My Top 10: TV Couples That Should Have Been Forever

I STILL cannot get over the fact that these 10 TV Series couples did not get their happy endings. I mustn’t be the only one who felt physical pain in my chest during these on-screen break-ups!!:

1. Susan Mayer & Mike Delfino

mike and susan gifff

TV Series: Desperate Housewives

Well, he gets shot but, he shouldn’t have. Why did he have to die? Why couldn’t they just have had a happily ever after? Susan deserved her Mike!

2. Jackie Burkhart & Michael Kelso

TV Series: That 70’s Show

Gosh, I just thought that their personalities and egos were a match made in heaven. Everyone loved Hyde & Jackie but, I was always always always on the Jackie & Kelso ship! They were the ideal “hot” couple scenario and let’s face it, Jackie was only part of the group because she dated Kelso.

3. Donna Pinciotti & Eric Foreman

donna and eric gif

TV Series: That 70’s Show

Dude, Donna role-played as Princess Leia for Eric and they didn’t end up together in the end? Just freakin’ kill me now. It was more than heart breaking when these two didn’t end up together – it was downright life shattering.

4. Brooke Davis & Lucas Scott

lucas gif

TV Series: One Tree Hill

Never was I able to jump on the Lucas & Peyton ship because… HELLO! He was Brooke’s first… she loved him so much, she needed him, and he was so good for her. Why couldn’t he just love her back?

5. Effy Stonem & James Cook

cook and effy gif

TV Series: Skins [UK]

I loved Effy with Freddie, too, I did. He was better for her, I know. But, ohhh I loved Cook so much (hottie alert!!) and their relationship was full of fire that I never wanted to go out.

6. Elliot Reid & John Dorian [J.D.]

elliot and j.d.

TV Series: Scrubs

The ending of J.D. and Elliot is a bit ambiguous but, they never actually show if they end up together. They better have but, how unsatisfying that we didn’t get to see it for ourselves!

7. Karen Jackson & Philip Gallagher

lip and karen

TV Series: Shameless

Lip & Karen were seriously two peas in a pod. I am still burning with anger about what happens to her. I will forever hate Mandy. I stopped watching this show after like Season 6 or 7 so I actually don’t know Lip’s ending (or maybe it still has new seasons coming out and he doesn’t have one yet?) but, I’m guessing Karen doesn’t recover from her brain damage like I always hoped for so I don’t care anymore.

8. Rachel Green & Ross Geller


TV Series: Friends

I know you are all throwing tomatoes at me for this one but, COME ON. The entire series lead us on, making us believe that Ross & Rachel would end up together. They were so in love and they had a beautiful history, they just needed to get over their pettiness towards each other. Ross was always insecure and couldn’t believe that Rachel, his childhood crush, actually loved him – it made sense the way he acted. They even have a daughter together! By no means do I think they were the #relationshipgoals (or whatever) kind of couple but, I was really expecting a happy ending for them.

9. Angela Moore & Shawn Hunter

TV Series: Boy Meets World

I feel the ache like a fresh wound on my heart, still, right now. How could she have left him?! His love for her was so deep and true. I’m crying all over again just thinking about it.

10. Rachel McGuire & Eric Matthews

eric and rachel

TV Series: Boy Meets World

These two are a little different from the rest because they never happened, they just SHOULD have happened. They beat the infamous Cory & Topanga in the couple’s Q&A game in one episode, for crying out loud. I was floored when she chose Jack (fortunately, they don’t end up together either) and whimpered for Eric’s broken heart when he found out.

Which TV couples do you think deserved a happy ending but, didn’t get one? Do you agree or disagree with any of the couples on my top 10?

Featured Image by Pablo Heimplatz

61 thoughts on “My Top 10: TV Couples That Should Have Been Forever

  1. Omg, this is so funny because I HATED Lip and Karen together! I felt so much for her because of everything she had been through but then I just felt like she was self-destructing and bringing Lip down with her.

    I completely agree with you on the Jackie and Kelso one. I always thought they belonged together (at least Ashton and Mila ended up together).

