July 26, 2018

I’m sure no one noticed but, if you did, I’m sorry that I didn’t post for the past few days. I know I had a different post scheduled for today– not this journal entry but, I’ll try to fit it in sometime next month instead? Along with the other post I missed.

Monday night at work was rather boring. I made a profit, luckily, but it wasn’t much and it was slow. Same thing with Tuesday night. I should never complain though because it was definitely better than nothing.

After work on Tuesday, boyfriend and I went out for a drink together at Starboard Tack. They had a whole new menu that didn’t include my favorite grapefruit cinnamon cocktail. I was very sad.

We immediately conked out when we got home.

I decided to take the day off yesterday and boyfriend had the day off, too. We didn’t really do much. We caught up on Big Brother, we were behind by 3 episodes! I can’t wait for the episode that plays tonight.

We also went to Sonic for some slushes! Boyfriend ordered a large strawberry one with Nerds candies and I ordered a medium one with strawberries, lemon, and Jolly Rancher candies… we even confirmed our order at the window but the bitch put NO candies in either of our drinks and I’m 99% positive she didn’t put lemons in mine!!


Then we drove to Inyo, the weed dispensary and picked up our usual amount.

We came home and watched the movie Room on Netflix. I read the book earlier this year (or maybe it was the ending of last year) and I really loved it. I thought the movie was a pretty great adaptation of it. I think I have watched enough movies to post yet another one of those movie reviews now.

I am reading this book called Twenty Boy Summer, I like it so far but I haven’t read much. I tried reading Girl, Interrupted but having already seen the movie a few times, I was bored and obviously skimming over words. I just stopped reading it because I didn’t want to waste my time anymore. Then, I tried to read The Bell Jar which was alright, I felt myself getting into it here and there but each time I went back to it, I was kind of dreading picking it up? So I quit halfway through and went for a kind of light-hearted, heavy topic, YA novel. I am determined to finish this book and not DNF it like the past two.

Today, we woke up pretty early around 11a. I guess because we went to bed kind of early (for us) around 1a. We both had tummy aches but we can’t think of why… we didn’t eat anything spicy or cheesy last night? Hmm…

I read some blogs on my Reader for awhile then, I wrote up our grocery list. I had found the 3 recipes before bed last night. I did realize that one of the recipes I wanted to try asked us to buy tapioca flour and almond flour… we knew that they’d be expensive and that we’d prob never use ’em again, so I had to find a different recipe to replace that one. Once I finished that up, I took a shower and so did boyfriend. He did the dishes and then, off we went to Smith’s. We didn’t buy too many snacks because I have a whole box of them from my Vegan Cuts snack box so we did a pretty good job with how much we spent this time. Yay!

When we came home, we smoked a blunt before boyfriend started on dinner. I read some blogs while he cooked and then we ate in front of an episode of Black Mirror. We didn’t finish it because I wanted to go to Starbucks and get my vanilla frapp!!


They offered us a free strawberry frapp and a free caramel frapp. I couldn’t accept because they were made with cow’s milk but, boyfriend accepted the strawberry one. I had tried it before with 3 shots of espresso and it was pretty nasty. Boyfriend said this one was way better (made normally)– I didn’t try it myself.


I actually think Black Mirror is a little boring. It’s def interesting but I’m just not really interested in watching any more episodes.

Anywho, we just got back from Starbucks right when I started typing this. We’re smoking a blunt now and I think I plan on writing up posts and trying out some things from my sub boxes for the rest of the night.

Have a nice weekend, my loves!! ❤



46 thoughts on “Journal Entry #119

  1. Glad to hear you made a profit at work Hunida! That’s always exciting even though you said it was a little boring, at least you made a profit. I started reading a book a few weeks ago that I just had to put down because I couldn’t get into it, like you say, there’s just no point wasting time reading a book if you’re not enjoying it. I haven’t seen Black Mirror but I see it mentioned everywhere. I probably won’t watch it especially if you’re not keen! Excited for your next movie review blog post!

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    1. Thank you, babe! I totally shouldn’t complain but it does get boring waiting around for customers to show up. But you’re right at least I was able to find someone to help me make a profit. ;D

      Which book was it that you had to put down? Yeah, I’ve really forced myself to read so many books that I just didn’t like from the beginning & have just hated myself for wasting my time so now I know to just put it away, there are so many better books to read!

      Oh pheeew! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that hadn’t watched all of Black Mirror yet. It’s just all about how technology can take over the world. It’s a bit too sci-fi-y for me, you know?! A LOT of other folks really enjoy it though!!

      I hope you’ll like my new movie review post. I think it won’t be going up until the beginning of next month. 😉 ❤ ❤ Thanks for reading & commenting, Jennie! You always brighten my day!!!

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      1. You’re welcome. It’s hard not to complain when things are boring, there’s absolutely nothing worse than being bored at work. At least it wasn’t all bad
        Oh interesting. That sounds like the type of TV show that would just drag, like be really slow moving. I don’t think I will watch it. Does your boyfriend enjoy it?
        I’m excited. I love your movie reviews! I look forward to it. You’re so welcome hun! I love your blog x

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        1. Yes, you’re right, I have to remember there are more boring-er jobs out there lol.
          Yeah def, I think it’s pretty slow moving & the characters change every episode so there’s no connection for me. I think boyfriend enjoys the show more than I do, for sure. 😛
          You’re the best, babe! Thank you!! ❤ ❤

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  2. I was dying to try that Strawberry frapp but couldn’t because they were always out of stock when I get off form work or after lunch time. 😦 Now I have to wait until next year because they change flavors every month here in Japan. They have peach this month.

