thing so you know where to go in a crisis, which crew member to follow, and which lifeboat to get on. It’s all very methodical and organized with everyone’s safety in mind.

    As for a fear of mine, I’m incredibly terrified of, but also fascinated by space. Like, what is it? How did it get here? How did we get here? Are we alone or surrounded by others? It makes me think too much about my existence and movies like Interstellar and Gravity just make my stomach do flips. If we ever decide to inhabit the moon, I don’t care if the earth is a rotating ball of lava going through an apocalypse… I’m not going!

    Bonus: I once had a dream that I was in a hot air balloon and it flew so high it flew into space. So, not only am I afraid of space, but I’m afraid of hot air balloons, too. 🙃

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    1. Well, there are other reasons a ship can sink besides an ice berg!! I just… can’t bring myself to do it. I would maybe be able to go on one for the day but never get to sleep on it. The fact that they make you do the drills makes me more terrified lol! I wish I could get over the fear, they look so fun!

      I definitely think there are other living beings in space! I don’t think we should try to inhabit the moon or Mars either… not at all. I think it’s truly a bad idea! Also rude… like we’re always worried about aliens invading Earth… but we’re the ones trying to invade other planets? I’m not going either!!

      The hot air balloon dream sounds like a terrifying one!

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      1. It was a nightmare!

        I agree, I do believe there are other beings out there, but whenever I think about space, I feel so small and insignificant because I am only a small part of the universe and, in the grand scheme of things, very insignificant! It all just makes me want to throw up from anxiety and too deep of thought, lol.

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    1. Aw, happy to have inspired you. 🙂 Looking forward to your post if you do end up writing one up like this!
      So jealous that you’ve been in a hot air balloon! & now, I know it’s possible to survive haha.

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  5. I feel the driving anxiety too, I had lesson 7 with my mum today and I didn’t panic so I’m slowly making progress 🙂 I’d love to ride in a hot air balloon too but for some reason it doesn’t scare me. I’d love to travel and there are a few places I’d like to visit but preparing for it and not knowing what to do makes me feel a little uneasy, I don’t think it will stop me doing it which is a good thing 🙂

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    1. Aw yay, go you! 🙂 I have my license and I even drove regularly for a little while after getting it but then I got in a car accident and I just can’t do it anymore…

      YES! I am so afraid of preparing to visit another country too… like the language barrier and the money exchange. It all seems like so much to me and what if something goes wrong?!

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  6. Getting my eyelashes was the best thing I did. I love them. You just gotta do some research and see previous work and reviews before you.
    I used to go to intimate gigs all the time but my anxiety couldn’t handle it now, too many people in a small space.
    This is a fab post idea ❤️

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    1. I have found places with stellar reviews and all perfect photos of their previous work but, I’m just scared to sit down and get them done myself still lol. What if all my eyelashes fall out?!

      YES, that’s exactly how I feel about intimate gigs. Way too many people and their body heat!!

      Thanks, Abby! ❤

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  7. I would really like to just take a flight to county which is foreign to me (not that I haven’t been to any) which I’ve never been before and explore it all day. Well my exams are going on right on so that’s really not possible


  8. As usual, another amazing post from you. I do think you should reconsider the cruise idea though. Things have changed a lot from the days of the titanic and if you did a river cruise, you wouldn’t be too far from land.
    However, I won’t push you.

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    1. It happened both times so I’m guessing that is what always happens at intimate concerts like those?! People squish and push like maaad! I wish I didn’t have the fears and anxieties so I could do all the things…


  9. I drive regularly but even still I’m not brave enough to drive in Chicago. For some reason I’m too scared to! I’ll drive in Milwaukee just fine, but I refuse to do so in Chicago. I’ll just take the train when I need to visit!

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  10. I am afraid of falling sensations. That’s why I don’t do cliff-diving. I don’t even dive to a common pool. Just jumping makes me feel helpless already. If I have to go to the pool, I’ll take the stairs always.