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    1. I loved Lip & Karen. 😦 I see why you hated her BUT DIDN’T YOU SEE HOW MUCH LIP LOVED HER?! hahha.
      I KNOW!! Jackie & Kelso def should’ve been together. I honestly think Ashton & Mila ending up together in real life was a little shady towards Demi Moore but, oh well I still love them both. ❤

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      1. Haha I did! That’s why it made me so sad cause I knew he loved her so much but she just wasn’t good for him 🙁 their relationship wasn’t healthy lol. And yeahhhhhh the Ashton/Mila stuff was pretty shady toward Demi, I definitely thought that in the beginning too.

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  2. I did not like Hyde and Jackie together. Hyde was too good for her. Kelso was perfect for her. At least Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher ended up together in real life lol and yes I think Donna and Eric should have ended up together, that was crap. Rachel and Ross did end up together though in the end.

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  3. I agree with Rachel and Ross! They have so much history and a baby so yea makes sense to me. I think it’s sweet that Rachel didn’t move to Paris to be with him in the last couple episodes, but where’s the wedding???

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  4. Love this post – although I loved Lucas and Peyton so I am very glad they ended up together. I think my biggest one is Marissa and Ryan, why did the bitch have to die… Its okay I’m over it (I’m not over it)xxx

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    1. Ugh, Peyton was such a bother to me lol everything about her was so blah. I’ve never watched The OC but, I know that you’re talking about that show because other shows always talk about how she dies & it’s so shitty hhaha. I should def give that series a watch one of these days!!

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  5. I certainly agree with 9 and 10….but wait, didn’t Eric and Donna wind up together? I am pretty sure they did….didn’t they?
    Getting back to number 9….when they met again on GMW…under the wrong circumstances obviously, I still think it could have worked out. As for number 10, if they had done another season of GMW, it would have happened. I am sure of that.

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    1. I looked it up because I couldn’t remember. I could’ve sworn they didn’t end up together prob because Eric is not even in the show for so long until the very last episode?? IDK it was awhile ago that I watched it all & I wish he never moved away in the first place. That was bullshit! & I’m real sappy, I want weddings & fireworks wrapped with a pretty nice bow at the top for the perfect ending.
      BUT YES, finally a couple we can agree on ahaha. I totally think Angela & Shawn should have gotten back together when they met again in GMW!! I just liked that he adopted Maya though. I sure wish they had not cancelled GMW!!

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  6. I definitely agree about Donna/Eric and Ross/Rachel. I love Ross & Rachel together so much, even though they’re always so on again off again. I just think they’re meant to be.

    I used to want Brooke/Lucas together, but then I realized Brooke deserved better, and she finally got better. I love her and Julian together. Lucas wasn’t Brooke’s “first”, unless you meant first love. Then, yes. lol 😛 Lucas did her dirty though.

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    1. Gosh yes!! Donna/Eric & Ross/Rachel FOREVER. ❤
      Yeah, Brooke totally deserved better than Lucas. He was such a piece of shit to her but, ugh. I just wanted them to be together so bad in the beginning, I kept hoping Lucas would love her back!! I'm so happy that she ended up with Julian in the end though. 🙂
      Lol by Brooke's first, I meant like, she was Brooke's boyfriend before he was Peyton's! 😉

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  7. I looked it up. While they never showed the wedding, if you had watched “Joey” you would have learned that Ross and Rachel apparently did get married and had a kid.

    Personally, I’m still hoping Buffy finally finds a good guy. I was rooting for Riley, but he’s married now.

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      1. Not in the TV show. I heard they wrote comic books later that would have been seasons 8, 9, etc, but I skimmed over the “season 8” comic book in the library and I’m glad they didn’t make it. It would have pissed me off more than Season 7, but I can pretend the comics don’t exist.

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    1. Hahaha most of these shows are older! I need to get to watching the newer series so I can make a less outdated list where people will actually know what I’m talking about! But yesss, so glad you agree with the Ross & Rachel relationship! I can’t understand those that didn’t want them together! 😦


  8. Out of the ten, I only know one pair! And that’s Brooke and Lucas! Have you watched Grey’s Anatomy? Meredith and Derek should be included in this list and only because their love story was so fucked up but you still wanted to root for them…ok maybe that’s not the kind of love we should support but it just took them forever to be together and in the end, it still didn’t work out.

