Journal Entry #126

August 11, 2018
08:32 PM

Oh how I wish today was Sunday so I could have the night off. I’ve only worked two nights this week [Thurs. & Fri.] and my body is SO SORE and exhausted because it’s not used to moving so much.

There’s a convention in town right now for something called Deafcon. I’ve met a bunch of computer hackers – man, they are tight lipped about how they get into everything lol. I kept joking with them and asking them to buy me a liver or kidney from the Dark Web or whatever it’s called and they told me they could if I really needed it! Crazy. Then, I met some people who help those who get hacked but, it’s hard to believe they don’t hack into stuff and browse the dark web, too, with their skill set.

I got to work around midnight last night, it was busy at first but quickly died down around 3 AM. I was feeling tired as ever, so I wasn’t mad at all. It was a decent night and luckily, so was Thursday. I can only hope the same for tonight!

Today, I didn’t wake up until 4 PM and I felt extremely weak. I immediately took a shower and made something to eat. I put an Everything Bagel [by Dave’s Killer Bread!] with ham, salami, and Chao’s tomato cayenne “cheese” into the oven and heated up a Back To Nature boxed soup on the stove. The soup was nasty but, my sandwich was awesome. I also dumped the rest of the BBQ Popchips onto my plate for a “side”.


I was full [still am] and didn’t even need that soup so I guess it’s fine that it was nasty. πŸ˜›

I watched one episode of The Bold Type then worked on a post for the last book I finished. I am trying to decide if I should just do the mini review and favorite quotes in the same post – I honestly think I will just start doing it that way. I don’t know why this has been such a difficult decision for me.

I need to write up my July’s Play! By Sephora Unboxing & Review still, too. I’ve tested out all of the products finally, I just have not used my time wisely enough to sit down and get it out but, I promise, you will be seeing it soon soon soon.

As for that VeganCuts snack box, I’m working on it!! It might be a little while still!!

I’ve gotta get off and do my makeup for work now.

Oh and I made a new signature, let me know if you guys like this one or the old one better.

08:55 PM


38 thoughts on “Journal Entry #126

    1. I didn’t know people paid for one on Etsy, that’s a little crazy lol. Just go onto, find your font [there are SO many!], use their text generator, & then just save the text to your computer, & upload to WP! It’s super easy!


  1. What a short update lol. The bagel looks delicious but also very seedy haha. I almost thought those chips were the rice chips Lol.
    Loving the new signature. I’ve been wanting to update mine too, mine is so many years old lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I was like, “what the hell?! you just steal money out of people’s accounts?!” & they were like… “well, I can!” I love Dave’s Bagels!! I’ve tried ’em all [except plain] but my fave is the Cinnamon Raisin one & Boyfriend loves the Everything!!

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    1. I had never heard of it either! I can’t believe there are so many hackers out there. The sandwich was really delish but yeah… not so much the soup LOL at least I was full without it. πŸ˜‚ Thank you!

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  2. That deafcon thing sounds awesome, I guess the hackers must have pretty high ethical standards, I doubt I would be so moral if I had their skills! HAHAH. Also your meal looks goooood! And how do you stay so motivated and plan out so many post consistently?! That’s amazing and I wish I was more like that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YEAH, well a MAJORITY of them were doing the bad stuff. Very few were actually “good”. lol. They can do SO MUCH on the internet, it’s crazy!

      I don’t know! I just feel like I am forgetting something when I don’t write a post everyday now! Whenever I have an idea, I write it in my phone so I have a pretty long list now!

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      1. HAHAHA omg I know its not right but its the coolest and most useful skillset right now. Ahhhh I seee, your dedication is insane! I have a long list to but barely find the time to do them!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. IT REALLY IS! I would love to learn how to hack. LOL I think I would be too scared to do it even if I knew how though?

          Maybe on one of those days where you just wanna write you could do some of those topics and schedule them so you’d always have something going up?

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