Journal Entry #138

September 09, 2018
07:53 PM

I set an eye appointment at Lenscrafters tomorrow at 03:00 PM because I’m on my last pair of contacts and my prescription expires next month but, ugh… that’s just so early for us. I’m kind of regretting  it and wanting to change it to a later date that has a later time slot available… but, I really need to get it over with so I can see better and get my contacts ordered on time.

Yesterday, I didn’t go to work like I should have because I got way too drunk on Friday night. I even left my fucking phone in my locker. LOL I wasn’t sick the next morning, thankfully, but I do feel I was probably annoying and I probably said one or two things that might have been embarrassing for myself so I was feeling down and out.

We left the house around 3 PM and stopped at the dispensary before going to get my phone. I just came home and laid on the couch, watching Love Island all night. I started Season 02; it’s shocking how differently things are panning out between everyone compared to the first season.

I was eating a whole lot of everything while watching TV, too. I won’t list it all because it would take up the entire page but, I will mention ONE thing because I took a photo of it for you:


I whipped up some boxed Banana Nut Muffins by Krusteaz. They were yum but, a bit too sweet. We both ate 3 and after the third one, I was like “oh man, I don’t think I should’ve had that last one” and boyfriend was like “me neither.” Hahaha.

I topped one with Almond Butter and I liked it a lot.

Today, we woke up around 2 PM and laid in bed until around 4 PM. I read a little bit more of Not Her Daughter and it’s just seems so amateur yet, I’m interested in what’s coming next. I think I will read this one until the end but, I’m really hoping I don’t regret it.

I watched Loved Island all day, had the best dinner made by my man, and then we went to Starbucks for some frapps (yes, agaaaain). We drank all of our coffee that we had at home last night. The other night, I drank a whole pot to myself.

We also had to stop at the smoke shop before we came back home.

When we did get back home; I sat down to type this and we smoked a blunt. Now, I’m gonna work on a few blog posts before I head back into Reality TV Land. 😉

Goodnight, I hope you have a nice week!

08:07 PM


44 thoughts on “Journal Entry #138

      1. Ya but my mother don’t no how to make muffins, we saw in youtube about recipe, finally my mother made it for me, great taste! really good for the first time I love my mom, because of you we had a great recipe
        Keep posting I hope that I will get a notification about more recipes

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    1. I like it but I think I still like the first cast better! I’m surprised how quickly everyone coupled up and how “loyal” everyone is being to each other. Also, I noticed that they don’t show us Caroline in the studio interviewing them when they leave anymore! I miss it and wanna hear her opinions again lol.

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      1. Ah really – I just loved all the drama in the second series. It’s bloody brilliant. They are all mental.
        They do the interviews but it’s on separate off shoot show called After Sun… not sure if they are on Hulu as well?xx


        1. Hahah yes, so much drama!! I really love Kady & Scott right now but am entirely sick of Sophie & Tom’s arguments because they’re always about NOTHING lol. I like Cara but reeeally hate Nathan. Terry is a piece of shit right now!! I wanted him to leave with Malin but, he “doesn’t even miss her” now. WOW.

          OOH that’s why, I always skip those episodes. The After Sun and the Weekly Recap ones. 😛

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          1. Hahaha Tom is so so irritating! Sadly, Sophie took her a life a couple of months ago 😞
            I really had a crush on Terry, he’s like my ideal man (to look at at, not his personality). What do you think about Olivia and Alex?
            Hahaha yeah Aftersun is the interviews, I never watched the recap ones to be honest lol x

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            1. Hahah yeah, Tom was definitely irritating and so damn intense. I just watched the episode where he got sent home. ☹️ I am so heartbroken to hear that about Sophie… wow…
              I honestly think Alex is sexier than Terry (looks wise) except I don’t like either of their haircuts lol. I also noticed Terry mouth-breaths and sucks in spit a lot when he talks and it grosses me out– I thought he was sexiest too until I noticed this hahaha.
              I honestly think Alex & Liv or Terry & Em should’ve been voted weakest couple over Soph & Tom. Alex doesn’t really seem to like Liv as much as she likes him and they just called their relationship a “holiday fling.” They barely are ever really shown together except at night under the quilt lol.

