Journal Entry #140

September 13, 2018
08:37 PM

Ahhh, I feel so tired today. I only slept for like 5 hours and couldn’t get back to sleep after boyfriend left for work. He went earlier than he usually does because he had to stop at the tire shop to get a new one first.

Yesterday, neither of us worked so we went out for sushi at our usual spot (Sushi Neko).


We stopped at another favorite spot of ours (Tea of Joy) for dessert afterwards.


I wanted to try something different but, I wanted my Matcha slushie more. 🙂 Boyfriend got his usual Mango Black Tea, too. We both always ask for 50% less sweet but, his always comes out tasting like pure sugar– mine is always perfect, though!

We came home and I turned into a baked sweet potato on the couch watching the final episodes of Love Island Season 02, lol.

When I woke up today, I tried to read but I couldn’t concentrate. I needed to start watching Season 03 so that’s all I’ve done today… I’m PMSing and addicted to this show so I am completely and utterly worthless at the moment.

I am just not in the mood to go to work tonight but I’ve already taken the time out of my day to shave and stuff… I probably should just go, huh???

What are you up to this weekend?

08:48 PM


27 thoughts on “Journal Entry #140

  1. Girl, I’ve become a professional couch potato as I’m waiting for all of my newhire paperwork to be authorized so I can start my job! It’s nice having a break, but I’ve just become so lazy waiting, it’s horrible.

    Somehow, through my laziness, I’ve managed to find an apartment, so this weekend is going to be all about packing and finding stuff to make my apartment homey. Also, my high school is having an “all years” reunion this weekend, so I’m going with one of my friends just to see what one of our old haunts is up to (and, realistically, to see if I can open up my old lockers and find treasure, lol).

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    1. Hahaha, “a professional couch potato” I like that. 😉 So exciting about your new job! And congratulations on the new apartment! Are you and your boyfriend living together? Making the place feel homey will be so much fun! ❤ I can't believe you would remember your locker combo still! How cool if the same one opened with it?! Also, I honestly thought HS Reunions was a "movie thing," I didn't know real ones happened!! LOL. I'd love to hear all about it!!!

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      1. Thank you, thank you! I’m not living with my boyfriend. He resigned his lease for an apartment that doesn’t have enough room to accommodate me and all of my belongings, which is fine because I’ve never lived on my own (always with roommates) and I’m excited to finally have a place for myself and only myself. Plus, he lives half a mile away from me now, so if I get lonely or miss him, he’s literally a 10 minute walk away!

        Haha I don’t remember my locker combos (I moved between three lockers throughout my time in high school… It’s a saga), but I’m sure they’re easy to pick! High school reunions definitely do happen in real life. Next year will be my 10 year (I feel so old), but this one is for all graduation years from my high school, which is cool! It’s a chance for all alumni to network and see how the school has changed. Not sure what’s in store for my 10 year reunion, but if it’s lame, I already told my friends I’m not going, lol.

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        1. Awe, that’s nice that you guys will be 10 minutes away. It’ll definitely be nice to have your own space. 🙂

          How did you find out about the reunions? Like do they e-mail you? Facebook? That’s really cool that they go on real life, lol.

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          1. Yes, it will be!

            For my 10 year reunion, I was invited to a group on Facebook. For the all year’s reunion, it was mentioned in the local newspaper and I was invited to the event on Facebook by my friend from high school.

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  2. I love how many dishes you guys got on the table lmao that’s so us when we go to the Japanese restaurant and we can afford it haha
    And girl, I’ve been kind of hooked on matcha anything for dessert, I’ve already had the one drink from Starbucks and liked it, and recently bought a matcha green tea Japanese ice cream from an Asian supermarket and loved it! I think on Wednesday I’ll be going to my fave place American Video & Espresso and hopefully they have a matcha flavored one too. Fingers crossed lol.

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    1. It’s AYCE so we gotta order as much as we can, you know?! LOL. We would have so much fun if we all went on a double date to an AYCE joint, huh?!

      YES YES YES, matcha just has the perfect hint of sweetness that isn’t overbearing, right? It’s so lovely. ❤

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      1. Ok when I go please take me there or show me how to get there, that looks like it’s A MUST! 😀 And a double date would be ever better though we’d have a fifth wheel (Alex) lol!
        I know!! Thanks so much for introducing me to matcha! I mean, technically I’d heard of it and seen it but it wasn’t until you mentioned it often in your blog and all those treats that I said, “Ok, I MUST try it if she says it’s THAT GOOD!” And it was THAT GOOD!! ❤

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        1. I will definitely take you there when you visit!! 😀 Lol wait wait wait, so your date is Ciel and Alex is the fifth wheel?!?! Hahaha I will remember to tell him you said that. 😉 jk jk. No worries though, kiddos are the all the time! Ciel could find something to eat on their A La Carte menu while we do AYCE or if he’s a big eater, he can help us with the AYCE. 😀 The more the merrier!!

          I’m so happy you’ve been loving Matcha and it wasn’t a disappointment to you!! ❤ I feel like you've introduced me to so many new things, too, since we've started getting to know each other!! ❤

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          1. SWEEETTT!!! And yes, Alex is the fifth wheel. I always joke around about that and say Ciel is my date because it all started when my brother, Ciel and I got on a plane to go to Utah for my moms wedding. I took a picture with Ciel and posted on IG with the caption “here’s my date for today” because he looked adorable in his little suit lol. Ever since then I can’t let it slide haha his fault for not going with us lol
            And Ciel really likes noodles and ramen and every once in a while he will eat hot fried tofu lol
            Awh that means a lot! I never thought of being a person who introduces things to other people 😭😭 can’t wait to meet you in person!!

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    1. Gosh! I don’t really have many thoughts on Season 3 right now, there’s always so many new people and people being sent home it’s hard to properly like anyone! I do like Olivia & Chris together though, they crack me up!! & I really hope Camilla finds someone, she is too sweet.

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      1. Yeah that’s true! Just wait it becomes even crazier when you get to Casa amore part 😂 ooh Liv and Chris are a good couple and Chris and Kem’s friendship is amazing! Me too!! Camilla is my favourite! I am so excited for you to finish this series x

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