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  11. Great post! I can really relate to these things too. I looked into getting eyelash extensions too. Like you said, almost everyone these days either has them or wears false lashes all the time (and I suck at putting those on), so it now seems less desirable to have normal lashes like mine. They are kind of expensive to get done though, and apparently they’re only temporary and you have to go back. So no thanks.

    Cruises kind of scare me too, but for a different reason. I’m scared of getting sea sick because I went on a ship (smaller than a cruise ship, but bigger than a boat) out in the Bay before and ended up getting a little sick. Thankfully we weren’t out on the water too long or I may have actually gotten sick, but I had a terrible headache and was feeling a little queasy. I also think I might feel a little agoraphobic on one.

    A hot air balloon ride is on my bucket list! I want to go on one so bad, but it’s pretty expensive. Maybe one day though .It would definitely be a little scary though, but I still want to do it.

    I’m not the only one with driving anxiety! I swear, I feel like such a loser sometimes. I have my own car and do drive, which I’m okay with as long as it’s my normal routes I’m familiar with. I get bad anxiety in heavy traffic though (thankfully that doesn’t happen where I live too often though). If I get a detour or have to drive on roads I’m not used to, I tend to freak out too. Also, I straight up refuse to drive anywhere outside of the town I live in. That’s why I stopped going to raves because I didn’t have a ride anymore and I wasn’t going to drive myself. I won’t drive on the interstate either, it freaks me out. I’ve made my mom drive me places before just because I wasn’t familiar with the route and the thought gave me bad anxiety. Everyone thinks I’m just being dumb, so it’s kind of embarrassing. Glad someone else understands.

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    1. Ah yeah, I’m not so good with the false lashes either and I just hate the way they feel. The extensions aren’t permanent and they are kind of like fake nails where you pay a big amount the first time and go back for a “refill” the next time for like half the price. I wouldn’t mind all of that or the cost, really… they are beautiful and would save a lot of time so worth it to me but… I don’t want to ruin my real lashes and I don’t want to hate how I look. I think our natural lashes are just fine!!

      Ooh, yeah!! Seasickness is definitely another reason to be afraid of cruises… like what if you are too far out in the sea and the only way you’ll feel better is you go onto stable land but, you can’t?! I’d hate that!

      There are actually some pretty good deals on Hot Air Balloon rides around here, like so reasonable. I’ve looked into deeply but, can’t bring myself to do it. What if you get sick up there, too?!

      Yeah… my dad calls me all the time and asks if I’m driving again yet, he acts like I’m a moron for not wanting to get back on the road. I had an accident and just couldn’t do it anymore, I’d freeze and shake in the middle of the road so I just gave up and sold my car. You’re not being dumb!! How scary is it to control a huge metal box around other metal boxes that could destroy you in seconds?!

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  12. Ok, this is not gonna help at all with encouraging you to get eyelashes- but my friend went to get it done and they mixed up the eye lash glue with eye drops and dropped the glue in her eye. She had to go to the ER. She ended up being okay- but it was a big mess.

    Cruises are my favorite!! Girl, they are soo much fun. I would highly encourage just giving it a shot- just once! They are addicting!

    This was such a fun read.

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    1. SEE SEE SEE!!! NEVER EVER! Nope, definitely never getting the eyelash extensions. Thank you for telling me that story!! I want to do lasik, too but am even more afraid of that. I’ve heard some real horror stories about that.

      I know, I know!! I remember that cruise you went on and I turned green with envy… like why can’t I be carefree and do that!!! Looked like such an amazing time!!

      Thanks for reading, babe!!! ❤

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      1. Yeah I’m with you on that! I’ve briefly thought about it then heard that and was like no wayyyy jose !

