As most of you already know, I’ve been an exotic dancer for four years now (if you didn’t know: surprise!) so, you can trust me when I tell you to avoid these three beauty products if you ever happen to become an exotic dancer:

1. Glitter (4)
Photo by Mink Mingle

Honestly, lots of men that come to the strip club to buy dances are married or have a girlfriend at home. Glitter is contagious and you will get denied loads more than usual if you wear it all over your body and face. Even if it’s just on your eyes, men will be worried to have a dance with you.

2. Lotion (5).jpg
Photo by Charisse Kenion

Never apply lotion right before work, even if you feel the lotion has dried– it has NOT. When you do floorwork on the stage, you will spread all of the lotion and make the surface incredibly slippery! This is dangerous for YOU and any girl that has to dance after you. If you know you have slipped up the stage, please be kind enough to notify the manager so they can properly mop it up. If you absolutely NEED lotion; pay the off-stage fee. In some clubs, you can get fired if the girl after you complains or even worse… FALLS.

3. Perfume (6)
Photo by Jessica Weiller

Similar to the problem with glitter, men DO NOT want to go home to their women smelling like another female. A lot of men have asked to sniff me before they buy a dance from me. I know now why they ask this and I can immediately just say (without having to get sniffed) “I don’t wear perfume” and I am paid. Some might even be allergic or sensitive to perfume (like me!) so just take a shower everyday and wear some deodorant, you will smell fine.


Featured Image by Sharon McCutcheon

40 thoughts on “Top 3 Beauty Products To Avoid As An Exotic Dancer

  1. I can definitely understand the no perfume thing, but I would be so paranoid that I smelled like sweat. lol I just work a dull office job, but on these hot summer days, sometimes I get worried that I stink after just being outside on my break for half hour. 😛

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    1. I agree with you. But to be honest, perfume and sweat hasn’t been the best combination either! Even deodorant hasn’t been extremely sufficient in keeping the nasty smells away.
      Guess I just have to stay as inactive as possible. Think I can live with that 😉

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    2. A lot of my co-workers are paranoid about the same thing but I can no longer count on my fingers and toes how many times a client has told me I smell good BECAUSE I’m sweating… lol. Gross, I know but it’s true!! I’ve never really worn perfume because I’m too sensitive to all of the smells and often allergic to certain ones so I don’t even have the habit or spraying myself every time I sweat a little. A lot of girls do so I understand why it’s hard for them to break the habit!

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  2. I don’t think I’d be pleased noticing my man going to strip clubs either.
    But to be honest, both Jasper and I make long hours at work. So even in the weekend we both hardly keep our eyes open after 10. So I have nothing to worry about haha.

    I’m wondering what the boundaries are for most people in a relationship….?


    1. I’d be real mad if my man came home with sparkles or perfume scent on him. I wouldn’t even believe he was at strip club though. I’d be like “nice excuse.” LOL even if I did believe him I’d still be mad because he spent money to see other women? Idk. I feel a little hypocritical saying it but it’s true. I’d be infuriated.

      Ah… for a LOT of my co-workers there are no boundaries. But I’m curious if you mean if the dancer is in a relationship or if the client is?

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      1. Ha! We’re lucky to have reliable boyfriends then 🙂

        I did mean the client.
        Is it correct that the client is not even allowed to touch you?
        It just makes me wonder what other couples see as cheating.

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        1. Yes, I’ve encountered some very horrible men. We are two very lucky gals to not have one of those scumbags!! ❤

          I've only approached a very few amount of guys who were with their friends saying "I have a wife or I have a girlfriend, I'm only here to hang out with my friends" that actually meant it. Most of these men can be convinced anyways with a "is she here? Will she know about it?" and a little boobie shake lol. BUT most clients never ever mention their woman at home… & when I ask about their wedding ring, they get upset & brush me off. I heard some will even take it off before entering the club to avoid the question altogether. Honestly, the married men are the ones who offer the most money to touch me/do more with me/meet outside of the club– which I, personally, do not do or allow them to do, even if offered enough money to buy a 5 bedroom house– I would NOT. All clubs (& girls) have their own rules about touching. At my club, and all clubs in Vegas, the managers told me they can touch anywhere except in the "cookie jar." Of course, there are girls who will allow it & just get extra money from the client & tip the bouncer extra money to get away with it too.

          In Minnesota, some clubs allowed a little touching some were strictly no touch at all; not even on the legs & I heard in Chicago the girls are only allowed to give air dances, 6 inches apart from the customer at all times.

          I don't think they consider getting a normal lap dance cheating but, a lot of taken men will pay more to do more & THAT'S cheating to me… but to them, IDK…

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    1. Girl yes, there are signs all over almost every club I’ve worked at not to lather yourself in lotion but heeey at least once a night we have to mop the stage of it?! Glad you get it yet none of my co-workers do. 😉


    1. You can come see me in real life WHEN YOU’RE 21! But I don’t think I’d ever take a video & put it out for the public if I wasn’t making any money off of it, to be honest lol.

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  3. Omg Hunida you so need to write a book. You have so much insight and you’re so open about your life despite the stigma. And of course you write so well!! These are things I literally have never thought of. I would 100% buy your book!!

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      1. Aw I’m sure you could write a book you’re already writing! I know there’s this thing on Amazon called self publishing? It seems pretty popular and you can make royalties off your sales or something

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  4. That is some great advice. I have been dancing for over 10 years and I see so many dancers with glitter, more in the past than today. The stripper glitter isn’t just a cliche.


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