My Past: Snippets From My Ecstasy Story

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you might remember my past posts:

In the same private diary I extracted snippets from for those three posts listed above, I had also written a little entry all about my first time trying Ecstasy.

In my Snippets From My Meth Story post, I had completely bleeped out the names with asterisks (*). I received comments saying that that was confusing so this time around I will be erasing names and making up random ones for each person, I hope it will make more sense this way.

This isn’t the whole story but, here are some snippets from it. Enjoy!

**No edits were made besides the changing of all names — of people and places.**

Slang Terms Used:
Rolling = being high on Ecstasy
Rolls = physical Ecstasy pills

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“Well the first time i did ecstasy was sophomore year, so i was 15 years old. i think we did on halloween or the weekend of halloween.”

“They had stolen all of these things from the mall for the night, soft fuzzy shit and the rohto eye drops that burn your eyes.”

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

“She pulled out the pills, they were small, round yellow pills with the Paul Frank monkey on them.”

“they did what we call “parachuting”. they crushed the pills and wrapped them in a tiny bit of toilet paper and drank it down with water. it was mine and my boyfriend’s first time, and the three of them had done it numerous times by then. so considering that, i decided to swallow the pill whole. like you would pop an advil or something and they said that was fine and i’d get high either way.”

“They had brought with them so many different outfits to change into, all fabric like we’d call and still do call “ecstasy material”.”

Photo by Louis Amal

“i hadn’t started feeling anything so i was kind of shy and confused. Usually how i am when i’m sober.”

“*Clarence* had set up his basement and house perfectly for the night. He had all the light bulbs changed to purple ones to make sure that if anyone turned on the lights it would still be dark because nothing kills a high more than bright lights.”

“Our favorite song of the night and that can sometimes still make me freak out is Pon de Floor by major lazer.”

“The first thing that comes to my mind is *Jade* and i were making out in the bedroom and i was really loving it. Like i absolutely loved it and i had never kissed a girl in my life.”

Photo by Tim Mossholder

“The five of us and the three of them taught us all the fun shit to do while rolling. Like holding our whole body into like a fetal position and tightening every muscle and then letting go, to make us feel the ecstasy run through our veins.”

“Other things i found to feel amazing was brushing my teeth and hair, letting Jade put on make up for me…especially blush and mascara. putting on chapstick.”

“*Miles* started feeling it before the other two and he was clenching his fist and teeth so hard, it was kind of a scary sight. I was rolling though, so i was used to that cuz i understood why he was doing it. But i’m sure anyone who was sober would probably be scared as fuck.”

Photo by Neora Aylon

“Jade told us that she had a few left and she was willing to split them up. She told me that she would split one with me and my bf and save one for herself later. My boyfriend said he couldn’t do it because he was already rolling too hard and we all agreed. So Jade and i split one and this time, i parachuted it. I watched her and learned from her how to crush a pill and used her skills forever on. I was so high.”

“So when we were done, my bf passed out like the rest of them but i couldn’t sleep. I was still high…Jade fell asleep on the couch in the living room of the basement. I stayed awake and then went and tried to wake her but she wouldn’t budge. I went to the bathroom and tried to pee but it was nearly impossible on that shit. I needed to throw up but couldn’t because i hadn’t listened to their warnings about empty stomachs and rolling. I don’t really remember but I kept getting up to try to do either of the two. Throw up or leave a piss, but neither of them were working.

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy

Id black out and wake up laying on the floor of the bathroom. Another time, i woke up laying on the floor in the hallway, hadn’t even made it to the bathroom. Never making it back to bed for awhile. I was getting suspicious of this but i kept waking up and doing the same thing. One time i finally stirred enough and my boyfriend woke up. I came back 20 minutes later and my boyfriend asked me where i went for so long, he thought i had went number two or something but wow that was definitely impossible at the time. I then realized that i was indeed passing out and blacking out on the floor everytime i was going to the bathroom.

The next day was bad. When we woke *Ari* said “lets recap right now before we keep forgetting more and more” i believe there was a LOT more stories we told and remembered that morning but she was right, they all slipped my mind.

It was aching our bodies and we could barely walk. We swore we were never going to do the shit again but of course we did.”

**The original, full entry that these snippets are from was written by me on December 09, 2012.**


Featured Image by Dylan Fout

21 thoughts on “My Past: Snippets From My Ecstasy Story

  1. I haven’t done ecstasy or Molly in 5 years. I miss it and I actually want to do it again. lol I candyflipped once too, which is doing ecstasy and acid at the same time. Omg that was intense and so amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t done ecstasy for like over 5 years and I haven’t done Molly since like maybe a little less than 4 years lol. I’ve never heard the term “candyflipping” haha it’s sounds so fun like that but, knowing that it’s ecstasy & acid is SCARY! I’ve done acid only twice (on its own) & I just think it’s so freaky, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love acid. It’s my favorite! I haven’t done it in 6 years though. 😦 I’m dying to do it again, but sadly I lost contacts and will probably never get the opportunity again. The candyflip was actually unintentional. lol We took acid, it didn’t kick in for whatever reason, so we decided to take some ecstasy pills instead. After taking those, we discovered the acid was finally kicking in. The come up was definitely more intense than just doing E or acid by themselves. My friend actually threw up! I was fine though, just jittery and my body felt heavy at first. This lasted maybe 10 minutes, then it was pure bliss after that. Music sounded so different, like I was hearing everything for the first time. It was truly amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Acid was the most recent one I had done. I don’t think I’d ever do it again. It was fun when I did it the two times but I thought it lasted too long & I couldn’t wait to for it to end hhaha. 😛 Most of the people I was with in the night of this story threw up from the ecstasy too, they acted like it was normal. I didn’t throw up though.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I honestly love Molly but then again, it’s the only drug I take, haha. I’ve only done it a handful of times (honestly, probably up to 2x a year since my first time last year) and I love the relaxed feeling, and how emotional everyone gets, haha. It’s such a warm feeling to hear how much everyone loves each other and sharing stories you wouldn’t share when you’re sober, lol. I hate the aftermath when my jaw hurts the next morning, and feeling dehydrated and not hungry even though I knew I haven’t eaten in ages.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Molly is definitely a lovey dovey fuzzy fun drug but the aftermath is the worst. Also, I feel like I’ve maybe only gotten REAL Molly once or twice out of the too many times I’ve tried to get the real stuff. 😛 It’s scary how much fake stuff is out there!


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