Ipsy Glam Bag | July 2018


The bag this month was an icy blue, slippery material. I thought it was cute but, not particularly “July-ish.” It seems more fit for January or December?


The postcard was Independence Day color-schemed and always, super pointless.

What Was In My Bag?!


Scalp Revival™ Charcoal + Peppermint Oil Cooling Jelly Conditioner

Ipsy Claims:

It’s made with antioxidant-packed plant and fruit extracts and vitamin-rich oils that your scalp will soak right up. Coconut oil conditions and hydrates while a blend of peppermint, spearmint, and tea tree oils helps reduce itchiness, irritation, and balance your scalp’s pH levels. Binchotan charcoal absorbs excess oil and detoxes pores by drawing out dirt and impurities.

My Review: Ew, this really ruined my hair. I massaged it into my scalp like it instructed me to, knowing full well that my hair hates conditioner. It created and left over so much residue and build-up. It was disgusting. Also, it was weird to have a minty-feeling scalp.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:
$36 (8.0 oz.)


Lorac Cosmetics
Front Of The Line PRO Eye Pencil in Black

Ipsy Claims:

This creamy pencil glides on like a dream to create any eye look, from sharp lines to a super smudged-out smoky eye. Sensitive eyes? This baby is ophthalmologist tested and totally safe for contact lens wearing ipsters.


My Review: Ooo! I was starting to think regular, non-liquid eyeliners weren’t made anymore! How very exciting to finally receive one! I liked that it’s the twist up design so there’s need to sharpen it to get more product. The eyeliner is easy to use, glides on smoothly and very black — which I loved for my waterline. Too bad it started smudging underneath my eyes after only wearing it for an hour. In the photo above, my eye on the right is the only one with the colored in waterline.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: $20


La Beaute Fatale
Lipware in Vibrate

Ipsy Claims:

It’s very pigmented, which means one swipe is all you need for a playful vibrant lip look. The creamy formula is packed with vitamin E, which means it’s extra moisturizing and comfy.


My Review: The color of this lipstick was way more purple than it appears to be on my lips in the photo above. It was a really nice, unique shade. Unfortunately, I am not comfortable swatching lipsticks like this one on my arm because I don’t want to smoosh or crack it somehow. It was easy to apply and glided on smoothly, with lots of pigmentation at the first swipe. After wearing it for a little over an hour, the color was still there. It transferred onto my cup every time I took a sip but, it somehow never looked smudged or faded on my lips. It did, however, start to BURN after awhile. I was so sad to have to wipe it off… I wonder how long it could have lasted? Boyfriend said I had a pink tint to my lips in the morning still, too.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:


ella EDEN
Pressed Eyeshadow in Harmony

Ipsy Claims:

It goes on smooth, blends easily, and lasts for hours and hours. It’s super-buildable and won’t crease when you layer it on. We love it on our lids, but it gave us the prettiest peachy glow when we swirled it on our cheeks.


My Review: I was stoked to see a different color eyeshadow in a sub box besides gold for once! Ooh, how creamy, shimmery, and pretty this was! I wish that it showed up better in the photo. It was so glowy and easy to blend. It also didn’t take too much product to see some nice pigmentation. Loved it.

Full-Size Retail Value:
*their website won’t load on my phone nor my computer*


Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

Ipsy Claims:

This lightweight, oil-free formula hydrates your skin’s surface (and helps it stay hydrated) with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed cake, and barley and cucumber extracts. The light, gel texture feels so cool and refreshing. Not the least bit greasy!

My Review: This really is fragrance-free! No scent whatsoever which is amazing for those of us with sensitive skin. I loved that the consistency was almost liquid and that it was clear instead of opaque. It dried onto my skin instantaneously but, did leave some tackiness. A little goes a long way with this product — the first time I tried it, I used entirely too much. It kept my face hydrated throughout the entire day but after a shower the next afternoon, my skin hurt and thirsted for more of it which I didn’t like. It just isn’t as strong/effective as the moisturizers I prefer and I wouldn’t be surprised if it contains one of those “addicting” ingredients in it.

Cruelty-Free?: No
Full-Size Retail Value:
$29 (4.2 fl. oz.)

If you’d like to start receiving your own personalized glambag each month, you should consider using my referral link!: https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref&sid=link&refer=vmjvb.


27 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag | July 2018

  1. That bag looks so wintery to me too!!

    It’s a bummer that the majority of those products were more hype than they ended up being! That pink lipstick looks so great on you but I’ve had lip products that burned before and that is no fun at all!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. They all kinda seemed liked misses except maybe the eye shadow? AND yes a review on the new clinique moisturizer, I’d been contemplating if I should get it, but I guess probably not! Thanks for sharing the box! (:

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I think the July bag is so pretty! It’s my favorite shade of blue! I’m sad I didn’t get this one because my ipsy was still on hold. I’m getting the August bag, but it’s not as pretty. I do think this bag is somewhat summery because it’s like the color of swimming pools, but I also immediately thought of Winter first when I saw the bag.

    I thought that scalp conditioner looked interesting until I read your thoughts. I hate when products leave behind a lot of residue!

    Jeez, I feel like Ipsy is always sending out black eyeliners! Like how many eyeliners do you really need? That was starting to peeve me before I put my subscription on hold. At least you liked it though, but I still have so many that ipsy has sent me. Some I don’t even use. Now that I’m getting the glam bags again starting this month, I have no doubt that I’ll get another eyeliner sometime soon. I wish they would send out colored eyeliners, instead of just black.

    I love the color of that lipstick! Purple shades are so fun! That eyeshadow color is so pretty as well! It would probably look awful on me though, as pink shades don’t look that good on me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ooo, now that you say it reminds you of a swimming pool blue– it looks 100x more summery!

      That conditioner was disgusting!! & I feel like they always add a black eyeliner in ever bag, too. I’d LOVE some colored ones! How fun would that be?!

      I loved that lipstick, too! So sad it didn’t work out better. 😦 I bet the shadow would be super pretty on you!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. i’m surprised the briogeo product didn’t work out well for you, i’m usually amazed at their products, lol but no two products work the same for two people.
    and anyway, what the hell is that bag? LOL definitely more for the winter than for summer.. and i’m a little glad i cancelled ipsy, it’s so hit and miss with many products but i’m glad that you liked some too 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ah, it was not for me but, my hair is extremely picky & so annoying. 😛 LOL yeah, I thought the bag was so wintery, too. Britney pointed out that it could be like blue for the pool [or ocean, lake, etc.] & that made me feel like it was more summery.
      I like Ipsy. I feel like all 3 $10 boxes are pretty much the same – I getting all of ’em! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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