Birchbox | July 2018


The design for this month’s box reminded me a little bit of frogs’ feet and a little bit of cacti. What do you guys think those are? I like the colors of everything and I love the abstract style.


This was my first month with Birchbox that I didn’t get a 6th *bonus* item! 😦

What Was In My Box?!

Theme: How To Hack Your Summer


Benefit Cosmetics
The POREfessional Face Primer

Birchbox Claims:

Prep your complexion with this oil-free primer, which minimizes pores while smoothing and protecting skin. Apply pre-makeup or wear alone to control shine.

My Review: I already received this in my May’18 Play! By Sephora so I’ll throw this one in the giveaway being held here on the 14th!!

Cruelty-Free?: No
Full-Sized Retail Value:
$31 (22 mL / .75 fl. oz.)


Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm

Birchbox Claims:

Hydrate hair and calm frizz with this lightweight styling cream. Work a small amount through damp strands, then style as desired.

My Review: This is also going into my giveaway. It must be really good since it is sold out on their website at the moment.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value?:
$25 (200 mL / 6.7 oz.)


City 24H Anti-Pollution Day & Night Moisturizing Emulsion

Birchbox Claims:

Formulated to fight the visible effects of pollution like dullness and dehydration, this moisturizer shields skin from environmental stressors while hydrating and brightening.

My Review: Love, love, love. Marcelle does it for me again. I first fell in love with their BB Cream and I started using that everyday. Now, I am in love with this and am also using it everyday. My face is bright and cheery every morning. It does take quite a bit of product to cover your whole face because it dries so quickly into your skin. There’s no fragrance whatsoever, which I LOVE. I would absolutely purchase the full-size.

Cruetly-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:
$24 (40 mL / 1.35 fl. oz.)


Makeup Magnet Wipes

Birchbox Claims:

These micellar water-infused face wipes gently remove makeup, oil, and grime from skin (even the sensitive eye area) without drying your complexion.

My Review: I don’t usually prefer using face wipes, I just feel like it’s nasty and I’m rubbing makeup all over my face more than getting it off (I know it’s not true). These wipes were really gentle on my eyes and eyelashes. They were also fragrance-free and soft. They didn’t leave weird cotton strings and they didn’t tug at my skin. I’ve not used too many makeup remover wipes in the past so I don’t have much to compare it to. It took like 4 or 5 wipes to completely wipe off my makeup but, obviously in the sample size, the wipes were really tiny. Fortunately, I see that in the full-sized package, the sheets are larger so you probably wouldn’t need as many.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:


Brow Liner in Medium

Birchbox Claims:

This waterproof brow liner fills in sparse spots and defines each hair to make arches appear naturally fuller. Apply using short strokes from the start of your brow moving outward.


My Review: LOL I almost didn’t want to post this because my eyebrows are horrendous. If you can’t tell, the eyebrow on the left in the photo above is the one I applied this liner to. It was light and subtle, almost like watercolor paint. It dried quickly and was easy to apply. My eyebrows are already pretty dark so I never color them in but the reason why I’m growing them out is because they were so patchy and uneven. I used this to try and fix those issues and I ended up liking how they turned out. I’m kind of scared of myself when I color my eyebrows in though so I doubt I’ll use this often.


Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:
— *I don’t know which one this is on the website?*

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19 thoughts on “Birchbox | July 2018

    1. Hahaha I think you’re right that they are supposed to be little cacti? 🤔 & I totally see why you’d go in with a cleanser after using wipes. The job just feels unfinished, right?!


    1. Ah yeah, it was alright! I’m glad you agree about the makeup wipes lol they just seem icky to me! & AWW, lovely?! Really? Thank you, I feel like they’re so patchy and hairy right now. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I liked that there was no fragrance but, face wipes are not my thing. 😛 & thank you lol I am scared of my eyebrows right now, they are so patchy and hairy. It is so hard not to touch them!


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