Journal Entry #115

July 16, 2018

On Friday, in my journal entry, I said that it was my Monday but, noooow it’s really Monday and it’s MY Monday all over again, too lol. I worked from 11p to a little past 3a and I had such an amazing night. I did have really bad allergies and a little bit of a cold, I think, though so on Saturday, I woke up feeling like utter crap.

Boyfriend went to work and I got ready for work as usual. I really wanted to go, I did but, I could NOT breathe out of my nose and the phlegm in my throat was backed the fuck up. I even ate dinner without boyfriend (which I only do on workdays)… but, I chose to eat a small frozen dinner meal from the freezer so I wasn’t really all that full. When boyfriend got home, he was obviously hungry. After we smoked a blunt and watched the first half of the episode of Big Brother that we were on we drove across the street to our #1 fave Mexican spot, Rivas.


We both got these huge, delicious steak burritos and a side of chips and bean dip. Boyfriend finished his but, I only could eat half of mine. I was so disappointed in myself, lol. I hate when I can’t finish food. I would rather explode but, not actually– that’s why I had to stop. πŸ˜‰

BUT OH SHIT. Right when boyfriend got home, the rain started POURING. There was thunder, lightning… the whole shebang! It was so loud and terrifying, my Sushi booty hid behind the toilet seat. My other two cats didn’t give a rat’s ass, though (sames goes for when there are fireworks lol).

There was a super deafening CRACK and bright lightning took over the whole sky! I screamed and while boyfriend LAUGHED at me… he walked over to our glass sliding door and saw this!!!:


YOU GUYS, lightning struck that palm tree and it was on FIRE. All of the embers were flying on our neighbors’ roofs and it was not going out by the rain water. Boyfriend immediately grabbed his phone and called for the fire department… five minutes later we heard their sirens and saw their hose water putting out the fire on each side of the tree. Thank you, LV Firefighters!!! ❀

I cannot explain to you all how scared I actually was!! I thought the tree would fall over onto their building and then it would reach our building before we were able to get out. Luckily, that was NOT the case.

After our burritos and Big Brother episode (and the chaos outside had stopped), we watched some Boy Meets World until we went to bed.

Yesterday, boyfriend worked during the day and got home a little after 4p. We plan to go grocery shopping when he has his next full day off which I think is on Wednesday? Maybe Thursday… but anyways, that meant… we got to out to eat. πŸ˜€


We decided to try this Chinese buffet called Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet. I think it’s a newer establishment? Not sure though… the interior was surprisingly beautiful.


We got a little upset at first because the waitress took a YEAR and a half to bring us our drinks and we were at a Chinese buffet so you know we were thirstin’ after all the sodium and MSG!! They also had crab legs that were replaced every 30 minutes but they’d be gone in 5. We never got to try any but, we did have a chance at the end when we were too full. 😦


After dinner, we went to the dispensary to pick up some weed and then came home to watch the rest of Boy Meets World. Yep, BOTH of us were bawling at the finale, okay?! Well, maybe I was bawling but, boyfriend was secretly wiping away his tears, too. (Don’t tell him I told you πŸ˜‰ heheh).

Then we watched a full movie and half of another one before we went to bed.

Today, I woke up a little past noon. Boyfriend had to work the evening shift but, he’s already texted me that he’s on his way right now. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Earlier, all I did was finish reading The Ruining. I told myself to stop at 5p to go shower but, I couldn’t… I was too close to the end lol. I finally finished at like almost 6p then, into the shower I went.

I ate a stupid frozen meal that barely filled me up and watched an episode of Bunheads. I am also almost done with that series, too, now!

Right after that, I hopped onto WordPress and now, here I am. πŸ™‚

I should probably start getting ready for work now. Night night, loves!! ❀



38 thoughts on “Journal Entry #115

  1. Oh man, sorry to hear your allergies and cold got you down! And damn the lightning was intense! Luckily everything turned out safe and alright! Mmmm a chinese buffet that sounds delish, too bad the crab legs were too popular! You always have such chill and cozy nights, I love that so much! Great reading! (:

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    1. Yess, the allergies are the worst!! But at least getting better now. πŸ™‚ I was sooo relieved when the fire went out! & the chinese buffet was pretty good, I love how much food I can eat for so cheap heheh. I do prefer chill & cozy nights over going out somewhere anyday!! ❀ Thank you for reading, Cordelia!!

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  2. Aw I hope you’re feeling better now hun πŸ’– that lightning sounds crazy scary. Thank goodness for the fire department, I can’t believe that palm tree set light. I would have been freaking out too. Thank goodness you are okay πŸ’–

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  3. I hate allergies and lightning can be scary, really glad it didn’t fall over on the building!
    Restaurant looks nice but when service sucks, it ruins the whole thing.
    I have to mention that I am SO disappointed in the CBS app since they did not put on the 8th show here, it just skipped to the 9th so I missed the entire 2nd person to go home!

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    1. Oh I probably would have started crying if it fell over! & YES, you’re right. Even if the food is good, the service still needs to be, too!
      They didn’t put the 8th episode on the app?? what the heck! Check online! We watched it on their website. We will be watching episode 9 tomorrow. πŸ˜€

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  4. YAY! I sat down on the couch and was hoping to see an update post from you!!

    Ahh I hope you are feeling better.

    Ooo girl that burrito looks yummy!!

    That is insane about the lightening. The same thing happened to me when I was on vacation with a friend in high school. It was so loud I thought it hit our house. But it was a couple down and the house caught fire. So crazy!!!

    Lol- you’re like me. My BIGGEST grievance with service is usually when that water isn’t filled back up!

    Have a greattt Wednesday, Hunida ❀

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  5. Wow, that’s crazy about the lighting setting the tree on fire. I’m glad they were able to get the fire out. I will never forget the time that lightning struck my dad’s house. This was when I was living with him, but I was not there at the time. It struck an electrical box on the side of the house, left a big black spot on the side of the house, and it also blew up my TV and computer both. I was so upset about my TV and computer (both of which I had only had for a year or so at that point), but we’re just lucky it didn’t catch the house on fire!

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    1. It was really scary! I can’t believe lighting can do that, I thought it was more rare than for it to happen in front of MY eyes, you know?! So glad no one was hurt at your dad’s!

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  6. Omg! I’m glad the firefighters came right away to put out the fire! Once I called the fire dept in my town because people had lit a fire in the woods behind the house but they literally took half an hour to show up, and by then the people out there had put it out and left. They finally arrived and then refused to walk back there because it was nighttime so it was dark. -_- My dad walked out and brought back burnt wood to show we hadn’t been making it up and they STILL didn’t go out there! We ended up grabbing buckets and soaking the ground just to be sure it was fully out after they left…

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    1. I AM SO GLAD THEY WERE QUICK TOO!! I did not want the tree fallin’ over. I can’t believe they refused to even go check it out though?! What kind of firefighters were they?! So glad you & your family were there to make sure everything was safe! What the heck!

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      1. They were like “well it’s out now so I guess that’s that” and kept saying “oh it’s really dark out there, it should be fine” and we were like “um, we called you here so you could CHECK ON IT???” Sooooo lazy!

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  7. My goodness, that’s so scary about the lightning! I would be freaking out for sure! We get a lot of lightning here during the storms, but I’ve never actually seen it strike a tree like that. It must have been SO LOUD! Thank goodness the fire department got it out.

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