My Top 10: WordPress Annoyances

I love WordPress, I really do but I’m sure many of my fellow bloggers will have to agree with me that there are quite a few annoying things about the site.

1. Limited Media Storage Space

WordPress is advertised as a place to run a FREE blog so WHY do I need to pay to expand my storage space? I must admit, I ran out of space super quickly because I was a major newb when I decided to create this blog. I never resized photos and I would add the same photos over and over again– not knowing you only had to add it once to use it in more than one post. I mistakenly assumed I could upload as much as I wanted. The worst part? I ended up paying for the personal plan and it’s still not unlimited storage.

2. Comments Expiring

If I accidentally let my notifications and comments get backed up without checking/replying to them soon enough, the older ones start disappearing from the ‘Comments’ tab under the bell button (notifications). Don’t even tell me to press ‘Comments’ under ‘My Site’ because those are organized so confusingly– I don’t get it.

3. Spam Comments

I’m not talking about receiving spam comments… those are definitely annoying (especially the one that says “What ?” to everyone, right?) but, what’s even more annoying is when real comments from real people are sent into my spam folder! Or even more so, when I know a comment I just left has been sent there.

4. The ‘Read More’ Tag

I hate this so much and almost want to unfollow people for doing it to their posts. Just freakin’ let me read your post in the ‘Reader’!!! I understand that the ‘Reader’ messes up your formatting… but umm… if I cared, I know how to get to your blog on my own.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about… it’s when you press on a post to read it in your reader but, only the first few sentences are there, the rest of the post is cut off with a link to their blog’s website that you now have to go to if you’re interested in reading the rest.

5. Non-Existent Block Button

Where is it? Why is there NO block button around here?! Make this possible, please.

6. The App

Need I say more? The app is a piece of shit on the Android. If I try to edit a post on there, it will screw the whole thing up by adding huge spaces between paragraphs and photos… sometimes it will cut off my writing and add these weirdo signs ‘>>>’ in place of them. It also ALWAYS signs me out of my account!!

7. Same Post, Same Person, Different Time

When I do my blog reading, I like to start from the last post I marked with a ‘like’ so when I have already read a post and see it at the top of my ‘Reader’ I get extremely confused. Like, waaaiit… how did I read that one already but, not the ones that were posted before it?! Triiiicky, triiicky.

8. Everyone Posts On Mondays

Don’t get me wrong, I wake up and get excited to see so many new posts go up that I can’t wait to read but, never never never am I able to read every single post on my ‘Reader’ on Mondays. There are just too many. Every other day of the week (after catching up with the Monday posts) I easily run out of content to read. Why is this?!

9. “Please Follow Me” Comments

If you want me to check out your blog, all you have to do is leave me a sincere and genuine comment on one of my posts. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT add the words: “please follow me” at the end of it.

10. Extremely Limited Theme Options

If you don’t want to pay for a theme (who does?!), you only get to choose from a tiny collection. I wish it was like MySpace where you could just figure out all the coding by yourself and change your theme for free, whenever you pleased. I especially hate the themes that don’t allow you the ‘content option’ of only displaying an excerpt of each post instead of the whole thing on your main page.

Ah, I hope I wasn’t too harsh. Do you think I was? What are some of your WordPress annoyances? Let us bitch and moan together. 😉


Featured Image by Andrew Neel

71 thoughts on “My Top 10: WordPress Annoyances

  1. No worries I still upload pictures repeatedly lol ALSO if you accidentally delete the picture and then reload it it saves it twice. I’m like why?

    I put a space there… but usually comments on the app will just be a long ass paragraph 🙄

    I did not know comments disappear or end up in spam. I know some comments are marked as spam but they’ve all been foreigners and the comments make no sense so I’m not too mad 💁‍♀️

    Yes I hate read more tags lol and I sometimes (usually) don’t keep reading especially if I’m not able to focus anyway. And I have never gotten a please follow me comment 😭 not yet anyways haha.

    Another app issue– aside from the log out issue, it occasionally says you’re not following someone or you go to like it and it says LOG IN. So now I have to click the web button and go scrolling…

    I also say that my reader doesn’t get shuffled enough. I see the same 12 people everyday with posts I’ve read and liked going back a week. I’ve literally had to start going to each following and read stuff… obviously not an issue with you 😂 you’re always on there.

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    1. Yeah you should totally check your spam! You might find a nice comment from someone that shouldn’t have been in there!
      YES, that’s so annoying!! When I try to press ‘like’ and it tells me to log in, or that I’m not following someone when I am!! UGH lol.
      That’s totally weird that your reader is on shuffle. Mine goes in order, by date that it was posted and shows everyone I follow and every post they post. Maybe the people you follow are doing a lot of #7?
      So glad that we could agree on so many things!!! 😀

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  2. I don’t like that my entire blog post is shown in the email notification to my subscribers. I have no idea what content is being read or looked at or what people like if I can’t see the stats. That’s the data nerd in me.

