Journal Entry #124 (School of Rock the Musical Review)

August 07, 2018
10:54 PM

Oh my gosh!!! I just got back from School of Rock and it was absolutely wonderful.


I loved that they didn’t stray away from the film at all except for modernizing a few lines here and there. I thought it was strange that they changed some of the students’ names though. Like the backup singers were called Shonelle and Marcy instead of Alicia and Marta.


The little girl who played Tomika [Grier Burke] was supremely talented, holy crap. She made my throat close up and my eyes well up with that freakin’ voice! Her words were clearly sung and I understood every word. I have the opposite to say for the little girl playing the role of Summer [Iara Nemirovsky] though – she was a phenomenal actress but, I couldn’t understand a damn word when she sang. Zack [Vincent Molden] was my second favorite after Tomika, he was SO good. I loved his singing, acting, dancing, everything!


I wasn’t a fan of the lady who played Mrs. Mullins [Lexie Dorsett Sharp]. I didn’t appreciate her singing voice – hated her solo song – and she didn’t even remind me the slightest of Joan Cusack’s portrayal of the character. I loved Matt Bittner as Ned Schneebly, his voice is scarily similar to Mike White’s. Emily Borromeo also worked well as Patty. I thought Rob Colletti [Dewey Finn], had so much enthusiasm and emphasis in his voice when he sang and spoke – he even sounded like Jack Black at points but, his body movements seemed lackluster and lazy. His energy was low and he didn’t fill the stage with his presence.


I enjoyed mostly all of the musical numbers and the choreography was so cute – especially in Stick It To The Man when the kids stomp their one foot repeatedly and sing “aaand stiiiick it to the maaan!” I also adored If Only You Would Listenboth times. My least favorite [like I stated above] was when Mrs. Mullins sings Where Did Rock Go? and I also didn’t really like Time To Play by Summer and the students. Oh! Another weird one was Faculty Quadrille by the teachers, I completely zoned out for that one.


I was more than impressed by everything; the show, the lighting, the set, the script tweaks, the music, the singing, and all of the talent – I, 100%, had a good time – even if it sounds like I have a lot of complaints. I’d honestly see it again [and again]. I can’t believe the show was two hours and thirty minutes long, time flew by way too quickly!

Of course, the elderly couple to my left was the worst!! The lady kept talking [not even whispering] the entire time and the gentleman kept shaking his cup that had ice in it and dumping his stupid jar of nuts in his palms.

I’m already way too excited for the next show, On Your Feet! 😀 I can’t remember what date I am going but, still, I cannot wait!!

Yesterday, we didn’t do too much. We both woke up at noon-ish and I read Loud in the House of Myself while we smoked our morning blunt. My eyes felt sooo heavy and I couldn’t keep them open so I took a wee little nap. I didn’t wake back up until nearly 4 PM. LOL

Boyfriend made us dinner then, after we ate, we ventured out to Inyo [the dispensary]. We decided to stop at Starbucks for some frappucinos. I got a Java Chip one this time – I’m guessing it’s not dairy-free even if I sub in the almond milk because of the chocolate, lol…

When we got home, I wrote up a ton of drafts for my blog and read some blogs on my Reader at the same time. We went to the bedroom around 2, almost 3 AM. We stayed up for a little bit after the blunt. I finished reading Loud in the House of Myself and boyfriend played his game. He went to sleep around 4 AM but, I was still not that tired. I started a new book – I already forgot what it’s called but, I can’t wait to read more of it. I don’t know what time I fell asleep but, it was for sure before 6 AM.

We must’ve drank those triple shot frapps too late last night. 😛

Today, boyfriend woke up around noon AGAIN but, I couldn’t open my eyes until 2 PM. We didn’t have that much time because I needed to be at the show by 7 PM. Boyfriend did the dishes and we smoked a blunt while I read some blogs on my Reader. Around 5 PM, I took a shower and boyfriend started on dinner. It was done cooking not too long after I was out of the shower.

We ate in front of The Santa Clarita Diet, watched another episode or maybe it was two and then it was time for me to go see School of Rock!! I got there at exactly 7 PM, went to buy a hot black coffee, pee, and then found my seat right away and read through the playbook.

The show officially started at 07:30 PM and ended at 10 PM. Boyfriend was already outside waiting to pick me up. 🙂 We came straight home and I started typing this pretty much right away because I was so excited to write down my thoughts!!

No idea what I’ll go off and do now, I’m kind of hungry but, I feel like it’s too late to eat.

11:23 PM


51 thoughts on “Journal Entry #124 (School of Rock the Musical Review)

  1. Ah I really really want to see School of Rock of slightly disappointed that Dewys actor wasn’t full of presence because Jack Black is a ball of energy. Still, it sounded really good and I think I’m gonna watch the film tonight 😂 x

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    1. Thank you!! ❤ LOL, I would have loved to have told her to shut up but, they were so kind to me when I sat down, I couldn't bring myself to be mean!