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  3. Ugh I hate it when the change the menu with PERSONALLY informing me haha.
    Two years ago we were on vacation in Canada and there was a delicious menu in a restaurant. Last year we went again and I was looking most forward going to that restaurant, but then they changed the entire menu. GRRR.

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  4. A slushy sounds so good right now, lol. 🤣 I read Twenty Boy Summer and it wasn’t what I thought it would be. Just didn’t have enough substance if I remember correctly. I hope you and up enjoying it in the end. ❤ Great post!

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    1. Ooh man, I always love a slushy but especially in the summer. 😄 Dang, I’m only 22% through with Twenty Boy Summer– nothing juicy yet but not boring either. I hope I like it, I’m worried now! Thanks so much for reading & commenting.♡


  5. ahh that is the worst when you want a certain drink and they don’t have it! Nothing like a trip (or ten ;p) to starbucks! I am GF so I get how expensive the flours are. But almond is one of my favorites to bake with! It makes everything so much tastier. 🙂 I hope you have an amazing week! ❤

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    1. Yeah!! It’s also like I know they know what I’m talking about & more than likely have the ingredients so why not just make it?! Lol. I think I’m addicted to Starbucks, for real. 😂 & okay, maybe it would be worth it for us to invest in some almond flour then! Thank you! ♡


  6. I have yet to watch “Room” because the book was so intense, I think I’d probably cry with the movie, lol. It just pulled on my heartstrings so much! You’re like the third person who has said it’s really good, though, so I probably should watch it. 😉

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  7. Is it weird that I love your honesty about smoking weed? I think the whole cannabis aspect has been the biggest mind blow for me since moving to the states as it’s not legal AT ALL in the UK, not even medically!
    My hubby has owned a dispensary in the past and before I got pregnant I would smoke with him. The attitude towards smoking out here appears so different, not sure whether it differs state to state but I get so interested around the whole topic 😂🙈 xxx

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    1. Hahah awwe, I like to be honest. Glad you appreciate it. 🙂 The UK needs to catch up lol! Hopefully it’ll be legal recreationally everywhere someday soon like it is here in Vegas!!

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  8. Mmm your vanilla frapp looks mouth watering. I’ve never been to Sonic before, although we do have one here. Nerds is my favorite candy, so that sounds like a yummy drink. Can’t believe they forgot the candies though! I hate when food/drinks gets screwed up.

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    1. Sonic was my first job haha. 😛 I love the slushes so much, when I first started they didn’t have the Nerds or any other candies. They’re such a fun addition to the drinks!! I was so sad we didn’t get any in oures. 😦 Especially since we were charged extra for it, too. It’s so annoying when things get messed up because I never know if it’s worth it to go back.

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  9. That person at sonic sounds kind of rude. Then again, there’s people like that everywhere. But now that you mention the drink, I can’t imagine drinking something like that, it sounds like so much sugar lol. I’m sure it’s tasty though.
    And curious, how often do you just drop books because you’re bored by them? So far I haven’t come across many that I’m like “no thanks”, maybe one? Lol. But I ended up reading it all the way through anyway haha
    And….I was going to say something else… oh yeah, that Starbucks strawberry drink doesn’t look that good lol. I don’t really associate coffee with strawberries, sounds a little 🤮 🤣🤣
    And…. black mirror…never seen it, everyone talks about, I’ve read the little description, it sounded interesting. Everyone talks about how good it is, we’ll see when I finally watch it lol.

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    1. I don’t even think she was rude, I just think she was an IDIOT! LOL. Oh the drink is definitely extra sugary & sweet but I can’t help but love ’em! ❤
      I try so hard not to drop books & I've read so many through until the end & I have wound up completely disappointed so I'm starting to just drop them right away if I'm not excited to pick it back up again after like 40%.
      I used to really like making this coffee strawberry & oreo milkshake when I worked at Sonic & it was good but I think the strawberry frapp at Starbucks doesn't even have espresso or coffee in it in the first place so that's why it tasted crappy when I added 3 shots of espresso in it. 😛
      Ah yeah Black Mirror was just a little too repetitive for me. You & Alex might like it though? 😛 Let me know what you think if you ever get to it!

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      1. Yeah that makes sense. I would probably do the same if I didn’t like the books. You’re just wasting your time with them I’d say when you could be reading much more interesting material haha
        Oh okay I see. The only drinks we get some Starbucks is the coffee frapp, vanilla bean and the strawberry milkshake lol.
        Will do. I keep telling him we should watch it and it’s even in my list, I just have to find the time to watch it. Would you believe me if I told you we really haven’t watched TV in like a week or two? LOL

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        1. Right?! Sometimes I just wanna get through the book because other people have said such good things about it but with the Bell Jar & Girl, Interrupted… I just couldn’t. I wanted to stop reading a couple John Green novels too but didn’t because they were so hyped up. Biggest wastes of my time ever!
          It seems like one you two would like, would love to hear your thoughts on it (& his) if you do give it a shot. I totally believe you, sometimes TV is so boring to me. I’d rather read. 😝

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          1. Yeah I know what you mean. So from John Green I’ve read…. Turtles All The Way Down, and The Fault In Our Stars, what other books do you recommend by him? I remembered you mentioned…. uhm shoot… I know Alaska is in the name lol…. Looking for Alaska. Any other you’d recommend either by John Green or other authors?

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            1. Yesss… the only one I recommend by him that I’ve read is Looking For Alaska. It’s so different from the others & extremely beautiful.

              & if you like John Green’s writing, like I do, just not his stories… you should read a novel by Matthew Quick of your choosing. I’ve read a few & absolutely adored them all. ♡ Hope you’ll enjoy his novels as much as I do! ♡

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