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                1. I read that Nathan & Cara have a baby together and are getting married, too! YAY! 😀 That’s sooo sweet. ❤ I watched the final few episodes last night, I think Alex did really start to like Olivia because he was crying about the lie detector test, poor guy!! SO happy they ended up together and are getting married!! I honestly wanted Kady & Scott to win the show but Nathan & Cara were my second choice and my boyfriend's first choice lol!

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  1. Honestly, I wish I could smoke. Due to my career choices though, I’m at a loss. I used to be so against it until I tried it myself within the last 5 years and now I hate I missed out on it during my teenage years 😅 Oh well. Guess you and your bf will have to smoke enough for me as well!!

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        1. Hahaha yeah, I’ve had a couple complete blackouts but most of the time when I get drunk, everything that happened is there but a bit hazy for me the next day. Some snippets of the night do come back to haunt me often. 😛

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  2. Uh I hate beer fear! Thinking about what you said / did when you were drunk can be so depressing 😂😂 not all the time, but when you’ve known you maybe embarassed yourself it’s the worst but hey i always say, it’s only embarassing if you were embarassed! So just don’t care 😂
    I have to admit… i’ve yet to watch season 2 of love island! I started it but never finished, I know all the people though! Ooh and I’ve met Malin 😀 I heard season 2 is one of the best so I’m thinking I should watch it??? Now it’s your turn to get me addicted 😂

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    1. Hahah hey! I had never heard of the term “beer fear” before, I like it!! Hahah but yes, it’s exactly what I have. But YOU’RE SO RIGHT. ❤ ❤ It's only embarrassing if I'm embarrassed by it!

      What seasons have you watched and not watched? What made ya stop watching the second one?! 😛 That's SO cool that you met Malin!! ❤


  3. Krusteaz products are so stinking good. I’m craving a baked good right now- so those look soo yummy. I used to drink entire pots in college by myself and wondered why I couldn’t sleep haha. Welp, time to grab another speaking of which. Hope you are having a nice week too. 🙂

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  4. I have to make an eye appointment today also! I think I need a new prescription, or at least I hope so since I feel like my eyes have been straining lately. My hypochondria wants to convince me that something else is wrong. >.< I like the later appointments too since we have one car so the later the better for Joshua's work, but it seems like they hardly ever have anything after 3pm?!
    I hate that feeling when I eat one too many of something and feel terrible afterwards with instant regret, lol.

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    1. I feel like my prescription needs to be stronger and that’s probably what’s up with you too! Just do the eye appointment to make sure and make yourself feel better about it. ❤️
      I checked like later dates and there was 4 and 5 PM appts too, at Lenscrafters.
      Lol! Yeaaah…. it’s hard to not overeat when something is so good though!!!

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      1. I’m sure that’s what it is, or maybe my eyes are just tired a lot because I work all day on the computer. Maybe I need to use eye drops haha. I went ahead and made the appointment so I’ll just have to see! Yeah I asked for after 3 and got 3:45 lol. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

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  5. It’s okay to get wasted every once in a while lol. I’d love to get wasted too but I have to be a mom 24/7 haha. I did drink last week and was only feeling a buzz. Might drink again this weekend though not sure how much. It’s our neighbors birthday so we’re gonna pop some bottles lmao.
    And btw, since you bake, ever thought of making weed infused butter or something for your baked goods? The first time I tried that I made cookies and they’re were pretty good and strong* though they did take some time to kick in lol

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    1. Hahha aw, I hope you’re able to let loose and have some fun for your neighbors birthday! ♡

      At the dispensary we go to, they sell infused ghee which is dairy free butter pretty much! If I wanted to make baked goods, I’d buy that for sure but most of the time, edibles don’t work for me or they’ll make me pass the fuck out right away LOL.

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