      Boyfriend didn't come because the seat next to me wasn't available. 😦

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  2. Ahhh LOVED this! I am interested to see how it compares to the Broadway version (which is closing! 😦 ). I LOVED Miss Mullins (and her song Where Did The Rock Go?) in the version I saw (and I would recommend listening to it on the cast recording) but she definitely was no Joan Cusack. I almost preferred that better though. The kids were so flipping incredible, and honestly make me wonder WHAT am I doing with my life? Lol.
    I didn’t get a chance to see on Your Feet (that also just closed) but I did just see Gettin’ The Band Back Together which was flipping phenomenal. hands down one of my favorite shows. I hope you have an amazing day beauty! ❤

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    1. OH NO! I didn’t know it was closing on Broadway. That’s so sad! I should def give the cast recording of that song a listen because the lady who performed it in front of me was just not doin’ it… & SERIOUSLY! I could NOT believe that Zack was playing the guitar like that!! DAMNNNN!!

      I’ve not heard of Gettin’ The Band Back Together – is it the sequel of On Your Feet!?

      Hope you have an amazing upcoming weekend, Kate!! ❤


  3. That show sounds amazing! I absolutely loved reading your review of it. I think it was great how you talked about every bit of the show with what you liked and what you didn’t instead of simply stating you loved it (as some do). It truly felt like a critic’s review, lol. 🙂 I adore School of Rock, so the Broadway show sounds incredible. I’m so glad you got to go!!

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    1. Oh thank you lol you know me. I’ve always got a lot to say! 😝 I sure wish I was good enough to be a critic, what a compliment!! ♡♡♡ You would love the musical if you love the film! Maybe it will come to Arizona? 😄

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      1. Haha I am the wordiest person ever, so I totally get it! But really, I loved how in-depth you reviewed it and how you talked about everything. It definitely made me want to see it! Maybe it will come to AZ! I’ll have to keep a lookout. 😉

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              1. About a 2 1/2 hour drive. Which doesn’t sound bad, but we don’t have extra gas money to climb up and down the mountain, ugh. (It’s about a 6,000 ft incline to Flagstaff, so it uses all the gas.) :/ We will just have to make like a special trip out of it sometime, lol!

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  4. Eeek!!!! I NEED to get something booked Broadway wise, been tooo long. That sounded like an incredible show. That was one of my favorite movies growing up for sure too!

    Bahahhaha I am dying at the guy pouring out his “Stupid jar of nuts in his hands” … I get so freaking mad when people are disrespectful in public settings and also when people do a repeat noise or loudly chew or ANYTHING. I get so fixated on it and I can’t focus on anything else. So I SYMPATHIZE !

    Never ever is it too late to eat 😉

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    1. Me too, me too! Me & my sister used to rent it so much from Blockbuster until my dad just bought it for us. 😂

      I know!!! She was seriously talking at full volume every 10 min or less & the freakin’ ice & nuts… don’t get me started. 😡

      Lol you’re right because I ended up eating after posting this. 😂😂😂

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  5. That’s so great that you had an amazing time at the musical. I think I’ve mentioned it to you that I’m not super into musicals, though I have attended plays and they all have music every once in a while so idk if that’s the same thing. Anyway, derailing lol…
    Good to hear that you enjoyed yourself despite some misses. And how often do you go to Starbucks? Got me feeling like I can’t afford it lmao.

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    1. Ahh!! I think you should try going to a live Broadway musical ONCE, at least! I looked it up & you guys have so many good shows this season – School of Rock will be there in May! Have you ever watched the film!?

      Gosh, I probably go to Starbucks every night! We bought a coffee pot to try to cut down but ugh, it’s just too hot outside for hot coffee right now!

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      1. I may end up having to go by myself then, Ciel won’t sit still for ANYTHING LOL. And I think I saw the film many years ago…like literally many many years ago LOL
        I’ve found a few copycat starbucks recipes on pinterest btw 😉

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              1. That’s not good lol. On the bright side, I found another place that makes all kinds of drinks, even espresso and ice coffees and I like them so much, a great alternative to Starbucks and a cheaper one too lol


  6. I’m glad you liked it!!! Wow, that theatre looks gorgeous! I wonder who I saw as Dewey, Rosalie, and Summer as I liked it when they did it. I also loved Stick it to the Man haha! It’s still one of my favorites! I haven’t seen On Your Feet! so please let us know what you think of that one when you go. It’s been in Chicago at least twice in the past few years so if it seems really good I might have to go and check it out haha!

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    1. The theatre is huge! You can even schedule a free tour of it – there are quite a few different showrooms! You don’t keep your playbooks?! I can’t make myself throw them away even though over half of the pages are spam. 😛 Stick it to the Man was the darn cutest little musical number I EVER saw!!!

      I will be sure to let you know how On Your Feet! is, I watched the little trailer & it seems fun – almost like Selena, the film? Have you seen it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think the ones by me have free tours too but I always forget to check when they are! And I do but I was too lazy to check! I’ll have to do that and see. I have a couple books of them now haha! Maybe I should do a video for my YouTube channel on them!
        Yeah and I can see what you mean! It does kinda sound like that!!!

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