        Aw, lasiks is a great thing! I bet those crazy things are super rare ! I have only heard tons of positive feedback from my friends that have done it- I’d keep that door open 😉 don’t jump ship just yet- speaking of ships- you should TOTALLLY book a cruise. I promise half the time it doesn’t even feel like you’re on a boat.. I believe you CAN do it, chica! Just yourself you can! Haha I didn’t mean to get all motivational speaker here- but I’m passionate about that cruise life 😉

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        1. But what if I go completely blind?! Ugh I’m just gonna let nature take its course and never do any type of surgeries or alterings to myself lol. I’m a big scaredy cat!

          I will consider the cruise though… maybe one day I will get over the fear!!

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  13. Nooooo!! I’m not saying Drake is lyrical at all. I’m saying age doesn’t matter when it comes to down to the numbers. If MGK was so good, he would be on top of the rap game and he’s not…not right now at least. He has album releasing soon and this could be his chance to be that guy. I’m honestly looking forward to hearing his shit and it better be good after this fiasco!!

    It’s like I said though, we’re from 2 different times. The world knows their is a generation gap in the air when it comes to music. I know that one of your fav artist is Technine and his flow is just uncomparable. A style that can’t be touched by anyone. Twista is a second to him as far as speed goes. You know Twista?

    Let’s list our top 5 artist… On the next post cause this one is long.

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    1. Well, you saying that Drake is not lyrical kind of proves that numbers DO lie? I think MGK’s old work is way better than his newest albums, too. I don’t really have high hopes for his new album… he needs to cut that singing and guitar shit out.

      I do know Twista! He’s bananas!! So fast!! lol. ❤

      I can't do a top 5! I'm wishy-washy lol. But tell me yours. ;D


      1. No! He may not be lyrical but he has something that the people love. MGK has niether! That’s the point I’m trying to make. He doesn’t have a large fan base because he lacks the talent and the persona. The only way he blows now is if he kills the game on the next album while he has the world’s attention. Yeah, I went back and listened to blossom’ his last album, and I was unimpressed aside from 2 tracks. The intro the gunner, was dope. But other than that, the tracks we’re soft with guitars and soft topics. Better come hard next album.

        Also I’m so happy you know Twista! He was my guy back in 03

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        1. You should try listening to MGK’s Lace Up & Black Flag albums and his 100 Words & Running mixtapes.

          Drake has a lot of fans because of his looks and Lil Wayne took him under his wing.

          I personally think MGK does have the talent but you’re right, he doesn’t have the right persona. I don’t ever see him blowing up but I do see a steady career for him.


  14. My husband and I took a cruise for our Honeymoon! It was so fun! We did have one evening that the boat was rocking and the waves were crazy. That was scary and I woke my husband up, but other than that I barely noticed we were moving lol!!

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  15. Eyelash extensions sounds so scary to me honestly lmao. And I’m afraid of hot air balloons for the same reasons. I did find one place that rides every day weather permitted but they’re a bit pricey, nearly $200 for a one hour ride.
    And if I wasn’t as scared I’d want to learn how to drift. I really do, I really really want to learn but there’s this inner fear of mine that wonders what if the car rolls over? Lol

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    1. Don’t they? They sound terrifying and they take forever, too. No thanks!!

      If I wasn’t afraid of the Hot Air Balloon, the experience would totally be worth that price to me but I might have a heart attack so I can’t risk it LOL.

      Drifting is totally scaring!!! & so dangerous!!! I get why you have worries!!

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      1. Ugh no way, I could never. I don’t really like people touching my eyeballs HAHA
        LMFAO I want to try it, I want to be a risk taker at least once, or twice if I count skydiving LOL
        Alex is always telling me that I would have to go extremely fast in order to roll and he’s right but there’s still this inner fear inside me and I can’t get over it LOL. I do want to learn, and if not, I at least want to learn how to do donuts and burn outs 😀

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        1. I hate it too lol and I hate sitting in the chair for like 10 minutes to get my eyebrows threaded so I’d def freak out with the eyelashes lol like “this is taking forever!!” and only half would be done.

