The Best WP Posts I Read In August 2018

Screenshot_2018-09-04 K-Cup Vs Real Cup

Back to School 2018, K-Cup vs. Real Cup by Emma Kernstein – In Back to School 2018, Emma shows us her two adorable daughters and their outfits for school throughout the years; they pose for OOTD photos 100x better than I ever could. In K-Cup vs. Real Cup, she goes out and buys the coffee fresh and then, compares it to their K-Cup version made at home.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic by Blaire at Life to Blaire – Blaire’s style is so elegant and classy! Her photos have a vintage-y vibe and remind me of The Notebook time period.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 My Washi Tape Collection Where To Buy Washi Tape Cheap

My Washi Tape Collection & Where To Buy Washi Tape Cheap by Mia at Beautiful, Inspiring, Creative . . . Life – I’ve said it before but, I just really love a good collection! All of the tapes in Mia’s collection are stunning.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Things You Shouldn_t Care About

Things You Shouldn’t Care About, Why I Choose Life (& You Should Too) by Ki at A Girl Called Ki – In Things You Shouldn’t Care About, Ki gives us 5 things to not care about. She makes extremely good points, ones we should all take into serious consideration. In Why I Choose Life (& You Should Too), she shares her real life experience with depression. Her honesty in telling her story truly tore me apart.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Some people are just nucking futs

Some people are just nucking futs!! by Jad at Sensuality, Sex & Something Else – Jad seriously meets the craziest dudes out there while she’s online dating and she shares her experiences with us with such great humor!

Screenshot_2018-09-04 My First Marriage

My First Marriage by Cadie at Cadie’s Corner – Cadie shares her experience of being in a toxic relationship. Being in one myself in the past– it was too easy for me to relate. I know a lot of other women out there would be able to, too. It’s comforting to know we aren’t the only ones… and if you’re in one now, maybe you’ll actually realize it after reading about hers.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Smile Like You Know Me

Smile Like You Know Me by Anthony at Today’s Perfect Moment – Smile at a stranger because it can truly make their day. Anthony proves this in Smile Like You Know Me.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 What_s your Enneagram

What’s your Enneagram? by Amanda at On Another Coast – If you’re into personality tests like I am– you’ve gotta try this one out! I had never heard of it before but, my results were quite spot-on. Amanda says most of hers was, too! I’m curious to know… what’s your enneagram? (I got Type 4 with a Type 5 wing)


#wednesdaywisdom: The Please Shut Up Edition by Stella at Quite Simply… Stella – Stella lists some quotes she thinks are overused and extremely cliché while hilariously commenting on each one. I have to say, I agree with her on all of ’em!

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Appreciating My Own Backyard

Appreciating My Own Backyard #6: “Night” Market by Todd at Go Outside Today – Todd brings us along with him as he explores the food stalls at the Pan-Asian Food Festival & Lifestyle Expo Night Market!

Screenshot_2018-09-04 How showing “weakness” brought me closer to my goal

How showing “weakness” brought me closer to my goal by Andrea at The Perks of Being Different – Andrea shares her own personal struggles with her co-workers to show them her side of things and to, essentially, get her way.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Surviving NYC, Part 1

Surviving NYC, Part 1 by Alice LeFae – If you live in New York City and the struggle becomes too real, Alice has got you covered with her top favorite places to have a good cry! I was laughing out loud reading this one.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Style Experiment Trendy Retail Stores Choose My Outfits - NunziaDreams.jpeg

Style Experiment: Trendy Retail Stores Choose My Outfit, Trying Top Pinterest Recipes for a Day by Nunzia at Nunzia Dreams – Nunzia buys the outfits off the mannequins at three different stores in her super fun Style Experiment. In Trying Top Pinterest Recipes for a Day, she makes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks using highly ranked recipes on Pinterest!

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Impact.jpeg

Impact by Sam at Taking on a World of Words – Do you ever feel like you’re writing into a void on your blog? Sam feels the same way but, she proves that us small-time bloggers can always make a big impact.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Why fashion blogging isn_t always fun

Why fashion blogging isn’t always fun by Natalia at Renegade7xNatalia puts these fashion websites on blast! She is honest and truthful about all companies and proves to us why we shouldn’t always trust brands that reach out to us and, quite frankly, she also proves to us why we shouldn’t trust fashion bloggers that are similar to her.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 My 7 Tips on How to Be Truly Happy.jpeg

My 7 Tips on How to Be Truly Happy by The Laura Jessica – Yadda, yadda, yadda… there are TONS of posts out there with this title, right? But SO MANY of those include impossible tasks. Laura’s 7 tips are DOABLE and actually NEED to be done to gain true happiness. She doesn’t tell you to do yoga, sniff oils, or wake up at the same time everyday, I promise!

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Our Third Year Anniversary

Our Third Year Anniversary by Mack Marie – Mack brings us along with her as she celebrates her 3rd year wedding anniversary! She hits up San Francisco’s hard-to-reserve date night hot-spot: Cafe Jacqueline! Check. It. Out.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 Finding A Home In People.jpeg

Finding A Home In People by Rosie at Rosie Culture – Being able to find a home in people instead of a location is something I’ve always been able to do and Rosie explains how she’s the same way.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 ♐️The Zodiac Eyeshadow Challenge♋️ Kathleen Lights X Colourpop The Zodiac Shadow Palette

The Zodiac Eyeshadow Challenge|Kathleen Lights x Colourpop The Zodiac Shadow Palette by Nova at SuperNovaBeauty – Nova has created a super fun makeup challenge for this Colourpop palette. You have to know your sun sign, your moon sign, and your ascendant to participate so she links us to the most interesting and informative astrology site ever. I spent hours on it learning about myself and my relationship.

Screenshot_2018-09-04 A LITTLE “CANDY ART” IN PORT AUTHORITY.jpeg

A LITTLE “CANDY ART” IN PORT AUTHORITY by Jo Ann at 30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams – I am a sucker for themed art like this! 😉 So cute!


47 thoughts on “The Best WP Posts I Read In August 2018

  1. You are the best for sharing all these blogs Hunida, I always find such enjoyable posts through this series. And it’s so thoughtful of you and your reviews are so professional too! I’m excited to read these posts! Thanks for sharing! Xx

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  2. People always ask me how I find people to follow without taking part of “Community Pool”.
    Simple answer: because awesome people like you exist and do posts like this!
    It is a really noble thing to do! And I am happy that I am once again in the list 😀

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