August 25, 2018

08:53 PM

I am so hangry and irritated right now. Last night, boyfriend didn’t get home until almost freakin’ midnight and I am hoping he gets here way sooner than that tonight.

We didn’t have many options to choose from for dinner since everything was already closed so we went to the mediocre 24/7 Thai restaurant called Krung Siam in Chinatown.


It seems they have really shortened their menu since the last time we dined here. Boyfriend’s favorite dish (Pad Woon Sen) wasn’t even on it though, I don’t recall that it ever was. He went for the Combo Meat Drunken Noodles (Pad Kee Mao) for his entree instead.


He asked for a spicy level 10 and the waitress looked at me with wide eyes lol, I nodded and assured her that is what he wanted! She brought us the spice wheel but, guess what? WE DIDN’T NEED IT. They actually packed on the spice!! We were very proud.


I tried the Rad Nar with chicken. I used to work at a Thai restaurant in Henderson and, there, I tried this entree for the first time– it was much better then. I felt this was a bit plain and they didn’t give me enough noodles compared to the broccoli, meat, and sauce.


We shared the Crazy Thai-Style Wings for our appetizer. We were excited that they gave us an even amount of flats and drummies because I eat the flats and boyfriend eats the drummies, hehe. It’s the little things, right?!


While their menu was a bit different, they still had the same performer. He sings both Thai and American songs throughout the whole night. I wouldn’t say he’s amazing but, he’s alright lol.

When we got home, we started this film on Netflix that was really fucking hilarious but, of course… I fell asleep! 😦 I want to finish it tonight, but we need to catch up on Big Brother first. I also haven’t watched this week’s episode of Harlots, yet. Need to get on that!

I finished reading Simon and then, I started this book called The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone. I was looking for one last summer read and Noriko (@bookfiendsite) reviewed this one at just the right time!! I started it yesterday but, today I read a lot more of it. It’s pretty much all I did.

I haven’t eaten, smoked, or drank coffee today so I am all out of sorts right now. I’ve never had such a hard time writing a short journal entry.

Good night.

09:21 PM


13 thoughts on “Journal Entry #132

  1. Giiiiirrlllll I hope you got yourself some food!!! I cannot imagine going all the way until 9 PM without coffee or food. Heck, I can’t last two hours!! Even though the place was mediocre, at least they got the spice right- bonus points for that! And fun that there was live music although it didn’t seem he drew much of a crowd, lol. Have such a great week, Hunida. Can’t believe it’s already gonna be Monday, wahhh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I diiid get food eventually haha boyfriend got home like right after I published, fortunately! On my days off when boyfriend goes to work, I wait for him to have dinner & I don’t get hungry until later in the day & I’m worried if I eat before him, I will spoil my appetite!
      Hahah yes, always bonus points when they get the spice just right for us spicy lovers, right?! ❀ ❀
      LOL yeah, it's like they have the whole place cleared in front of him for dancing but there's never anyone there, really. πŸ˜›
      Hope you have a great week, too, Mack! Thank you! ❀

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