Journal Entry #114

July 13, 2018

While some of you may be excited for the weekend, I am not. Today is basically my Monday because I haven’t gone to work all week. Yes, I did say I would go yesterday but, I didn’t.

Usually, when I haven’t been to work for so long– I am ready and even almost excited to get back. I was wondering why I felt so lazy and crabby… so of course I checked my period tracker and it told me I am within 10 days of receiving my period… which means, I am at my worst right now aka in the midst of PMS. It really snuck up on me this month. The days are going by way too quickly. I had no idea it was already the 13th. I almost don’t even wanna leave my apartment until midnight so I won’t be struck with any bad luck.

Actually, I already was struck with bad luck today. Do you guys remember when boyfriend and I road tripped to San Diego? Apparently, we drove through a toll where we were supposed to stop and pay but, somehow missed it?! We are being charged a pretty hefty fee when it could’ve costed us only $7. I am so confused and I hate CA. Their laws are so strict and annoying. Also, boyfriend said there was NO where for us to pay while we were driving so it really makes no sense to us. Do people really pre-plan their road trips and make sure they pay all the tolls they’re going to go through BEFORE doing so?!

Yesterday, boyfriend had the day off. Now he has to work 4 days in a row. Wah! :’-( We were thinking about going grocery shopping but, all of the food would’ve went bad if we did that so we went out to eat instead.


We decided on a place that was located on Fremont Street in Downtown Container Park.


This park is really cool, you guys. If you ever visit Las Vegas, you must stop here. All of the stores, the playground, everything in or around this park was made out of recycled containers!! Look how much we can reuse?!?


It’s not too big of an area so we were able to find our restaurant pretty fast and easy.


I had this place on my Yelp bookmarks when it was called The Perch but, they are now: Downtown Terrace. We had to walk up those stairs to get in ^.


There’s a free beer or wine option when you check-in with Yelp so boyfriend got his beer but, I didn’t want one. We ordered our food at the counter and waited at a table outside for it to be brought to us. It was nice and windy with the water sprinklers actually making me a bit chilly but, at least not nearly as chilly as the A/C inside.


Down below us, we attempted to people watch but, there was barely anyone there. Summer in Las Vegas, I tell ya.


I don’t know what the stage is for but, music was blasting out of the speakers. I doubt that there are ever any live performances here because people walked across the stage over and over again to get in and out of that little tattoo shop behind it? Don’t take my word for it though. πŸ˜›


It was Happy Hour so we got the Calamari off that menu to share.


It was really yummy, especially with the tempura jalapeno slices!


Boyfriend ordered this monstrous burger that I didn’t even attempt to take a bite out of because it was waaaay too cheesy and messy!


I was real boring with my choice of Chicken Tenders. They were perfect, though!!


And can every restaurant please season their fries like this?! Sea salt and parsley flakes all over… ohhh my Gooood. YES!

I was definitely full and feelin’ like a greaseball after this meal but, it was awesome. I can’t believe there was NO ONE else here except for a group of pals who were just drinking in the corner.

We had a few more errands to run before we headed home. The usual stuff: coffee, weed, smoke shop but, weΒ also got to make an extra stop at Sally’s for a new nail polish color! When we got home, I painted all of my nails but, didn’t let them dry long enough so I completely ruined them while I was doing my makeup. Yes, I decided not to go to work after I already did my makeup… that is just so typically me!! (Please, tell me I’m not the only one who sang that in the Oops! I Did It Again tune lol). I am even ashamed to type this but, there have been so many days where I’m all made up and ready to go but I end up not going or even sometimes boyfriend will drive me all the way to the club and I say “ahh!! Turn around” before he gets into the parking lot. These are the worst days because I waste them by getting ready for work when I could have just been lounging if I had made up my mind earlier.

Oh! I forgot to show you! We saw this weirdo shuttle bus type thing by Fremont Street that I guess drives all by itself?!?


There was an operator in there but, he wasn’t sitting behind a steering wheel. He’s just in there to make sure everything goes smoothly, I think? I have no idea but, how scary is that? A shuttle that transports people all on its own?! Damn. Wall-E world here we come.

I’m just waiting for someone to make the one machine that The Jetsons have. You know what I’m talking about? The dad rides a conveyor belt through a machine that does all of his morning duties for him like brushing his teeth, dressing him, combing his hair etc. lol.

For the rest of last night, we just ended up watching a few episodes of Boy Meets World while snuggling on the couch. ❀

Today, I woke up around noon just a little after boyfriend left for work. I finished reading Every Day and started on The Ruining. I took a shower then, made a quick salad with chicken to eat in front of an episode of Bunheads. I removed my nail polish because it looked like crap but am too lazy to paint them again. I’ll go bare nailed for tonight; all I care is that my toes are pretty… which they are. πŸ˜€

I don’t know why I had such a hard time writing this. My browser kept crashing every time I added a photo (this is not a normal thing for my computer) so I am very frustrated. Goodnight and have a safe weekend, my loves.



