July 23, 2018

Ohhhh it feels good to be going to work again, finally. I have to make this post short and sweet because we’re smoking the blunt right now and I want to be done with this and ready to go by the time it’s done.

I last wrote on Friday sooo… I’ll start recapping from Saturday since I really can’t even remember what I ended up doing Friday night after posting my Journal Entry… probs nothing, like usual.

On Saturday, boyfriend went to work super early because they had a meeting at his work. He stayed over there when it was over until his shift started because it wasn’t worth it for him to drive home and have to go back right away.

An hour after his shift started, he texted me saying he was being sent home and then called me to explain why! I guess when he was using the restroom, he was trying to be fast and get back to work, but there was a line of people waiting to wash their hands so he walked out of the restroom to use the sink in the back… a customer followed him out and told him he needed to wash his hands… he told the customer that that’s exactly where he was on his way to, and the customer acted like “ok, cool” and left him alone.

Not too long after, the manager pulls boyfriend aside and asks him why he didn’t wash his hands and sent him home even though he explained to her that he DID. He didn’t touch any food or drinks before washing his hands!! We were both completely baffled. When he went back yesterday, they just gave him an “action log” or some shit. How fucking annoying. The customer obviously told management just to get a free meal.

Anywho, that was fine with me because boyfriend got to come home and cook dinner for us. πŸ˜€ I had my posts scheduled for this day, so I didn’t hop on the blog to write at all. We just watched a lot of TV together and went to bed a little early.

Sunday, boyfriend worked during the day and came home around 4p. I am having a hard time remembering anything because I feel a lot of pressure to wrap this post up since the blunt is on its last leg lol.

Ummm… I’ve started a new book and a new show. Am caught up with Harlots but, not Big Brother.

I also baked Sweet Loren’s choco chip cookies one night. They turned out so perfect!!! Thanks again to Carly at Caffeinated Carly for introducing me to these dairy-free goodies!!!


It must’ve been Saturday night because last night I used the cookie as the chocolate for a S’More, I also spread almond butter on the graham cracker to stick the cookie on. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!


Boyfriend saw MGK while he was driving today, you guys!!! He didn’t take a fucking picture but he said he saw him in a car and he IS actually here in Las Vegas so I think it was him hahahha. I AM SO JEALOUS. Even more jealous than when he saw T.I.

I am getting anxiety about typing still and boyfriend being loud and excited about his sighting lolol I gotta go. Sorry for the abrupt ending!

Goodnight! Wish me luck for my first night back at work!! ❀


35 thoughts on “Journal Entry #118

  1. Yummy cookies! I would be worried if an employee didn’t wash their hands too but not enough to go whine to management. That’s ridiculous. Especially since he just went to a less busy sink!

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    1. I know, I told my boyfriend the same thing… like I totally understand the man’s concern but he really was going to wash his hands… πŸ˜› if he wanted to tell management, why did he even go up to boyfriend and act all cool??

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  2. What a customer! I’d probably be concerned too but not too concerned, if you know what I mean πŸ˜› Those cookies look good. I’m just practicing my baking and so far, I’ve burnt my cookies twice lol

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    1. Yeah I see why he was concerned but it’s not like boyfriend touched his food or anything!! πŸ˜› Stupid guy lol.

      They were those pre-made cookies you buy from the fridge at the grocery store… they tell you how long to bake ’em & I’ve also burnt them in the past LOL. Baking is the hardest.

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    1. I meant to link you but I was in a rush rush rush!! πŸ˜› They’re so yummy. The first time I tried them, I must not have baked them right because this time, they were phenomenal.

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  3. The same thing happened to one of my coworkers (except she didn’t get sent home or written up)! She was in the bathroom making a quick phone call (quietest place in a restaurant) and right as she hung up, a guest walked in and my coworker didn’t use the bathroom, so she left without washing her hands. As she was leaving, the guest asked her “aren’t you going to wash your hands?” thinking she went to the bathroom and my coworker explained to her that she was just making a phone call and it was quiet enough for her to hear in the bathroom. The guest clearly didn’t believe her and brought it up to my manager, who knew my coworker was in there making a phone call, so to diffuse the situation, she just made my coworker wash her hands in the kitchen sink in guest view (open kitchen concept) so we wouldn’t get a horrible “your employees don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom” review. Seriously, guests will do ANYTHING to get comps, coupons, or a place shut down.

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    1. That’s so annoying! It’s so sad how far some customers go to get freebies & what not. They don’t even care if they make someone lose their job! I’m glad the manager was on your colleague’s side & did not get her in trouble. I wish my boyfriend’s manager would have believed him as well! Thanks for sharing your story with me! β™‘

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  4. I hope your first night back at work went well Hunida. How rude of that customer to complain. Even if I have really poor customer service I don’t see the point in complaining, because maybe that person is having a really bad day, who am I to potentially put them in a position where they could potentially lose their job? We are all human! And your boyfriend explained what he was going to do anyway! Honestly! Never mind hey. And those cookies look delicious 😍 I’m hungry now!

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    1. Thank you so much, Jennie! My first night back at work was kinda blah though. 😝 & yes, exactly!! Even if I hate my food, I’ll rarely return it. I never want to get anyone in trouble or possibly make them lose their job! The cookies were fantastic, I wish I could have shared ’em with you!! β™‘

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      1. You’re welcome! I know I just read your next journal! I guess the first night back always is! Exactly! What is there to gain from that? It’s just unnecesary in my opinion! Omg please, I wish! Cookies are so yummy!

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  5. I missed you so much girl! I’m currently going through your blog again to try to read some of your posts. Those cookies look amazing I cannot believe they’re dairy free! And I have no idea who MGK is? Lol.

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    1. I missed you more!! ❀ So glad you're back, Rossy!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read & comment on my blog. ❀ ❀

      Yeah! The cookies are by Sweet Loren's, they're prob at your regular grocery store by the other pre-made cookies! You should try 'em! πŸ˜€ & ah it's Machine Gun Kelly, he's a rapper. But it was a false sighting anyhow LOL.

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      1. I hope I remember to look for them next time I’m in the grocery store πŸ™‚ LOL
        Ahhh okay lol. I still don’t think I’ve ever heard of his music but I have heard his name getting mentioned here and there.

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        1. I hope so too! I think Ciel will even enjoy them. πŸ˜„ & do you remember the song Wild Boy? & Bad Things with Camilla Cabello? Those were his most popular hits but I’m really a fan of his older stuff that he’s kind of strayed away from now. He’s not that popular & is turning into a bit of a sell-out.

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          1. Soooo, I didn’t see them at Fred Meyer yesterday, so I wonder if maybe an actual natural grocery store will have them. :/
            Annnddd…. no? LOL Sorry, if they’re newish songs, mainstream, I’m not familiar with them lol. Oh that sucks but I feel like a lot of those rappers tend to be really good at the beginning and then they just sell-out. Sad really that they forget how well the old stuff was working for them. Then again, if they sign onto a major label, they’re kind of forced to change.. I’ve seen conspiracy theories and it’s all kind of sad but who knows if it’s true lol.

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            1. Aww that’s a bummer!!! I was hoping you’d be able to find them. 😭

              Yes they’re totally mainstream songs lol. & I know what you mean about how they have to change but it just sucks. πŸ˜›

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