Journal Entry #122

August 03, 2018

Happy Friday!

Wednesday night at work was a total drag. I was sitting with a group, getting drunk on Grey Goose and cranberry juice because there was nothing else to do. I denied the offer to do ‘extra’ in the Fantasy Suites so I was given some money because they ‘understood that was not my thing’ but, basically, wanted me to go away lol. I was like whatever but internally, I was fuming with anger.

After they paid me off, I hung out with a customer that had SO much to talk about and nearly made me fall asleep and didn’t pay me close to enough for my time. I left after him — that was around 3 AM. I was going to go again last night but, I was like fuck it. I stayed home, caught up on my shows and blogging instead.

Boyfriend worked until like 9p and when he came home, he made us the most scrumptious dinner ever. We watched all of the episodes of Big Brother that we hadn’t seen yet and then one episode of Santa Clarita Diet before we went to bed.

Today, we woke up around noon because my menace of a cat, Benji, somehow knocked my box of nail polishes off my computer desk and they scattered everywhere. One cracked and made a mess over everything so we spent our morning wiping the floor, the still in-tact lacquer bottles, and our hands with nail polish remover.

We went back to bed for some canoodling. I read some posts on my Reader and boyfriend played the game on his phone. I decided it was time for a shower at a little before 5p.

I just hopped out and moisturized, we smoked a blunt while I replied to my lovely comments from you guys… then, I started typing this and boyfriend started on dinner. He’s in the kitchen now and I’m so so SO excited for this meal to be done!!

I think I might try to take some photos for that Rainbow Clothing Haul I’ve got scheduled? We’ll see what I end up doing.

I do know I have to go to work tonight and tomorrow night because my savings is dwindling. It should start picking up around here in the beginning of September so hopefully I can budget wisely until then.

As for this weekend? Ugh. Please, wish me luck.

Be safe and have fun, my loves. ❤



29 thoughts on “Journal Entry #122

  1. Work sounded kinda shitty eh? Hopefully it will be better the next time. And where are pictures of that scrumptious meal you mention? HAHA. Oh man is it just Benji that knocks things over or do all cats do that? Its kinda funny although such an annoyance! Looking forward to reading the clothing haul (: Oh man, best of luck with the weekends and I hope all goes well so you don’t have to be on a strict budget! (:

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    1. Yes it was so shitty at work on Wed. Last night was much better, thankfully! I am saving the photos of the meal for a Recipe Reviews post. 😄 LOL all cats are like that but out of my 3 my Benji is the naughtiest! Hope you’ll enjoy the clothing haul! Thanks so much for wishing me luck, Cordelia! Have an amazing rest of your weekend! ♡

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  2. Sorry work was rough, but good for you for standing by your choices! And cannot wait to see the Rainbow haul! My husband and I always do “Savings September” to be extra frugal- so I feel ya there. Summer is always a hard time for spending because there are sooo many fun things to do (and to eat, right?!). Time to buckle down for the both of us, hah. I hope you have a great weekend, gf! XO

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    1. Ah thank you. Even on the rough nights, I’d never be comfortable doing extras especially inside the club. 😛 How does your Savings September work?!

      Hope you’re having a good weekend too babe ♡

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      1. Basically we JUST buy necessities. So food (and the cheapest food possible)… try to cut back on eating out… don’t buy even little “extra” things like gum, starbucks, etc. And basically just try to save as much as possible. A month of total frugality! It worked pretty well in developing better habits last year. I’m excited to do it again!

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  3. Cats can be so mischevious sometimes! It probably doesn’t help now, but I remember reading that it helps to pour some sugar on nail polish spills. It’s supposed to soak up the polish so you can sweep it up.

    I totally know the feeling about having my savings dwindle 😩 this time of year is sooooo slow for us business-wise.

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    1. Hahaha they really are so sneaky and curious about everything! Thanks for the advice! Luckily the spill wasn’t too big!

      Ah, what is your business? Everything is extremely slow here in Vegas during the summer! It’s such a bore!

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      1. That’s so weird, I would’ve thought that more people would go to Vegas for the summertime? But then again it’s so hot 🤔 so maybe that’s why?

        And wedding photography! It’s wedding season everywhere else but the south rn. No one wants to get married in Texas in August lmao. Fuuuuck that. Business is usually busy in the fall and springtime.

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        1. Yeah, I think it’s too hot for most people here in the Summer. It’s gets up to 120 degrees someday.

          Is it because it’s too hot in Texas, too, that no one wants to have their weddings??

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          1. Oh my god that’s insanely hot 😱😱 at least it’s lot humid though.

            And yes that’s why! It’s just too hot so summer weddings aren’t as popular like they are up north.


  4. I hate talking to people I don’t know very well, so I would be annoyed if I sat there with a customer and they didn’t pay me enough. It seems like some of the people think they only really need to pay for dances and the talking is free. I know that when I am paying for a service, like getting my hair done or ordering delivery, I always try to tip based on how much of their time I am using up. So if it takes two hours to do my hair, I usually tip them what I make for two hours at my job.

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    1. It really is annoying to not be paid for my talking time. 😛 lol. That’s so kind of you to tip that much to your hairdresser! I usually do 20% of the cost of my service wherever I go. 😛

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  5. Hey there, beautiful!! Miss you so much!! I’ve had to wipe red nail polish of my floor and wall and it’s wasn’t pretty or fun. One of my greatest fears to this day, dropping one again. I really hope we can catch up soon. Love, Chey.

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    1. Hi Chey! I was honestly just thinking about you! I miss you so much tooo! ❤ UGH! That red nail polish fiasco sounds terrible… it is now one of my greatest fears for that to happen again too. I am just glad we do not have carpet!

      I hope everything's been going well for you!! ❤

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