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  3. If I clicked on the post and see a Read More tag, I will usually just hit “like”.
    But I think people should stop doing it really, because nobody is happy with it.

    I also find it annoying when people don’t use breaks/paragraphs or pictures in their extremely long post. Or long sentences.

    P.S. I was looking forward for this post as you announced it once in the comments on one of my posts 😀

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    1. LOL you’re right, I don’t think anyone is happy with it. ;D I wish they would get rid of the button altogether.

      I think it’s annoying when people don’t use breaks in their posts, too but I don’t think I even follow anyone like that because that’s how annoying it is to me hahaha.

      Hope you enjoyed reading, Andrea!! ❤


  4. This post is so funny because these are things that annoy me too and some of it are things that I do too. LOL. #3 is sure a pet peeve. I often check my spam comments because I’ve had instances where real comments end up there. I’m so confused by people (or bots probably) who comment ‘What’ on all my posts! Seriously!!! I do #4 so my blog posts look better on my website. I guess that’s why most people do it so they don’t have to deal with #10? That’s why I do it. 😛 This is such a fun read. 😀

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    1. LOL I KNOW!! I just laughed out loud because you are confused about the “what ?” comments. They are so annoying, right? I think they are forsure bots doing that.

      You actually don’t do #4!! I, too, prefer the home pages to have the excerpts instead of the whole post. I am talking about on the Reader only.

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  5. Hehe this was funny! To be honest I don’t have much to complain about wordpress- thankfully I haven’t had to pay for storage space yet. THANKFULLY! Let’s hope that day never comes although if I have to, I have to.
    I agree about the continue to site thing to read a post, I almost never click that button tbh if I can’t read the post on my reader, I’m not reading it. I don’t actually know the reason why it annoys me because really whats so bad about clicking a link but it just does, I just don’t get it 😂
    Ah I will bare in mind about the Monday’s thing! I try to post throughout the week anyway but I will even more so now hehe. Why is it that everybody posts on a Monday hey?
    I agree about the following thing. I always check out peoples blogs if they leave a genuine nice comment but I won’t follow you if you ask me to, sorry 😂
    Ps… please follow me? 😉 😂
    Pps also I didn’t know there was a spam folder! What!?!?

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    1. I probably use way too many pictures is another reason why I had to pay hahah.
      LOL I think it’s bothersome because it messes with the flow of our reading? I don’t know! I hate it so much too. 😛
      I have no idea why everyone chooses Monday!! I would like to see new posts everyday lol.
      & oh go to your comments section under “My Site” and then press the “spam” tab!! You’ll probably find some good ones in there. 😉

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      1. Haha well pictures are good! Better to use too many than too little.
        Yes, I think that could be exactly the reason why! I just find it so unnecessary so it kind of puts me off like 😂
        Yes I agree! You want stuff to read all throughout the week!
        Thanks so much hun! I will have to check it out x

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    1. Oh I love that you post daily. 😀 I just wish other bloggers posted on different days of the week, too. I used WP on the iOS system only for a short time before I switched to Android & I remember there being a few issues on there, too!! So annoying!

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  6. Omg nooo I do the “Read more” tag 😭😭 I just hate having one post take up my entire site and I always go directly to people’s sites instead of reading their posts in the reader so I never really thought about it being annoying.

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    1. No no don’t worry! You really don’t do the “read more” tag!! I don’t like when the posts take up the entire site, either– that’s what I was trying to get at on number 10 lol. Ah, I wish I could explain better!! You might not have ever come across it if you are always going to the websites in the first place? 😛

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    1. Click on “Comments” under the “My Site” tab, when you get there, at the top, you’ll see “Spam”!! I am also confused about visitors & view counts, I’m not really sure how to read it all!

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  7. lolll I’m a Monday poster. :p

    I sort of arbitrarily picked Monday. I get an uptick in traffic over the weekend that seems to be unrelated to whether or not there’s a new post, so I kind of feel like posting on Monday maximizes promoing my post. I can post it on wordpress on Monday and then post it on my social media throughout the week, random weekend increase, and then repeat for a pretty steady traffic level all week long.

    I’ve given up on going through my reader every day. I started following too many people for that. I’m slowly weeding it back down so it becomes manageable.

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  8. It took quite a long time for anyone from WordPress to respond to try to help me figure out why every time I tried to make a change it would log me out, and then did not recognize my username. I finally got a response, but neither suggestion worked to resolve the issue. The only thing beneficial was that it had something to do with activating the SSO. After a lot of research I figured it out. I’m trying to be fair and chalk it up to me not knowing how to operate a website. Thanks for sharing your struggles.

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    1. Hi Lyn! You contacted the WordPress admin about the whole logging out issue? & still they have not come up with an answer? Oh my… It is really comforting to know that I’m not the only one who goes through that struggle!
      Thanks for reading & commenting!! ❤

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  9. Like Kelsey, I also do the ‘Read More’ on my site. I don’t know if that’s what you’re talking about or not, but like her, I don’t like my posts (which are sometimes long) taking up so much room on my homepage. I like new visitors to be able to see the different posts so they can choose what to click on. Also, apparently if someone visits the main page of your blog and reads your entire post that way, it doesn’t count towards your post views. That’s another reason I do the Read More, so that it will count toward my views.

