Journal Entry #137

September 07, 2018
10:18 PM

Hey babes! Happy Friday!

Yesterday, right after boyfriend left for work our packages from Amazon came. We got two new pillows and our 2 inch memory foam mattress topper!! Our bed is soooo comfy now!!

I put together my Currentlys… post and watched Love Island all day with a break in between for one episode of Big Brother. 😛

We made some crescent rolls with turkey and Lisanatti The Original Almond Jalapeno Jack Cheese Alternative wrapped inside. I was so pleasantly surprised to see the “cheese” melted!!! It was ooey gooey and wonderful. We shredded this “cheese” on top of chips and put them in the oven before but the shreds burnt rather than melted that time.


We ended up going to bed around 3 AM.

Today, we woke up at noon. Boyfriend had the day off so we went grocery shopping around 3 PM. When we got home, I showered while he made dinner.

I watched some more Love Island, ate, then we went to Starbucks for our espressos. We also stopped at CVS for some new nail polish for me and a Google Play card for boyfriend– he is loving that Twitch app. We came home and I watched the finale of Love Island while painting my toe nails. I was so happy that the girl I wanted to win since the beginning actually won the whole show!!!!

I just finished my makeup and hair, now we’re finishing up the blunt and prob gonna go have a drink together before I get dropped off at work.

Have a safe and fun weekend!!! ❤

10:28 PM


40 thoughts on “Journal Entry #137

    1. Yessss! I loved Jess from the beginning but wasn’t so sure that Max liked her either. I was really hoping she was gonna choose the money envelope on him! Hannah and John were the cutest couple ever but they just had it so easy. Also, at the end, Caroline said fans found a photo of them together before the show started and they said they knew each other already but never mentioned it to us so I felt that was a little shady!

      I am so excited to meet the season 2 cast, will be starting it later today! 😏

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      1. Yeah I hoped she picked the money too – I really don’t think he liked her that much. Yeah, you are right they did have it easy. Ah I don’t think they proper knew each other, the place they live (Essex) is filled with pretty rich people where they all kind of know who each other is. Although they should have said that they recognised each other at the beginning.
        The only people that lasted from that series were Louis and Callie – they have a baby 😊 but I actually think they broke up a couple of days ago which is really sad. Xx

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        1. Yeah, she mentioned how he shagged her bestie so I really think they should’ve told us! Also, the proposal was a bit much lol how did he get the ring?! I also liked Hannah a lot more than I liked Jon, too.

          I looked up to see where they are now, so sad but not that surprising none of ’em lasted! Cal-Lu’s baby is so beautiful… can’t believe they broke up just a few days ago?! Whyyyy?! 😭

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  1. Crescent rolls are my weakness, and now I am having a raging craving! What’s your go-to nail polish at CVS? I typically grab mine there (but also recently trying to use up what I have- but that’s boring haha). Hope you had a great weekend, gf!

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    1. Ugh, mine too. Aren’t they so yummy? 🥐 I’m not sure what my go-to nail polish is because I’ve only sort of recently started painting my own nails and I try to buy a different brand and color each time. I bought a Sally Hansen kind this time around. What do you usually buy?!

      Hope you had a great weekend and start to your week, too, Mack! Thank you❤️

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      1. wait- how did I not know there was a croissant emoji?! That’s amazing.

        I like OPI, but if something is quick dry whatever the brand I like that too. I haven’t bought any in quite a while though! I think it’s due time. Sally Hansen always makes great products.


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        1. LOL, I love the food emojis. They’re the cutest. ;D I want something quick dry because I’m soooo impatient! I like OPI’s formula a lot but, it does take awhile to dry after two layers, doesn’t it?!

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      1. I’ve overheard one gamer that Joshua was watching and he was pretty funny, so I can see how it could be enjoyable, but they have to be like over the top funny. Just the regular players do seem really boring!
        Yes, crescents are my favorite rolls! Lol 😆

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  2. Oooh a cheese alternative? Was it good? And by that I mean, how close to actual cheese flavor is it lol. Where did yo buy it from? Sorry so many questions…
    The crescent rolls look bomb though I made cinnamon rolls from scratch yesterday haha

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    1. I’ve mentioned the cheese before in my dairy free substitutes post if you want to see a picture of it :)! It’s really the closest to real cheese I’ve ever tasted and it really melts! I love it and think you will to, even my bf likes it. I buy it from Smith’s! But just look in the vegan section in the produce section of your grocery store! 🙂

      Mmm cinnamon rolls? Were they hard to make from scratch?!

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      1. I’m sure I’ve read the post but I don’t remember what it looks like, send me the link lol.
        Okie dokie, I’ll have to take a screenshot of the cheese then lol
        No they were so easy to make. I only hated having to wait for the butter to soften haha

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          1. Thanks doll!
            And I’ve been thinking about it? Not sure.. I may end up dropping a bunch of “series” from my blog including the recipes, just because people don’t seem to care much about those. I don’t blame them, my blog is mostly centered around beauty and what I do every once in a while lol

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