Journal Entry #121

August 01, 2018

Ah it seems like forever since I’ve written a journal entry but it hasn’t really been that long. I think the last time was on Saturday soo…

On Sunday, boyfriend went to work during the day. He got home around 4 or 5p. We decided to do Sushi Sunday. We went back to this new place nearby called Ono Sushi (we’ve only been once before) but, we mostly ordered appetizers this time instead of nigiri and rolls.


It was a lot busier in there than last time so I’m guessing they are doing good with business yet, they still only had one waitress who was really good but definitely looked like a chicken with her head cut off the whole time. I felt bad for her.


Boyfriend was “yelling” at me for taking photos of him but really you know he was posing for the camera. ;D LOL.


Their Poke Tacos and Poke Nachos (not pictured) are to die for and the main reasons why we went back. I had two scoops of freakin’ awesome Lychee Sorbet for dessert and boyfriend had an Affogato and a scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream. I’m really getting much better at avoiding dairy because I don’t want to deal with the consequences anymore. I’ve experienced how good I can feel when I don’t consume it lol.

I honestly can’t remember what we did after sushi. Probably just came home and watched TV. On Monday and Tuesday boyfriend worked all day — he started at 3p and didn’t get home until after 10p both nights. I stayed home and did nothing but read. I finished all of the episodes of Recovery Road and started watching The Bold Type. Boyfriend and I also started watching a new show together, the Santa Clarita Diet or something like that. The Netflix one with Drew Barrymore in it; it’s hilarious so far.

Anywho, boyfriend had requested the weekend off for his Family Reunion in Minnesota that he was gonna go to but plans changed (thankfully for me) but, now he has a ton of days off. He was able to pick up one shift so far but he’ll prob end up picking up a few more next week.

I am so excited to see School of Rock on the 7th! I checked to see if the seat next to mine was available for boyfriend but it’s already been bought! There are only seats available a few rows behind me and that would be lame so I guess I’ll just be dropped off and enjoy it alone.

I am done testing out all of my Ipsy and Birchbox products so I should have my unboxing & review posts for those up very, very soon! Keep an eye out for those, if you’re interested.

Today, boyfriend had the day off so we went grocery shopping, he made dinner, we ate, we watched half of Big Brother episode 15, and then went to get our iced espressos from Starbucks. I started typing this when weΒ  got home and now I’ll go get ready for work. πŸ˜›



33 thoughts on “Journal Entry #121

  1. I haven’t watched Santa Clarita Diet yet, but I definitely want to! I tend to just watch one or two shows at a time though because if I start too many, I feel like I can’t keep up. lol I’m hoping to get to it soon though.

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    1. We’ve only watched 4 or 5 episodes so far & I was laughing my head off lol. I like it a lot. I know what you mean about feeling like you can’t keep up if you start too many shows at one time! I am currently watching like 4 different shows & two of them only come out with episodes on certain days of the week, it’s so hard lol.

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  2. Oh my gosh that food! My mouth is drooling! I LOVE sushi! It is SOOO good and that place looks divine! I love the Bold Type it is SO good! And yay I am so excited for you to see School of Rock. It is SO good! I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. I KNOW! Sushi is the best, right?! MMM. ❀ I don't know how so many people hate it! Oh I'm glad to hear you like The Bold Type! I only watched one episode so far & I liked it, can't wait to see the rest now. πŸ˜€ & I am beyond excited for School of Rock, too! YAY! ❀


  3. The seating thing was always a problem with mine too! I always got the subscription by myself and then would have to move back to get another seat with someone else. Or if it was a last minute person and not enough time for the ticket to be mailed I’d just buy one at the window and the person would be in an entire section behind me. Wish they had an option to buy extra before the seats were assigned for specific shows though!

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    1. Oh yay! So excited to keep watching the show then. πŸ˜€ I love Drew Barrymore, I think she plays the same kind of silly roles all of the time though because that’s how she acts in real life so she barely has to act, you know? I totally get what you mean!

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      1. Yeah girl it gets really good! Me and Skyler binge watched it until we finished it. And yeah I totally get what you mean, I think it’s because she has such a soft sounding voice lol. I really do like her though, I think her characters DO tend to be pretty similar.

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  4. haha, he doesn’t seem tooo mad about the camera on him lol! Oooo everything you ordered looks delicious! I just heard of an Afogato! My Aunt says theyre tremendous . I still need to try. What is Recovery Road about?! Eeek so jealous you guys are going to that show! Can’t wait to hear allll about it.

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    1. Hahaha oh I know he loves the camera on him. πŸ˜‰ Affogatos are SOOO delish!! Hope you get to try one someday soon! ❀

      Recovery Road is about this girl who gets caught with alcohol in her locker so she gets sent to a sober house instead of getting expelled. There's only 1 season & it ends on a cliffhanger but there will be no season 2! 😦 Can't wait to tell you all about the show! ❀

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