August 30, 2018

08:16 PM

Hi, all! 🙂 Happy “Jr. Friday”!

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. We both had the whole day off and we cooked dinner at home. I did start watching Love Island though! I cannot, for the life of me, remember who recommended this show to me but I know it was actually more than one of you lovely lot (I don’t want to name the wrong people, sorry!). Thanks you guys, because I am hooked.

I binge-watched like 5 episodes in a row! I can’t even remember the last time I sat in front of the TV that long without falling asleep. If I had been watching anything else; I def would’ve hit the hay way earlier than I did!

Today, we woke up around one almost two PM. We laid around for a bit until we were hungry. I took a shower, shaved, and moisturized.

We are out of groceries right now so we had to decide on a place to go out to eat.

I wanted to try this sushi place at the Fashion Show Mall called Ra Sushi Bar because I was craving one of those chicken salads with cabbage and mandarin oranges.


I felt like an ass, but I asked the waitress if the dressing on the salad contained dairy… sadly, it did— aaaand so did all of their other ones! Yep, even the “simple” vinaigrettes… we ended up cancelling our whole order and walking across the way to Kona Grill instead.


I had been to Kona Grill on a date with myself before but, boyfriend had never been. It has nearly all of the same offerings as Ra but so much more and everything is just so much better at Kona. I don’t get how or why people would choose Ra over it… like we almost did.


We got in right when Happy Hour ended which really was a bummer. If we hadn’t fussed around in that other restaurant we would’ve made it on time.


They had quite a few tasty salads on their menu! Yay! (Even though there was no chicken and mandarin oranges option.) I immediately asked if there was dairy in the dressings even before we got seated; the hostess was able to tell me which ones did and didn’t have it right away. Whew!


Of course, we had to try their Yellowtail Sashimi for our appetizer:


It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but, it was decent!


I had the Steak Salad; it was light, fresh, and filling!! I was so so so so so happy that we decided to cancel our order at Ra!!


Boyfriend had a beautiful Korean chicken sandwich with taro fries!! The taro fries were a first for both of us. Man, were they good! The piece of chicken was huge and meaty, the crust and sauce were awesome! And don’t even get me started on those pickled veggies.

I had been so hangry before eating and having to leave the other place; I just really went too far. I even had to muster up an apology to boyfriend after I filled my belly up… I hate when I get that way but, he always says “it’s okay” in his nice guy voice like nothing even happened, LOL.


On the way back to our car, we passed Sephora. The sale started for us low-level Beauty Insiders just today so I had to check it out! It was a gosh darn mess in there and all I wanted was a nail polish. Once I finally found them though– most of them were sold out and the ones that were available seemed dirty and used. I think online shopping is so much better because well, more options, duh but, you ALSO don’t have to worry that your shit has been opened before by another shopper!!

Speaking of makeup, I should tell you…

I just had a moment right before I shut my eyes the other night… like “I should cancel all my subscription boxes” so I turned over, grabbed my phone, and cancelled them all!

This month was my last month with the Lola Beauty Box and I was going to continue my 3 $10 boxes but, I realized I wasn’t even excited for them! I was devastated that I wasn’t going to get my Lola anymore though… even though I usually only ever liked one or two items per box in those?!

I might give myself like a beauty budget each month instead to buy the things that I really wanna try, things that I choose on my own! There are so many brands and products out there and the boxes seem to all give out the same stuff revolving around the same companies over and over again! I’m ready to explore the beauty world on my own. 🙂


After the mall, we drove to Starbucks for our espressos and I also stopped at Sally’s to see if they had any nail polishes I wanted to try but their entire collection just seems so… cheap and blah.

When we got home, I started this and smoked a blunt. Now I must go get myself ready for work. 😛 I don’t know what I’ll do about this catastrophe I created on my fingernails… lol. Agh, I don’t wanna talk about it.

08:45 PM


29 thoughts on “Journal Entry #134

  1. Your post always make me grin.

    I can’t believe you cancel all your subscription boxes!
    I was actually thinking of subscribing to at least one myself. Even though I don’t wear make up all that much.
    But I actually would like to buy the stuff that really suits my skin.

