Play! By Sephora | July 2018


I guess Sephora decided to take it easy and go for a super simple bag design this month with no weirdo saying or quote printed in front. It works for me and I love the red.


The newspaper explained ways that natural ingredients are great to have in your beauty products. I was all about it!

What Was In My Bag?!

Theme: The Good Stuff
*None of this month’s selections contain: parabens, phtalates, sulfates*


Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Crème

Sephora Claims:

A heat-protectant blow-dry cream that boosts hair’s luster and softness.

My Review: Like all other blow-drying products I receive, this will be going into my giveaway stash!

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:
$24.00 (4.0 oz.)


GENIUS Liquid Collagen

Sephora Claims:

A vegan, collagen-based serum that visibly restores skin’s suppleness and resilience.

My Review: How cute is the packaging? I am in love with the dropper style top – it made it easy to control how much you use at one time. I wasn’t too fond of the magazine perfume sample scent at all and it lingered a bit too long for my taste. I liked the formula; the blue beads were cool and the liquid wasn’t too thick nor was it too thin. It sunk into my skin quickly and wasn’t greasy nor sticky. I’ve only used it once so I can’t really tell you if the claims are true – I do plan on continuing use of this product.

Cruelty-Free?: No
Full-Size Retail Value:
$115 – wow!! (30 mL / 1 fl. oz.)


Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer

Sephora Claims:

A hydrating gel that uses 100 percent plant-derived ingredients for brighter, balanced skin.

My Review: This may be some sort of magic? It’s SUPER hydrating and made my face so much brighter after just one use. It’s crazy because it doesn’t feel thick or heavy on my face after it dries but, even hours later when I touched my skin it felt like I had a layer of moisturizer just sitting there? Kinda nasty – I could feel it on my fingers but, not on my face? I can’t explain it. I like the scent, too, it’s light and refreshing – almost citrusy.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:
$52 (1.6 oz. / 50 mL)


Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil

Sephora Claims:

An ultra-concentrated vitamin C face oil that reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

My Review: Again, I liked the dropper style bottle – the design here wasn’t as cute as the Algenist’s bottle though. I can’t describe the scent of this but, I can tell you I wasn’t a fan of it. I don’t like oils and this one was no exception. I hate how heavy they feel. As for the effects, I only used it once so I can’t tell you if it works but, it did give me some pimples so I won’t be continuing use of this one!

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:
$54 (1.01 fl. oz. / 30 mL)


Color Splash Lipstick–Rainforest of the Sea Collection in Salt Lyfe

Sephora Claims:

A long-wear, full-coverage nude lipstick with a satin finish that hydrates and conditions.


My Review:  I was sad that my sample came damaged but, it was still usable. I e-mailed Sephora and they deposited 250 Beauty Points into my account so how can I even be mad?!

Tarte NEVER fails. I thought maybe the shade I was given would be a little too light but, I ended up really liking it on myself. The website describes it as a gray mauve – I think that fits it perfectly. The lipstick was so creamy and easy to apply. It felt so comfortable and moisturizing on my lips. I completely forgot I had it on and it lasted throughout my ENTIRE work shift. When I looked in the mirror at the end of the night, it was still sitting on my lips like I had JUST applied it. No smudges, no smears. I was shocked!

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:


Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Paaarty

Sephora Claims:

A soft, silky powder blush in a Sephora-exclusive shade that looks flawless for hours.


My Review: I already had this blush from awhile ago, so I put the new one in my giveaway stash and just swatched and applied the one I already had in my makeup bag. I thought the shade was really pretty – it suited my skin tone. It had a nice matte finish and none of that unnecessary sparkle. It was extremely pigmented and easy to blend. I loved it – like I said, Tarte never fails!

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:


If you’d like to receive a Play! By Sephora bag every month, you can subscribe by visiting: here. If you already do – what did you get in your July bag?!


46 thoughts on “Play! By Sephora | July 2018

  1. Haha! No weirdo sayings – totally with you, I haven’t subscribed in ages but I thought most of their themes were a bit of a reach and well, weird! That Algenist serum looks interesting, that brand is so expensive though!

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  2. I love Sephora Play so much! I was subscribed to it while I was staying in the USA for a couple of months and I was so sad I had to cancel it because they don’t ship it to the Netherlands 😦 Yours is such a cool edition!

