September 05, 2018
08:19 PM

Hey, all. 🙂 Yesterday, I went to On Your Feet! The Emilio & Gloria Estefan Broadway Musical.


Of course, the tickets for the seats next to me were already sold out so boyfriend had to just drop me off and I watched it all by myself!


We didn’t do much before it was time to leave for the musical. We had dinner and I wrote up The Best WP Posts I Read post I published yesterday. We also stopped at Starbucks for an espresso-filled frapp before he dropped me off.

I have to be honest… I thought the singing in this musical could have definitely been better. I think Gloria’s mother (Nancy Ticotin) had the most talent in that department.


Gloria (Christie Prades) was such a good actress. When she transitions from teenager to adult, I was nearly fooled that she was a whole different person! Her singing voice was so off though, you guys… at certain points I wanted to put ear muffs on!


In the musical numbers, there was LOTS of dancing and oftentimes, it annoyed me because I’d rather have them go on with the story and/or sing? You know what I mean? I really loved all of the boy-girl duets. Especially the one with Emilio (Mauricio Martínez) and Gloria’s mother. The songs were all lovely, there wasn’t one that I got bored during (except when they would just keep dancing!).

I giggled a bit here and there, there were a good amount of funny punchlines. I liked the story and found it inspiring, truly. I even teared up a little at one part. I just… can’t get over how bad Gloria’s voice was!? Like, was that for real?! Maybe something was going wrong? The show also started late which never happens… who knows…

The audience was especially rude, too. There was more than one phone that went off and the employees kept going in and out of a loud door that let in super bright lights.

Out of all the musicals I’ve been to so far (not many), this one had the most light shows, electronics, and background changes. It was awesome but, also a little dizzying!


After the show, I came home and binge-watched the shit out of Love Island! Man, there are a lot of episodes in one season.

Today, we woke up a little past noon and I just laid in the bed and caught up on my Reader the best I could while boyfriend did the dishes and fed the cats etc. I got up for a shower around 4 PM and he started on dinner.

It was so yummy! I told him he should be a chef because he seriously perfects every meal lately. Like… I am not even just saying that because he’s my man– he’s really good!! He does need to learn how to cook rice properly though.

We watched Big Brother while we ate and it just doesn’t even matter to me anymore! I hate mostly everyone that’s left in the house and the ONLY girl I like is probably going to go home… (No spoilers, please, I am not completely caught up).

As usual, after dinner, we went to Starbucks for our 3 shots of espresso. We also had to go to the dispensary to pick up some weed and the smoke shop so boyfriend could buy his ciggies and our blunt wraps.

When we got home, I did my best to reply to all of your wonderful comments but, stupid fucking WP doesn’t show all of my notifications!! They get cut off when I don’t check them for ONE DAY so I’m so sorry if I have left you hanging somewhere. 😦 If there was something you really wanted me to reply to, please let me know!

I need to go get ready for work now. Today’s my Monday– the first day of my 4-day work week. Wish me luck! ❤

08:48 PM


47 thoughts on “Journal Entry #136 (On Your Feet! Review)

  1. I’ve never been to a musical before. Although I would hate to be interrupted by people coming in and out of the auditorium, ruining the illusion of it all.

    WAIT! I’ve been to a shadow acting of The Rocky Horror Picture Show before. I use to be close to a young lady that pretty much wanted me at every showing of it because she was in it. I wonder if you ever seen the movie before. If not, take a look at it. It’s musical, weird, and a colt classic.

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    1. OMG Rocky Horror is the BEST!!! I used to dress up as Magenta and go every weekend at midnight when I was younger! I bought the DVD but it’s just not the same. You have to go see it with all the people around you.

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      1. At first, I thought I wouldn’t get into it, but it grew on me. I found myself singing the songs and all. The energy from the crowd and the actors were crazy. Keep in mind, this was about 5 years ago. This movie is still out here making people sing and dance all over the nation even though it was made back in the 70s I think. Thanks for sharing, Julie!

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  2. Awh that sucks that so many things went wrong for the musical, started late, Gloria’s singing not good or annoying. Phones going off. I think that probably would have put a damper on my experience too.
    And curious as to how often you guys go to the freaking dispensary lol. It feels like every time I read a journal entry you guys go buy weed haha.

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    1. I was annoyed that it started late and yeah… Gloria’s voice was really off LOL. 😛 oh well, hopefully the next one will be better.
      We go to the dispensary too much… I don’t even know. Every other day or every two days? Sometimes 3… we smoke a loooot, man.

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  3. Woohoo! I have been excited for this post.
    Sounds like it was a great show, minus the dancing distraction, teheh!

    OK I HATE when people are rude like that in public settings! It drives me CRAZY. Ugh. Like these people work really hard, and people pay good money to see the show- be respectful. It’s not that hard!