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    1. I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy because I am so overwhelmed with how many episodes there are! But, gosh, I totally feel you. I love the fucked up relationships– I am always rooting for them to get it together & change their ways for each other in the end! I know we shouldn’t support them but I can’t help it!! lol. 😦

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  9. I’ve only watched that 70s show and scrubs from this list lol. I know, shame on me…
    BUT I agree, I hated it when Eric practically got replaced, I was like noooooooo…. And heeyy, Kelso and Jackie might not have ended up together in the show but they did IRL! 😉😁💜💜
    And if I remember correctly, JD and Elliott do end up together.

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    1. Well, 70’s Show & Scrubs were both awesome so not a shame! ❤
      I KNOW. I was so mad when Eric left, you see… I don't know if I watched the episodes afterwards & same with Scrubs. I don't think I watched Season 9 because the cast changed.
      I remember the season final of Season 8, where JD is like fantasizing about marrying her & it's up to us to decide if it happens or not.

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      1. Yeah I watched That 70s Show not that long ago and have been wanting to watch Scrubs again but I don’t think it’s on Netflix anymore? 😦
        Ugh yeah, that guy that replaced him (forgot his name already, that’s how little I care about him) was so bad at acting, or maybe I just didn’t like his character but he seemed too forced LOL.
        And I think I watched only a few episodes of the 9th season of scrubs, and it was lame. Don’t even bother watching it LOL.
        Yeah the ending was pretty nice, but they went and ruined it with an extra season even though they basically told us that yeah, they do end up together LOL. I prefer the mystery haha


        1. I think 70’s Show is on Netflix but Scrubs is on Hulu. 😛 & yeah, the dude the “replaced” Eric was the worst!! I don’t even remember his name either because I barely watched any of his episdoes, haha.
          So glad I missed out on the 9th season of Scrubs then!!

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  10. I seriously need to watch one Tree Hill! It looks sooo good!
    YES COOK AND EFFY! Omg I’m so buzzing that you watched Skins too! A m a z i n g! I was in love with cook back in the day, I even made a fan video 😂
    Other than that i haven’t seen any of these shows (except a few eps here and there of friends and Dh) so I don’t know anything about the other couples!

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    1. OOoh yes, if you have Hulu all the episodes of One Tree Hill are on there. 🙂
      UGGHH OMG ❤ Cook is so damn fine!! I can't believe the way Freddie dies at the end though lol. SO TRAGIC! That's so cute you made a fan video hahaha!! ❤
      Also, if you get the chance, Desperate Housewives is so good!!! I think all of the episodes are on Hulu, too?

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      1. I don’t have Hulu 😭 is it like Netflix? It sounds like I need to get it! Thanks hun!
        Omg no don’t! I totally forgot about Freddie dying omg I haven’t seen skins in toooo long! i need to go rewatch them all cos I’ve forgotten so much!!!!
        Yes I’ve always wanted to watch it like I’ve always thought it would be a series I could really enjoy but I’ve never had the opportunity! I think I need to get Hulu!

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        1. It is like Netflix! But, there is a cheaper version where you have to watch commercials in between some programs! & a more expensive version if you want it to commercial-free like Netflix. I like the options better than Netflix honestly!
          I knooow… I remembered his death as I posted his & ugh, so brutal. I wanna re-watch Skins, too because I don’t think I’ve watched the last couple seasons??

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          1. Ooh I’m going to look into this and see how much it is! I love a good tv show so i neeeed hulu 😂 thanks hun!
            No there were two seasons after freddie’s death but I didn’t watch them either because I felt like the best cast had gone by then! It was all new characters! I must just rewatch the first four!!

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            1. Oh wait, I actually remember watching the season after Freddie’s death! The cast was actually really fun but I don’t think I finished watching all of the episodes. I wanna re-watch them all! ❤

              Did you ever see the Skins US version?

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