Title: The Unlikelies


Author: Carrie Firestone
Original Publication Date: June 06, 2017
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction

Goodreads Synopsis

After high school senior Sadie helps a baby in distress, she becomes an internet sensation and is introduced to other ‘hometown heroes’. Despite all their differences, the five teens hatch passionate plans to secretly right local wrongs. But when they breach the boundaries of their world, they discover that there might be truth in the saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.

My Mini Review

Carrie Firestone could not have created a better narrator/protagonist. Sadie Sullivan is someone every girl (and guy) would dream to have as a friend. Her care packages were so thoughtful I almost cried each time one of her friends opened one.

I do think there is an excessive amount of characters. So much so that the first half of the book is a bit confusing; the whole time I was trying to remember who is who. There were plenty names that I think could have been left out. Something like “Keith’s friend” for David would have sufficed. I liked the romance and how smoothly it worked its way into the story. Sadie’s parents, grandmas, and all of ‘The Unlikelies’ were so lovable.

I couldn’t believe how many different plot lines were jam-packed into this story– I was pleasantly surprised to find such depth in what I thought was going to just be a simple, sweet summer read. Even though some darker topics are covered; the writing and atmosphere always stayed light. While it was a little difficult to ease into the story at first, I enjoyed the second half immensely and I’m satisfied with the ending even if it was a bit rushed.

Thanks again to my buddy Noriko (@bookfiendsite) for reviewing this on her blog at just the right time!! I wouldn’t have known about this book if it weren’t for her!

My Favorite Quotes

“We can’t help where our feelings take us.”

“She was lodged in a blacked-out corner of that place where even hope had turned gray and blue-lipped.”

“I didn’t want to go to sleep. I was getting anxious at the thought of waking with that deep ache in the pit of my stomach.”

“I felt like I was holding a balloon and releasing a tiny bit of air, just to get through the session, because if I released the balloon, if I let it fly around the room and blow the shit in my head all over this guy, he wouldn’t know what hit him.”

“Sometimes it seems like I’m a sponge, like I absorb people’s moods.”

“She stopped talking then. It was as if that one memory dislodged something so painful there was no place for the pain to go.”


My Rating: 4 out of 5
Dates Read: August 24-28, 2018


13 thoughts on “My Mini Review + Favorite Quotes From… The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone

  1. Interesting. I know I always say that but books truly are intriguing and interesting to me because they take me to another world lol.
    Anyway, the sypnosis really does seem quite interesting and yet the cover seems like it would be about something else. Great example of never judge a book by its cover

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean!! Books really do take you into another world and they all sound so interesting because you wanna see what that world in that particular book is like, you know?!

      I thought the cover of the book was cute but, in a way, didn’t really fit the story, yet… nothing else would’ve been better!

      Liked by 1 person

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