In June, I was nominated by the lovely Cordelia at Purple Palace. Thank you, beautiful! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and press her name and it will lead you there.

She didn’t list any rules in her post so I won’t either. I did receive a set of questions that I’m eager to answer though, so here I go. Are you ready?

Cordelia’s Questions

  • Would you rather be able to teleport but become genetically mutated (e.g. a missing limb, higher IQ, become taller, autoimmune disease) after each event or be able to read minds but the more people are around you the more pain and stress you feel (e.g. concerts, big malls, airports would render you unconscious)? Why?

Oh gosh, what a tough and interesting question. If you’re reading this, please answer this in my comments. I wanna know what everyone else would choose.
I pick being able to read minds… maybe because I’m shallow. I don’t want to be missing a limb or anything else like that.

  • One thing that happens in the world you cannot wrap your head around.

Animal abuse and abandonment. Why??? Please stop it!!!

  • What is your favorite food?

Ugh. So hard to pick just one thing! It really depends on my mood. For now… I’m gonna go with snow crab legs.

  • What is the most important thing you have learned in 2018?

Health insurance is a waste.

  • What is your favorite show of all time?

For a show that runs an hour long, I choose One Tree Hill and for a show that runs for half an hour, I choose Boy Meets World.

  • What do you love about yourself?

Everything?! Mwahah. ;D
Oh, do I have to choose only ONE thing? Well, fine… how about my ability to make others comfortable when they’re nervous or shy? Yeah, let’s go with that. 🙂

  • Give your best piece of advice.

Love yourself and choose yourself above others, always always always.

There were no rules, so that’s that! Thanks again, Cordelia, for the nomination!


Featured Image by Marko Blažević

43 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #5

    1. Aww thanks for taking the time to read through my answers. ♡ I’m glad you agree about the mind reading! I think large groups of people would be easily avoided!


  1. Love that advice.

    To answer the first question… I think I would pick mind reading. The idea of getting additional autoimmune diseases or losing limbs each time I teleported doesn’t seem favorable

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  2. Love your advice! We really have to love and choose (and accept) ourselves first and foremost. A lot of people take this for granted and try to find it from somebody else. Why would you think healthcare insurance is a waste?

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      1. That makes total sense! That’s also my experience. I had to “wait” 23 years before meeting the love of my life. At that point I was already in love with myself and I knew what kind of guy I wanted.

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  3. ooooh this was an interesting read girl! Personally, I would choose the genetic mutation and just never teleport unless it was like a plane-crash type emergency. Reading minds would be absolutely horrific and I LIVE for live music and festivals so definitely need to be able to go to them 🙂

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    1. Thanks babe!! You make a such a good point about not using the teleporting powers unless you absolutely needed to but I’d feel so tempted! It would be horrible to be rendered unconscious just by going out to do things you love, too though. I wonder if you could turn off the mind reading whenever you wanted lol.


  4. YAYY you finally posted! Snow crab legs wow that sounds extravagant af mmmm! Curious, why do you say health insurance is a waste? And I love your positivity about yourself and the advice you give to put yourself first! Maybe you can do a post discussing how you learned to love yourself because I would really like to know! I still find it hard trying to be ok with who I am or how I look like etc!

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    1. Ah, so sorry it took me forever! ♡ Thanks again for thinking of me for your nominations!

      You’ve not tried snow crab legs before?! I hope you get to someday soon!! & I just feel that health insurance makes you pay too much & barely takes care of you when you need them to. We should all have free healthcare like Canada lol.

      I swear I had written a post long ago about loving my body and myself but I just searched my whole blog & couldn’t find anything. You are beautiful, Cordelia! I wish you knew that! ♡

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      1. Its alright!!! Oh man, yesss especially considering all the taxes and incomes taxes we pay urghh. Awww thank you so much hunida! You’re the sweetest! ❤

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  5. I love your answers Hunida. I would choose the teleport one, and cheat by not teleporting anywhere 😉 because I don’t think I could deal with being rendered uncoscious so much because I’m always in busy areas like shopping centres etc. What an interesting question!
    Yes girl! Self love is everything! Preach ❤️

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    1. Hahah yeah that’s really smart! There’s no reason to teleport if you get all fucked up afterwards lol I just think I’d be so tempted & I really wanna have a superpower so that’s why I’d go with the mind reading. I wonder if shopping malls would be enough people to render the mindreader unconscious!? I have so many questions for the question LOL.