42 thoughts on “Journal Entry #114

  1. Omg the container area looks alot like Pop Brixton (its so freaking pretty with cool vibes)! Your food looks freaking awesome as usual, that layer under the bun, isit fried onions? Just curious HAHA! And omg, if I had a schedule that lax I would always find an excuse to not go in for work heheh! And i totally get it, period always has a way of getting you down but at the same time, at least you know it is only temporary! The advancement of technology is astounding yet so fast its hard to grasp its potential downfalls, but as for now I would just love to be able to print food please. (:

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    1. Well, I’m sure I’d love Pop Brixton, then!! πŸ˜€ LOL I have NO idea what was on his burger. Let me look it up…. Ok, YES they are fried onions haha! Good eye, Cordelia. πŸ˜‰ & YES, thank you!!! Finally someone who understands me & my lazy work habits!! ❀ You're so right about the period; I have to remember my anger will only last a short while! & OMG STOPPP! What a genius idea. Printing food would be amazing! I'd never leave my printer hahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HAHA YESS I guessed correctly! Thanks for checking hahaha! YEAH that’s how i remind myself, knowing it will pass. HAHA IKR, food printer is the dream!

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  2. The tolls here in my lovely state of CA Orange County more specifically have no toll stations. 😐. You have 4 days to pay them I believe online. Annoying I know but don’t let that deter you from coming back! Lol. But once I didn’t pay one and didn’t have my fast track when I still drove and they charged me 48 dollars for missing it. Wtf.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had no idea! What the hell! There should be a sign at the end like “don’t forget to go online and pay your toll” or something! Other tolls like that I’ve been through have just mailed me the NORMAL fee afterwards… so weird. I will probably only fly to CA from now on. πŸ˜›


  3. Sorry to hear about that toll incident – that REALLY sucks that you got hit with a fee without even knowing how to pay for it to avoid it. That foood looks soooo good!!! Amen to all restaurants needing to season their fries like that, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seriously! I was like “well, if I knew how to pay the damn thing we wouldn’t be in this situation!” My boyfriend tried to call & say we didn’t know but they didn’t care. πŸ˜› lol. & YES, the food was really good. πŸ˜€ To hell with regular salted fries, right?! lol.


  4. The toll situation kind of reminds me of the time my friend and I were driving to D.C. and had to stop at a toll. Neither of us had any money to pay it. My friend was like “Umm… we don’t have any cash on us.” lol So they told us to drive on through, but a camera would flash and we would get a fine in the mail. It was my friends car, so I guess she got and paid the fine. I never asked her. πŸ˜›

    That burger is monstrous, you’re right! It looks like it would be hard to eat. It looks yummy, except the meat is too pink for my liking, and I don’t like my lettuce drowned like that to where it gets soggy. I didn’t realize those were chicken tenders at first because they look so small. (To me, anyway). Those fries do look yummy! I hope one day you can try some fries with Old Bay. hehe ;P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah!! Your friend totally got the fine hahaha my dad was the one who got ours in the mail since we had one of his license plates on our car still at the time. He sent me a picture of it saying “pay please” LOL.

      It was a really messy burger!! Haha there was no way for me to fit my mouth around it. My boyfriend loooves his meat all pink!! For burgers I like completely well done too but for steak, I can do some pink. I also don’t like soggy lettuce, it looks kinda disgusting in the photo now that you mention it lol! The chicken tenders were a little small, they were like super crispy instead of like thick & meaty.

      Hey! I saw some Old Bay seasoning at the grocery store last time we went & I told my boyfriend how you love it on everything so we gotta try it sometime. πŸ˜€ I think I’ll just buy it next time!!

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      1. I like some pink in my steak too, but that’s the only meat I can deal with being pink. Any other meat grosses me out if it’s pink. lol Omg! I didn’t realize they sold Old Bay on the West Coast. I figured it wouldn’t be too popular over there. Yes, definitely try it! Obviously I like it on seafood (crabs and shrimp), that’s what I find it tastes the best on. But of course us over here put it on so many different things, including fish, potato chips, fries, popcorn, pasta, etc. lol

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  5. Oh my goddddd those french fries look like pure heaven! I’ve never been to Vegas but I would love to go just to see Container Park (Skyler loves all things shipping containers and so do I). Also, I usually end up screwing up at least one of my nails when I paint them too! They just take SO long to dry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also toll roads are the fuckin worst. They’re everywhere in Dallas and sometimes the road just turns into a toll unexpectedly. Of course they send them by mail (who the hell has time to stop and who carries cash??), but for a while we were paying almost $100 a month in toll bills until we bought a TollTag.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. They really were some heavenly fries. πŸ˜‰ You should def come visit Vegas someday, you’d love the Container Park!! & gosh, seriously!! Nail polish takes a ridiculous amount of time, I am way too impatient!! Lol.

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  6. Uh oh, now I am SERIOUSLY craving calamari! That looks sooo goooood. About the parking ticket- we get SO annoyed by the SF tolls… I’m like, “hello we would pay it then and there rather than later!”. And one time I tried to pay but it didn’t go through so an even heftier charge came through- SO FRUSTRATING. I feel your pain. Have a great week, gf!

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  7. I think tolls are some of the most stupid things! They are just ridiculous and all I can think is that we are in 2018, why are there still toll roads? Like, you’re obviously already paying to drive there with fuel and everything, why charge just to use a certain stretch of road?! So dumb. That royally sucks that you guys were hit with a hefty fee. I would be so pissed lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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