Journal Entry #123

August 05, 2018
09:01 PM

I keep getting this warning on my phone, telling me that the air quality in Las Vegas is declining. It makes me nervous — the air here will look like Hollywood, California soon and we’ll all be wearing face masks like in China.


Friday night, I went to work around 11 PM. It wasn’t super busy but, I was able to find all of the most kind gentlemen to spend my time with. One of my clients wanted to just sit and chat for half the time he paid to spend with me in the VIP. I was annoyed at first because his friends kept trying to force me to drink before they’d “let us go” (as if they were his keeper or something) but, I only had one and told them “no more!” I was grateful that I wound up with the tamest guy in the bunch.

I ended my night at around 3 AM, came home, smoked a blunt with boyfriend in bed, read a little bit, then passed out.

Yesterday, we woke up around 11 AM. My mind and body told me that it was too early, so I took like an hour nap while boyfriend played the game on his phone. I woke up at almost 4 PM, we enjoyed each other’s company for a little bit, then I took a shower and we started our day. We had a lot of leftovers in the fridge so we didn’t go out to eat nor did we go grocery shopping… but, we did buy a rotisserie chicken and potato salad from Albertson’s to share alongside our leftovers LOL. We only ate half of the chicken and half of the potato salad, we were so full.

As usual, after dinner, we went to Starbucks and go out our iced espressos. When we came home, I wrote up The Best WP Posts I Read In July 2018, removed my chipped nail polish, and filed my nails before I got ready for work.

Once I was done with my hair and makeup, it was pretty late so I decided to just paint my toe nails. I was able to finish that quickly and made it into work around midnight.

It was worse than Saturday and I was cursed with all of the worst smelling and aggressive clients. I was accidentally handed a larger bill than I was owed by one client and another client almost left his stack of cash with me in the VIP room. Both times I spoke up and gave him his money back — my co-workers would call me a dumbass and say that they deserved for me to steal their money, heck… I even sort of feel like a dumbass for speaking up both times but, I would have felt 100x worse if I had taken what wasn’t mine… I think.

I called it quits around 02:30 AM.

When I came home, boyfriend and I smoked a blunt then feasted on some leftover potato salad and chicken. I read a little bit then fell asleep.

Today, we woke up around 1 PM and I read a few posts on my Reader.

I woke up with a bit of a tummy ache because of eating before I went to sleep… I hate that lol. Boyfriend did the dishes and went to fill our jugs of water at the mill while I just laid. We smoked a blunt when he was done with all that and then I wrote up our grocery list.

We went to Smith’s, like we always do, and it was hotter than ever outside. I was upset because they were out of stock on some things I wanted. I also, once again, accidentally spent more than I had anticipated lol.

When we got home, boyfriend put the groceries away and we smoked a blunt while I read some more blogs on my Reader. When we finished with that, I continued what I was doing and boyfriend started cooking dinner for us.

We ate in front of an episode of The Santa Clarita Diet. We watched a couple more episodes after we were done eating then, we realized that we were running out of weed. Boyfriend went to the dispensary and I hopped back on here to write this but, I was sidetracked and read a few blogs before I started. 😛 You see, I got here eventually!! Now… who knows what I’ll do for the rest of the night?!

I have this horrible eczema patch on my elbow that I can’t stop scratching. I have made it bleed and scab over countless times. Helpppp!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of ya! ❤

09:37 PM


26 thoughts on “Journal Entry #123

  1. There is nothing worse than a smelly man. Ew. It was the right thing to do to give the money back – I think you would have felt really bad if you didn’t. I love that your days (like mine) consist of when you eat food and thinking about food 🤣🤣 xx

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    1. Gosh, right?! I hate smelly men; they make it so hard for me to give a proper dance. & you’re right, I do think I would’ve felt bad if I didn’t give the money back. LOL YES! My whole day revolves around food!! ❤ ❤

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  2. I’ll do the same about the money. And I’m sorry about your eczema…I feel you. Have you apply any cream on the affected area? I know it’s not the best solution cuz skin tend to get thinner and darker soon (steroid-effect) but that’s all I have in mind now… Hope it will get better!

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    1. Yes, I always apply Coritzone & now I’m trying some cream by Aveeno. 😛 I just can’t stop scratching so it never goes away. Thank you for trying to help! ❤ ❤


  3. Ugh smelly guys (or girls!) are awful 😷
    Also, I know it sucks but I would’ve given the money back too. That’s good karma for you!

    My husband has eczema reallyyyyyy bad, but since it’s the summertime it’s completely cleared up (for now). I’m guessing all the time we spend in the sun has helped it go away. When his flare ups are really bad he uses this Cortizone-10 maximum strength eczema lotion. It’s in a red tube and you can get it at Walmart. I know it’s not a cure or anything but he says it does help soothe it.

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    1. They really are!! It just makes it so hard for me to do my job properly when I have to hold my breath at the same time LOL. I believe in karma, too, so that’s exactly what I am hoping. 😉 ❤

      My eczema has gotten worse since the summer! The sun really dries it out & makes it itchy. 😦 Yeah, I have used all the Cortizones… now I'm trying a similar Aveeno cream but I still itch it all the time so it won't go away. 😦 Thank you for your advice though!! ❤ ❤

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      1. Oh no that’s awful! I had definitely thought my husband’s would get worse during the summer too since the sun would be drying out his skin. That’s so strange that it’s having the opposite effect. I wish I had better advice for you 😭 I know having eczema can be so miserable during flare ups.

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        1. When I lived in less hot summers [Minnesota], my eczema acted up during the winter. Now it’s the opposite. 😦 Thanks for trying!! ❤ You're the sweetest!


  4. The air quality here is horrible too. Ugh!! I didn’t realize there was a warning out until AFTER I ran 10 miles outside haha. Woops. We can wear our facemasks together ❤

    You can never go wrong with a rotisserie chicken. It’s my go-to in the store when I need to grab something for hubs and we only have “sides” but not any protein & when I don’t have time to actually cook anything.

    That says sooo much about your character, girlie, that you didn’t keep the money. I know it would be so tempting to (especially after how awful those clients were!).

    Are you on any prescription lotion for your eczema? I have a friend who has it pretty bad, but the steroid cream they use seems to help a lot! So excited to read your next post. I haven’t had much time this week to read, but I am stoked to see you have a few up. Wooohhoo! Have a great weekend, love!


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    1. Lol I hope the necessary face masks to go outdoors doesn’t happen in our lifetime. 😭

      Rotisserie chicken is the best! It’s so cheap, plump, & delish everytime! ♡♡♡

      Thanks, babe! I just don’t think I’d feel so good if I took the $, ya know?

      & the doctor just told me to buy cortizone! I never wanted to go back just for them to tell me the same thing lol. I just get small patches but I fuck them up by scratching too much. 😭

      You’re the best ♡♡♡ hope you have a great weekend too!

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      1. YES, plump is the perfect word for those chickens hehe.

        ahhh I hope the cortizone helps!!! They have a higher prescription cortizone if the over the counter doesn’t do the trick- so maybe let him or her know if it doesn’t! ❤ ❤

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