          If you’ve gone skydiving, you ARE a risk taker! Wowza, that has never even appealed to me because of how scary it looks lol!!

          In Minnesota, when the lakes iced over, my boyfriend would drive out onto them and do donuts but, of course, it was just sliding around on ice and takes no kind of skill lol. Still fun though!!

          I know what you mean about the inner fear you can’t get over. ❤ I have faith you can learn the donuts & burn outs in no time though and after that… drifting! ❤

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          1. Lol I’ve never gone skydiving, I wish, I feel like I have to mentally prepare for something like that 🤣🤣
            Hahaha that’s still dangerous, what if the ice breaks he goes down with the car lol
            If I ever learn to drift soon, fingers crossed, and I learn before you guys come, wanna ride along?! Lol

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            1. The ice doesn’t break in Minnesota!! Not in the peak of the winter!! Plenty of cars drive on the lake at one time & not a single crack!

              But about riding along…. NOOO!! lol I will definitely like to watch but not ride along. You don’t want me in there, I might shit my pants or distract you somehow!! 😦

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              1. Omg really it’s that cold over there?! I don’t even wanna know lol. My ass freezes over here when it gets down to 32 degrees and I’m DYING when it goes down to like 20 which has happened before and I hated it!!! Lol.

                Haha no problem! But just in case you change your mind lol. 😉

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  16. Ooh I love this idea for a post hun! I hope one day you conquer all your fears and do exactly what you wanna do! ❤️
    I would loveeeee to go in a hot air balloon! in Dubai and Tuscany especially 😍
    Oh gosh your concert experience sounds dramatic! I would have wanted to get out of there too if I was being held up by someones belly and back! Wtf! And the fact you had to crowd surf too! Bless you hunny! Xx

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    1. Aww, thanks so much, Jennie! I hope one day I will be able to conquer all my fears, too but I just don’t see it happening for these particular things!!

      A hot air balloon really would be so cool though if I survived… & yeah, the concerts were horrid. LOL but the crowd surfing wasn’t so bad. 😉

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      1. I am sure you will! I believe in you hun, even if you don’t do do them all, you are still amazing and brave!!! My dad has been on a hot air balloon and he survived 😉 Maybe we could go on one together! Haha seee crowd surfing is something I would LOVE to do but I’m afraid of! Sooo how about I try crowd surfing and you try something off you’re list! 😀

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  17. I so agree. I’m not into cruises and I even freak out on ferries, even though I have been on a few ferry boats in USA and Canada. Hot air balloon , that would be a no as would bungee jumping. I don’t drive and don’t really like eyelash extentions but some women look nice in them, just not me. Have you and the boyfriend done Slotzilla yet? That’s another hell no for me. There’s suppose to be another zip line over the Strip at the Linq Promonade . Can’t wait to see this one.

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    1. I have gotten on a few ferry boats but it didn’t freak me out too much because they only lasted a couple hours. Still scary to look out at the water around you though!!

      I wish I lived in NY where it’s normal not to drive and people wouldn’t tell me I’m crazy. Slotzilla is a HELL NO for me, too lol and I’ve seen the zip line at the Rio but not the one at the Linq yet! I’d never ride either of ’em but if I see it, I’ll take a pic for you. 😀


      1. I saw the one at the Rio and if I were to get on either it would be Slotzilla. The one at Rio has no protection whatsoever. Yeah that’s one thing about NYC, you don’t need to drive. My landlady has 2 cars but takes public transportation to work. Much cheaper

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  18. I’m also far too intimidated to go on another cruise. Even though we went on one for our honeymoon, I really did not enjoy it and Titanic freaks me out too much. Also, I completely agree with you on hot air balloons. Absolutely not! Never! lol

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    1. I really don’t want to sink into the water, I already don’t know how to swim in a pool so that’s why it’s extra terrifying for me lol. At least you were able to experience it once though!! ❤

      Hot air balloons seem so calm and romantic but, they're just soooo scary, right?!

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