    ONLY ONCE I asked for some advice at the lady at the store.
    And she told me I have an oily T-zone.
    Such a standard thing to say. I don’t have an oily anything!

    Also, off topic, but I am back at the OGX shampoo and I am crying that I didn’t do it before.
    It seems to work for my hair! I have the pink shampoo and the brown (macadamia oil) conditioner.

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    1. Yay, love to make you grin! 😀

      I know, I was sad to cancel them but also relieved to not have to get them anymore lol. The samples became too much! I do think if you just get one box, it’s worth it– especially if you have no idea what you like for your face!

      LOL at the lady at the store. She was just trying to sell something, of course!! That’s so annoying.

      & so glad that OGX shampoo is working for you!! I ended up having to buy this extremely overpriced shit from Sephora but at least my hair is finally nice again!!


    1. Thanks, Emma! 🙂 That’s exactly how I feel about the boxes. Like I think I’d rather spend the same amount on two items I really like instead of 5 products that I never wanted.


  2. Hi.. I agree with your thoughts on subscription boxes. I too have over time realised that I hardly use any of that stuff. Especially when they all offer very similar products. I often end up with multiple samples of the same product and more often than not of the ones that I don’t like.
    btw lovely pictures

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    1. Yes! The most annoying part is that all of the boxes offer the same products & will send out the exact same things so it’s not even a big variety if you choose to sub to more than one box per month.
      Thank you!! ❤

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  3. I can agree with you on makeup subscription boxes. I love loot crate though! I will have a hard decision on keeping it or not in December.
    I’m sorry you had to leave the restaurant but glad you guys got some good food!

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  4. Omg that food looks amazing! I really want one of those steak salads and korean sandwich. It looks mouth watering! The Kona Grill looks so nice and sleek on the inside! We don’t have any cool places like that here.

    I absolutely love your idea about canceling your boxes and “making your own box” instead by choosing the products you actually want. That’s brilliant! It might cost you a little more since you’ll probably have to buy the full sized items as opposed to getting smaller/sample sized ones, but at least you’ll be getting what you want. I definitely know what you mean about the subscriptions being a bit repetitive with the items you get. I look forward to seeing what items you choose to pick and try out for yourself next month!

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    1. The Kona Grill really is super nice inside & I love that the bar has an open window area to the outside.

      I am a little bummed about not getting all my packages anymore but, I will still get packages if I order other things online, right? Lol. I’m definitely going to be getting less new things each month but, hopefully, they will all be things I can use for a long time. 🙂

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  5. I’m looking for a new show to watch right now so I’ll have to put Love Island on!! It looks like my type of mindless reality TV!

    These restaurants look super fun and chic. I’ve totally walked out of a restaurant one time… it was for our anniversary last year.. there was one other couple in the restaurant that they sat us DIRECTLY next to… like practically at the same table. It was sooo uncomfortable and I felt like we couldn’t even talk so I said we had an emergency and left. (The emergency was I needed time with my man without feeling like I was on a double date with strangers! Haha). The environment wasn’t at all romantic either, it all just felt cold and awkward. Anyways- The food you ended up with looked great, and I have to apologize for hanger all the time- you are not alone. Our poor guys we take it out on haha .

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    1. Hahah omg Love Island is addicting, Mack. I am loving it. Let me know if you start to watch it! We’d both be on the first season so it’d be fun to chat with you about! 😀

      AGH!! I am glad you left that restaurant. That’s honestly the reason we never go to those Hibachi places lol we don’t want to sit so close to other people but at least that’s a NORMAL thing there. How irritating that you were so close to someone at a restaurant that wasn’t even built that way.

      LOLOL UGH. I just get so mean!! Sometimes I don’t apologize because I don’t wanna bring it up again but, I just… had to this time lol.

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      1. haha okay I tried to watch it, but I am SO bad at understanding their accents… I put on subtitles, but usually when I watch shows I do other things and I keep getting distracted. BUT I will let you know if I regain my focus hahah.