    #7 – Apparently this happens because bloggers go into their post editor and change the time/date of when it was published, so it will appear at the top of their followers readers again. They do it to get more views. I agree, it’s a bit annoying though.

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    1. Ah! I wish I could have explained myself better lol. I totally agree that I prefer a site itself to have the “read more” tag on all of the posts, instead of the entire post displayed. In #10 I tried to say that was actually another one of my annoyances to not be able to do that using certain themes.

      In #4, I’m talking about when you’re on the Reader and you press a post that is cut off by that blue rectangle that will say “Visit *blog name here* for the full post.” and you have to click the link to their blog. You know what I mean?? Lol.

      Ah I see… I knew there was some reason behind #7 but I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is annoyed by it!

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  10. God, the app is a piece of shit on every phone and tablet. GIANT gaps as you say and pics all over the page. When the bloke here’s me crying out ‘Whyyyy!? Noooo!’ He immediately knows and says ‘Stop using that dam app!’ They keeping saying I need to ‘borrow’ storage space but where they are borrowing it from (my actual laptop!?) I don’t know. Have you noticed on the new editor it just says ‘saving’ all of the time and there’s nowhere to just press save but when you go to leave your draft it says ‘unsaved changes’ “BECAUSE YOU WONT LET ME!!!” 🤦🏻‍♀️🚪

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    1. I know! I hate the app!! I don’t even try with the app on my iPad, it’s SO slow & laggy. LOL I am laughing about how your bloke just knows exactly why you shout out!! That’s totally weird that they’re asking you to borrow storage space? Does that mean you are out, or not out!? I DID NOTICE THAT ABOUT THE EDITOR. It always asks me to leave without saving my changes but I was like I TRIED TO lol. Luckily, it does always save at least, right?

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  11. Hahahahahaha I had a good laugh while reading through.
    I am a newbie but I already agree to some of the things you have mentioned. Since you have been blogging for quite some times do you mind if I ask you for some feedback ? 😛 just because I don’t want to be another “please follow me”.

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    1. Yay!! I love to make people laugh. 😀

      I can tell you that when I press your photo, it takes me to a page that no longer exists — not your blog!? What is your blog’s URL?


    1. HAAHAH YAY!! I was nervous some people might get mad at me. 😉 I KNOW! That’s so ridiculous about the themes & customization stuff, it’s all so expensive. Simple themes that everyone else can buy are nearly $100? What the hell?!

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  12. I can definitely agree with this! I was shocked when I started my new blog and it has 3gb of storage when my old blog only has 1gb! :O I agree about the themes too, even though I love my current theme, I’d really like to only have an excerpt of each post on the homepage so it’s easier to scroll through recent posts and allow my visitors to get a feel for my blog. The read more blogs are truly a bit annoying when I’d rather just read them in the reader/email (I hope mine isn’t this way?!), and I never knew comments could expire. That sucks!

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    1. Did you purchase the personal plan for your new blog? I think it’s nice to have more space but I feel like I paid money & should get more than 2gb extra than the ones who don’t… & maybe they should offer a few extra themes with the personal plan, too.

      I know, I’ve loved some themes but they didn’t allow me to do the post excerpts on my page so I couldn’t keep ’em, it bothered me too much!!

      But no, so glad your posts are NOT like that. The “Read More” button is a voluntary thing, it’s the button in the editor right after the spell check. It’s called the Read More tag I think lol. Oh & the comments don’t exactly expire, they just disappear from the notifications after awhile.

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      1. Actually, I just signed up for the free plan and it came with 3gb! I was so surprised. I’m sure eventually down the line I will use it up and pay for more but yes you should definitely get more than just 2 gb! That’s a rip-off lol. I agree about the extra themes too, that would be nice since you ARE paying something after all.

        I also think it’s so strange how some things don’t let you have page tabs at the top of your menu or sidebars?! Like, who doesn’t use those??

        OH okay, good to know. I know now to avoid that tag hahaha.

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        1. Oh you’re right! The personal plan comes with 6gb. Still only 3 more, blah lol. I wonder why your old blog only had 1gb?! I know you said you made it so long ago but they should have def updated your storage if they did it for everyone else!

          I know! It’s so annoying that the themes don’t all have the same options & you can’t even customize the colors on your own.

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  13. All of these are so, so true! I am adding that I want an easy way to see who is following me back out of the people I’m following. It would make things so much easier. Like on Instagram and Twitter it’s way easier to have mutual friendships, because I unfollow people who don’t follow me back lol!

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  14. That’s why I recommend for my clients to use the other WordPress (.org) and getting hosting. It doesn’t take care of everything, but it does help the space requirements and some of the comment issues. I do recommend some premium themes (due to better functionality) but not on

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