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      1. I literally just thought of it as I answered. Exactly! I’ll just take a flight 😂 unless you got to choose the malfunction like if it was lose an ear maybe it would be worth it because one ear missing wouldn’t be too bad, but only if you could choose 😂 a superpower would be amazing! I feel like malls are so busy they would be! Imagine! It would be cool to read minds though wouldn’t it! I’d love to be a vampire 😂

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  6. There’s an hour of mine who owns a big dog, hes constantly yelling at the dog and I feel like it’s verbal abuse lol. I’m sure the dog is fine but still, dogs don’t understand. And when it barks the lady next door is always telling it to shut up as if the fucking dog understands 😂😂😂
    Anyway good answers, health insurance is indeed a waste and a way to take more money out of our pockets.
    I have a hard time with “loving myself” cause I’m so flawed lol. But I’m trying to be more positive (easier said than done) and i also started a gratitude log that I write in every night, to help me feel more grateful about the smaller things. So far so good.. my moods are still ever changing but less intense lol.
    And….to answer your question, I wouldn’t mind being able to read minds but then I think that’d be annoying after a while lol. I’m already stressed enough all day every day so maybe I’ll choose to teleport. I’d have the ability to go places I’ve never been to and I’m sure whatever illness or injury I would have, I can overcome it and still enjoy life lol.

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    1. I think that dogs do understand they’re being yelled at even if they don’t know what for so I agree! That’s totally verbal abuse. Poor doggie. 😦 He probably does worse things to that dog when you can’t see!
      Yes! I’m glad you agree with health insurance being a waste! It’s so fake.
      Aw, Rossy. Everyone is flawed! Love yourself AND your flaws. You’re so unique & wonderful, why be down on yourself when you are all you’ve got?!? I get down a lot & my mood is ever-changing, too though. I know the feeling. That’s awesome that you’re keeping a gratitude log & working on being more positive. ❤ ❤
      I feel like the whole mind-reading thing should be able to be turned on & off at our own will. So like if we were going to the mall, we could just turn it off for a bit? No one wants to hear other people's thoughts all the time! I get annoyed of my own!

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      1. I hope he doesn’t because I wouldn’t mind calling animal control right away. He’s the same neighbor that went into another neighbor’s home to grab their puppies only because they weren’t home and the puppies were whining. Usually they just want attention but the guy was like enraged like “omg they left them alone” blah blah blah, and went to their patio and just took the puppies as if they were being mistreated or neglected. That particular day every one happened to be away from home but still. Tf, why not ask first you know? Kay, rant over.. As you can see, I don’t really like my neighbors very much.. They’re… they seem racists to us, that’s all.. A lot has happened in the past year.. K, NOW I’m done lol.
        Aww girl you literally made me tear up! :’) Thank you! It’s hard to see that in ourselves though. I’ve realized that I’m a pretty negative person and I have been trying to figure out why, and I still don’t know what it is, but loads of things have happened in my lifetime that I can almost bet it’s everything lol. But yes, the gratitude log has been helping and I’m more mindful about when I do things or say things and I ultimately want to be a better mom. I yell a lot sometimes, at Ciel when he doesn’t listen, and yes he’s kid, a difficult one, but still, I want to be better for him, and I want him to remember me being happy too because I feel like I’m very miserable most of the time. Omg how did we get here..
        Yes, I get annoyed at my own thoughts too, it’s pretty dark in there lol I need a flashlight xD

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        1. Ugh! Bad neighbors are the worst & hey, honestly, if you feel like they are racists — you’re more than likely correct. You live in a house though right? If it was an apartment, I’d complain to the manager about his yelling because I’m petty hahaha. 😂 Sorry you have to live by him! He sounds horrible.

          I wish I could shake you & show you how wonderful you are. I often think negatively about situations & myself, too & can’t even force myself to move on those days. I’m not loving myself all the time everyday but I’ve had days where I do & those are my best & favorite days so that’s why I put it as my #1 piece of advice. I’ve also put others before myself so many times BECAUSE I didn’t love myself so I know that’s def not the way to go either lol. You have such a cute, loving family & an amazing life, babe. I wish I could steal away your misery. ♡

          P.S. you can always rant to me. I don’t mind at all! ♡♡♡♡

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          1. We live in a mobile home, so technically we can’t complain, although my neighbors already have due to some incident that happened, actually like two, and I think the property manager has sent another neighbor letters so she kind of stopped coming around. Long story, but we put up signs that we have security cameras (we don’t) but she doesn’t come around anymore lol. It’s a battle with these neighbors but everyone else on our side and the other side is fucking chill lol.
            STAAAAHHHPPPPP!!!! ❤ :') thanks doll! I'm definitely trying my best, like I said, I'm the farthest from perfect, and I can totally admit that, but I do want to be better. I will be better. I like being happy and feeling happy and confident, but I also keep in mind that I can't have my highest highs without my lowest lows. Life's a balance and that balance tips over negatively far more than it does positively. But thank you doll! You're the best! ❤ xx

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