        Have you ever seen that meme with the dog in the scarf knowing they did something wrong but have to stand their ground and act cool about it? It doesn’t sound great.. but it’s amazing… I just spent 15 minutes looking for it and can’t find it, but I’m gonnna and then send it because I have never related with something more in my life, haha! I think you’d love it. I willll find it

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  6. Wow, the steak salad looked soooo good! Mmm I can almost taste it! And how random was that decision to cancel the box tho! But i totally agree, i think the whole point of box subscription is feeling excited at the unknown, without the excitement you might as well choose what you want right? Hahaha glad to be back binge reading your posts!

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  7. LOVE ISLAND! Yasss! thoughts please!? Who are you liking ? Who are you disliking? Series one right? Ah I am so excited for you! 😂
    It sucks none of those salad dressings were dairy free but at least it meant you got to eat somewhere even yummier and more suitable for you… even though you missed happy hour 😦 next time!
    Ooh I’ve never had a subscription box before, I like the idea of you having a beauty budget because then you’ll get to try way more things that way that you really want to try! If you want any recs hit me up 😀 you know i could talk about beauty all day!
    Have a great weekend Hunida!

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    1. AHHHH IT WAS YOU!! The Devil!! lol jk jk. 😉 I am addicted to that show, man. I have watched like 10 episodes so far of the first season. I am disliking Naomi and I like Jess a lot. I think Josh is so handsome but, such a douche bag. I love Hanna & John!! ❤

      I know, I am so glad I asked because the dressings didn't sound at all like they would contain dairy!

      I think I'll like having the beauty budget better than the boxes, too. 🙂 Be prepared for all the questions when I start experimenting hahah. ❤

      Hope you have a nice weekend, too, love! Thank you!!! ❤

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      1. Hahahaha! I think I’ve told everybody to watch it! I just want someone to talk about it with (not like I don’t have enough 😂) and I put it in a favourites post too! Uh! Naomi is the worst, she only gets worse throughout the series! i actually really like Jess! I think she’s treated unfairly! Hannah and John ❤️ Love them! Josh i can’t remember much about…
        yeah i would never even have thought to ask! I didn’t think a salad dressing would contain dairy!
        Yeah because then you can try exactly what you want to try! Well, I’m excited to see which products you try and what you think of them 😃
        Thank you Hunida! You’re welcome!

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        1. Gosh yeah, I knew a few people had the show in their faves posts!! I shoulda known it was yoooou lol. We have such similar tastes!
          I can tell Naomi is only going to get worse!! I can tell by the devious look and nervous giggle she always has. UGH. I’ve liked Jess from the beginning & knew that she would be treated unfairly right away. Poor girl! I am sad that you can’t remember Josh– I hope that means he doesn’t get voted off the island soon!! 😦 He’s such nice eye candy hehe.


  8. Good for you on canceling your boxes! I don’t order the Target one anymore because I mostly forget but might cancel my tea one just because now I have so much of it! I’m not quite sure about the Sephora one but honestly I have so many little samples now that I could do without it!

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    1. I’m still getting my snack boxes because I had a 6 month plan but after that, I’ll be getting no more!!

      I just felt like I was overwhelmed and no longer excited to try new things! PLUS, my face & hair are better than ever without constantly trying new things in/on them!

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  9. How did you find Love Island?! I tried to look for it on Netflix but nothing came up lol. And the only person I know that talks about it because she really likes it is Jennie lol.
    Kona Grill looks incredible inside wow!! And the food is mouth watering from here haha. I don’t think you should feel bad for canceling the order at that other place. You’re putting your self first 🙂
    And it’s funny I want to cancel my Sephora box too. I realized this month I was as excited for it as I used to be and im tired of it so I think I’ll cancel it this month after I get this months bag. I am keeping boxycharm just because I feel like it’s worth it. I’ve found so many great brands and have new palettes to play with because of them lol. But I totally get wanting to get things that YOU want to try. I feel the same way. I’m tired of Sephora sending me lipsticks from Sephora brand and MUFE🙄


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