The Best WP Posts I Read In July 2018

Hey all, welcome to the second edition of The Best WP Posts I Read! I tried to make the list a little shorter this time so I strayed away from posts falling under these categories: Favorites, Monthly/Weekly Updates, Coffee Chats, Journal Entries, Tags & Awards, Travel Diaries, OOTDs, MOTDs, HaulsWishlists, and Unboxings because honestly, I love when each and every one of you post any of the aforementioned and this list would be way too long if I included all of those I enjoyed throughout the entire month.

Instead, here’s a list of some other really entertaining posts I read in July 2018 that don’t fall under any of those categories:

Confessions of an Awkward Mess., Tattoo Update| Harry Potter Tattoo by Abby Uppington – In Confessions of an Awkward Mess. Abby shares some embarrassing and awkward moments in her life that seriously made me LOL (especially #3)! Then, in her tattoo update she shows us her and her man’s absolutely magical Harry Potter tattoos.

My First Ever Experience With A Medium, The Power of Vision Boards & Letting Go | Law of Attraction by Jennie at 50shad3s0fjayJennie walks us through and shares in detail with us her first ever experience with a medium, it’s incredibly fascinating. In The Power of Vision Boards & Letting Go, she proves that the Law of Attraction is real (I’ve always believed in it, too)!

The Dragon Fruit Drama, Turning It Around by Anthony at Today’s Perfect Moment – In The Dragon Fruit Drama, Anthony tries to make his mom try tofu and the role of mother and son are reversed, it’s too funny! And, in Turning It Around, he proves that there’s always rain before the rainbow.

4TH OF JULY COOKOUT FOR MY HAMSTER by Jamie at Don’t Give A Jam Jamie sets up a backyard BBQ for her hamster and it’s the cutest darn thing I ever saw.

Storytelling : Spooky Moments by Mich at Love, Emmitchell If you don’t believe in ghosts, read these actual events that occurred in Mich’s life and I bet you’ll change your mind.

My Pens Collection by liongsufeiblog I love a good collection and I’ve never seen such fancy, professional, and pretty pens before… wow!

Top Ten Tuesday – MTV When It Was Cool by Stella at Quite Simply… Stella Stella brings us down memory lane and reminds us of the best shows on MTV we all used to watch. Talk about nostalgia.

High school ruined me by Alicia at Live Pulchritudinously The title of her post says it all and I agree with her every word.

Yurt Years: By Rail to Missouri, Toronto by Library #21: Bloor-Gladstone Library by Todd at Serendipity, Encouraged – Todd’s brave little family lived in a yurt once, he tells us in great detail how they got to where their yurt would be located in the Yurt Years post and he also posted his 21st edition of Toronto by Library which, as always, I enjoyed tremendously.

Going Self-Hosted – Maybe It SHOULDN’T Be Your Goals by Mia at Beautiful, Inspiring, Creative . . . Life – I often see that bloggers have the goal of going self-hosted. Mia tells you the nitty gritty truth and everything else you need to know about doing it.

Food Shopping: Iraqi Food Market by Violetta at Violetta’s Food Journey – We get to go grocery shopping at an exotic market with Violetta where she introduces us to some yummy looking, unique snacks!

Story Time by Nicole at Nicole’s Niches Read this short and sweet story about Nicole’s Angel of a friend; it will warm your heart all the way down to your toes.

Saturday Lyft Day by Julie at Julie Cares  Julie tells us all about her passengers that she encounters while driving for the popular car service, Lyft! How could it not be interesting?!

A fishy tale!!… The one that got away! by Jad at Sensuality, Sex, and Something elseJad tells us her latest awful but, seriously hilarious online dating experiences.

Happy reading! I know you’ll enjoy the posts listed above as much as I did. ❤


38 thoughts on “The Best WP Posts I Read In July 2018

  1. These are some really great blogs!! Thanks to you, I now have a few new bloggers to follow. 😀 I especially ADORED that BBQ for the hamster, my goodness! I agree that it’s probably one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. This has completely made my day Hunida! You really are the best, thank you so much for mentioning me. I am now off to go and check out some of these posts because they sound fantastic! Thank you thank you thank you xx

    Liked by 1 person

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