    I’m glad to know I’m not missing too much this BB season. I hate that WP does that with the comments too- you can go all the way back in dashboard, but it’s totally a pain .

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    1. LOL!! I mean the dancing was good but I just wanted them to stop it already hahaha.
      AND YES!!! SERIOUSLY. How can you be so rude?! Like one guy even checked his phone for a bit after it rang and I could see the light from where I was sitting the whole time!

      Yeah… BB this season really wasn’t all that great but I’ve made it so far, I’m watching it until the end, I think.

      I do try to do the dashboard thing but all of my own comments show up in there too and it gets really confusing, right? Or am I doing something wrong?!

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      1. I HATE when people have their phones out like that- I feel like it’s one of the rudest things you can do .

        And yeah- may as well finish it up.

        It’s so confusing on dashboard! It only shows comments from your personal WP I’m pretty sure too- so if someone commented back from their blog I don’t think it even shows up. SO annoying!!

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        1. It really is so rude! & I think if I make it to the end of BB this season, it’ll be like my first time seeing the finale in a few years lol I always get so tired of it when my faves leave.

          I’ve realized that in the dashboard, too. It doesn’t show replies on other people’s blogs… so stupid! Why can’t they just let us read all of our notifications before deleting them all!?

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          1. I know! It’s not like storage runs out in the internet ?! UGH . The other thing I wish we could do is edit comments. I HATE that we can’t edit/ delete comments on other people’s pages- but they can edit yours. How strange is that!

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            1. I know!! So weird that we can edit any comments on our own page but we can’t edit our comments when we leave them one someone else’s page? Like it’s MY comment… and anyone could change up what I said on their page, too?!

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  4. I haven’t heard of On your Feet before until you mentioned it… it sounds really interesting that you say Gloria’s transition from teenager to adult was really believable that you almost thought it was a different actress. I’d love to see that acting talent! However… I’ll be sure to pack my earmuffs haha. I’m surprised her singing wasn’t that great? And you say the show started late? Maybe she was poorly and unsure if she’d be able to go on! Who knows? Buuut at least overall you seemed to enjoy the show, bad singing aside. I am shocked that peoples phones kept going off!!! I always turn mine off at the theatre or cinema. It should be a legit rule. And I am surprised at the employees keep going in and out of doors! that sounds so irritating!
    Yaaay Love Island! It’s such a hard show to binge watch because there’s literally an episode on every night for about 8 weeks, so so many episodes to catch up on if you’re not watching live! It’s worth it though 😉
    I hope work goes well for you this week Hunida! Good luck! X

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    1. I had never heard of On Your Feet! before either until I saw it on the Broadway schedule this season! She was really talented in the acting department, I was convinced she had changed and maybe she was poorly; I was thinking that could have been the issue, too!!

      I know! I was really surprised how rude the employees were being but, you know how people are with their phones sometimes. Mine is always on silent even when I’m at home so I never have that problem!!

      YEAH! Holy crap, there are soooo many dang episodes in one season but oh well!! At least that means I will have it watch for quite awhile. 😀

      Thanks for sending me the luck, babe!!! ❤ ❤

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      1. It’s exciting that your ticket means you get to experience and see shows you’ve not heard of before / may not have considered seeing! Yes! It seems like she might have been poorly considering they were late on too!
        Yeah people are always on their phones no matter what the occasion to be fair 😂 one time my alarm went off in the cinema! I completely forgot I had it on 😭 so embarassing!
        I know you’ll probably be watching till the new year 😂😂 worth it though!
        You’re welcome hun ❤️

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        1. Yeah, I think so too! There was an option to only see 8 or 9 shows but I chose the one that allowed me to see all 10 so I could give them all a chance! I don’t wanna be mean, but I sure hope she was poorly lol.

          LOL! That’s understandable your alarm went off because those things go off even when your phone is on silent. 😂

          I’m actually sad I’ve finished the first season because now there’s only 3 more. I am praying that Aus gets put on there by the time I’m done!

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          1. Oh yeah you may as well get the full 10 and experience everything you can! Haha lets just say she was poorly 😂
            Omg I know I was mortified though- the alarm was Lizzie Mguire song hey now hey now 😂 It was so funny!
            Oh my gosh you’ve finished the first season! Thoughts!!!!? I hope so! I’ll start a petition 😂 if not I will personally record each episode for you and send them to you because it’s too good to miss! X


    1. I’m sad the singing wasn’t that great, either. I was really shocked that they could have been that bad? The ushers usually don’t even let people in during the show, but they were being really rude? & usually, they’d have told the guy to put his phone away right away but they let him look at it until he was done? I don’t know what was going on!

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      1. It might just be something with that particular show? I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve had that experience but I feel like I’ve heard that about that show before. That’s really strange about the ushers though. I would say call the theatre up and let them know that you didn’t find that acceptable so they can remind their ushers of proper behavior. That’s super annoying and distracting!

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