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  3. The bag is really cute and kind of sucks that the lipstick was damaged and at first I thought it would look darker on the lips. Still like it though. Been looking for a nude lipstick for a while now

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  4. I absolutely love how everything in this bag was free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates! That is so neat and nice to know that they gathered high-quality products without the added chemicals! ❀

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  5. That’s hilarious, I’m putting the briogeo and the tarte blush in a giveaway pile too because I don’t blow dry my hair and because I already have that blush too lol.
    I really liked the algeniay serum and the korres oil, they felt incredibly nice on my face.
    I agree that the tarte lipstick seemed a bit light on me too, maybe I need to pair it with the right eye makeup and hopefully it won’t wash me out

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    1. UGH! They always send me blow-drying stuff. I want stuff for hair-straightening but never get any of that stuff. πŸ˜› I think the Korres Oil was too greasy for me but the Algenist Serum is definitely luxurious. ❀ I ended up really liking the Tarte lipstick – I'd love to see it on you, I bet you look beautiful!!

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              1. It’s supposed to make your hair shinier, smoother, and apparently thicker and it grows quicker, though I think some of those might not be true? But I can definitely attest to it hydrating my hair and making it smoother.
                But another thing is that it’s not good for all hair types, and also too much is also not good. Because oil and water don’t mix, blah blah, but i use conditioner to wash it off then shampoo. Works pretty well for me.

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                1. OK so I just bought a $35 shampoo… wish me luck. I am scared of coconut oil because I feel my head would produce too much hydration & my hair would become greasy. I just have a lot of build-up and sometimes dandruff. I’m gonna cut out conditioner completely, too. πŸ˜›

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                  1. Which one did you buy? And where did you buy it from? Sephora?? LOL
                    Same girl, I do my best to not add too many products to my hair because of build up as well. I’ve tried many times to go days without washing my hair and it just makes my hair worse. :/ OOh interesting, does conditioner make your hair worse?

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                    1. Yeah from Sephora– I bought the Alterna one I got in my Play! box before because the sample worked so well… I am still waiting for my hair to dry as we speak…

                      I think going without washing my hair makes it worse, too?? IDK like I said my hair is NO good right now– I am hoping for a miracle right now lol.

                      Yeah conditioner really makes my hair a greasy mess!!

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                    2. Isn’t that weird? Some people swear by only washing their hair twice a week and my hair hates it. I hate it.

                      And I wonder if maybe you’re using too much conditioner? Or maybe the igredients? Have you tried sulfate free?

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                    3. I shower everyday!! I would not be able to sleep if I did not wash my hair for a day, it would feel disgusting to me.

                      I don’t wanna curse this but I think the Alterna shampoo was very good for my hair!!! I think it IS sulfate free but I had tried some that were too before & no such luck.

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                    4. Maybe that’s why, if you wash your hair daily you’re striping it from all its natural oils and therefore your scalp is over producing those oils. But I get what you mean. I’ve been washing my hair every other day since I was little because my mom told me so and up until a few years ago I realized that was why lol.

                      Well I hope it works out for you!! I’m still looking for an affordable shampoo and conditioner for me lmao

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                    5. My mom told me to shampoo & condition my hair every damn day… THE DEVIL lol.
                      Maybe I should buy a hairnet so I can shower some days without putting my hair under hahaha.

                      ❀ hope you find something that works for your hair, too!

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                    6. Lol omg. And a hair net will definitely help. Another thing is that since you wash it every day and your hair is used to it, that you could shampoo one day, and the next day only use water, to sort of get your hair used to not getting shampoo, does that make sense? And another thing, shoot I’m blanking…………….Oh yes, when you wash your hair, do you ever shampoo twice? I used to do that and recently I was doing some research and came across a girls video that said if you shampoo twice, that’s also striping your hair a lot more than necessary. I stopped doing that immediately lol. I also used to put conditioner on my roots and now that my hair has gotten used to the changes , my scalp feels so much better, less itchy (but still have some dandruff), and more manageable. But it does become a nightmare if I don’t wash it every other day.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    7. But wait, that is what I do! lol. I never even shampoo two days in a row… I do like two days a week at most & never put conditioner in my roots, just the tips but I am stopping use of it completely now. I hate dandruff… my dad has it bad & has to get prescription shampoo for it so I am really hoping that is not my issue.

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                    8. Awh man I hope not because then you have to stick to that. But keep looking. Idk how big the shampoo bottle is that you got from Sephora, but try using it for at least a month or so and see if has helped your hair. That’ll determine whether it was the ingredients or not.

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  6. That’s awesome that they gave you points for the damaged product! I haven’t received any damaged stuff in my boxes but I’ve always wondered how they fix that.
    I rarely use the hair stuff too but there were some in the August box I got that seemed interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had received a damage lipstick before and just ignored it but then I saw on their website message board that people were getting points just by posting the photos on there & Sephora was responding to them on the thread! It’s almost better to get a damaged product now that I know hahaha.

      Hopefully I get my box tomorrow!

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