Play! By Sephora | June 2018

Last month was the first month that I’ve been subscribed to Play! By Sephora that I didn’t get to use my 50 Beauty Insider Points card. It was even redeemable online for the first time (that I’ve seen), too. The worst part about it is: I did go to a Sephora one time in June, I just forgot my card and didn’t know how to pull it up on my phone. *insert crying emoji here*


I loved the artwork on the newsletter this month. It definitely gave me “summer nights at the fair” feels. Under every neon-lit category was a tip on how to apply makeup that will last throughout the whole sweaty night.


I loooved the pink and blue color scheme on the bag! The design was rather simple but, pretty cute. Not the very best one they’ve ever come up with… yet still not the worst. It just didn’t really seem to fit the theme. It seems more like a Summer Day than a Summer Night.

What Was In My Bag?!

Theme: Summer Nights


Candy Sugar Pop

Sephora’s Claims:

“Fruity and delicious, this scent story of apple, bergamot, and vanilla has a sweet ending that’s anything but ordinary.”

My Review: I’m SO sad! I thought I had this tucked away in the secret pocket of my purse. I went to look for it and it’s GONE. I can’t even remember how it smelled before I went and lost it. I do know that I loved it… which is super rare for me. I am usually not a fan of any perfumes because they’re mostly all just too strong for me. This one was perfect (which is why I tucked it away in my bag) but, I never wear perfume so I forgot about it… awesome.

Cruelty-Free?: No
Full-Sized Retail Value:
$70 (30 mL)


The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Sephora’s Claims:

“A reviving moisturizer that fights dull skin with a burst of hydration.”

My Review: Love the scent and the feel of this moisturizer. It’s fresh and light. They suggest that you pop it in the fridge for a cooling effect but, I never tried it that way since we always have the A/C blasting in here, I’d probably freeze to death if I did that. 😛 I didn’t react badly or at all to this. My face is terribly dry because of the extra hot sun here and it seems like nothing is really working to hydrate my skin… not even my faves. I can’t say it fairly but, this is weak. I was actually more dry the next day after using this. I tried it for 3 days in a row but, my skin started to hurt from thirst of a stronger product.

Cruelty-Free?: Don’t think so
Full-Sized Retail Value:
$30 (1.6 oz)


Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

Sephora’s Claims:

“A gentle formula that removes makeup without tugging, stinging, or irritating skin.”

My Review: How could this be made for lids and lashes? It was stinging to the eye and it was not at all easy to completely remove my mascara. The scent was similar to any other liquid “fragrance-free” makeup remover– there’s always a bit of a smell there, you know what I’m talking about, right? I hated the oiliness of this, the greasy feeling lasted on my face for awhile, too. I probably won’t even try to use this entire sample.

Cruelty-Free?: No
Full-Size Retail Value:
$19 (4.2 oz)


Alterna Haircare
CAVIAR Anti-Aging Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist

Sephora’s Claims:

“A multitasking hair mist that uses a plumping complex to create twice as much volume instantly.”

My Review: Unfortunately, I don’t blow dry my hair so I can’t use this. The shampoo and conditioner sample I received from this same brand was probably the two very best products I’ve ever tried in any of my sub boxes so I am sad but, ah well… into the giveaway box she goes!

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Sized Retail Value:
$30 (4.8 oz)


Too Faced
Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick in Queen B

Sephora’s Claims:

“A long-lasting, lightweight lipstick that goes on like a gloss but delivers bold, full color.”

My Review: Ew, you guys! Why do people love this? It stinks like spoiled yogurt. Luckily, that scent isn’t at all noticeable as you swipe it across your lips or while you’re wearing it or anything… just if you sniff the wand. Maybe only weird people (like I) do that? I do admit my lips were dry dry dry already even before I applied this so the cracky peely look is all my fault. My lips definitely felt tight and even drier while wearing this, though. The shade I was given is too light for me and doesn’t suit my skin tone at all. I also didn’t like that it sunk into every single line of my lips… it looked a bit gross. A good thing about it I noticed is that it doesn’t at all transfer and it’s very long-lasting; this lipstick will give you truly kissable lips. You can even smoke, eat, and drink out of a straw with no worries! It was also nice that you don’t have to use so much product to completely color your lips and it was incredibly easy to apply. I made no mess at all and I didn’t have to conceal any smudges. But the thing is, I’m also not all that into the matte lip look; never have been so, I might not be the right one to judge.


Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Sized Retail Value:


Milk Makeup
Kush Mascara in Boom Black

Sephora’s Claims:

“A conditioning mascara that uses cannabis oil to nurture lashes while heart-shaped fibers add clump-free volume.”

My Review: Hey!!! I’ve just recently noticed this brand when I was at the Sephora store. I was like “ooo, I sure hope I get to try something by that brand soon!” and voila!! I opened my bag to this pretty little silver tube of loveliness. I don’t wanna jinx this or say this too soon because I am gonna keep using it for a little bit to be completely sure but, I may have found my cruelty-free mascara… (I’ve been searching for a cruelty-free mascara that I like for the longest with no luck). Oh, there is one thing!: It smells a bit odd; kind of like roasted almonds. It’s not unpleasant though. I love the wand, the bristles are perfect for separating my lashes and the formula is CLUMP-FREE yet still the right amount of wet. I immediately noticed length and volume!! In the photo down below, I only have this mascara on my right lashes and none on my left. I haven’t tried it on curled lashes yet but, I am looking forward to it. I wore this for a couple hours underneath glasses and while, they were long enough to brush the lenses; it left ZERO black smudges. That is a miracle, you guys. I also didn’t notice any smudging underneath my eyes. It is double the price of the current mascara I use though but, the cruelty-free part might make it worth the buy and maybe this will last longer than just a month? I’ll have to look into it a bit more. Have you ever tried this mascara? What are your thoughts on it?

Look at how sad and dry my skin is! It hates this desert sun! :’-(

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Sized Retail Value:

I’ve already received a shipping notice e-mail for my July bag! I feel like usually it’s sent out later than this but hey, I’m not complaining or anything. Can’t wait to see what I get! For your convenience and if you’re interested, here’s the link to subscribe to your own monthly Play! By Sephora bag:


21 thoughts on “Play! By Sephora | June 2018

  1. This looks like a pretty good bag this month. I would love to try all of these products. I love the color of that matte lip cream, even if you weren’t too crazy about it. Also, I suffer from dry lips sometimes too (even though I always wear lip balm). I make sure to use a good exfoliating lip scrub every day, and it definitely helps. Plus, I wear lipsticks/lip cream every single day, and by the end of the day when I get home from work, my lips always have dry skin and gunk on them, probably from the lip creams. It always feels so good to give them a nice scrub each night when I get home from work. I use the Fizz & Bubble sugar scrub because it exfoliates nicely. Just thought I would recommend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! I was pleasantly surprised because I had been so disappointed the past few months with this bag! I liked the color of the lippie but, just not on me. 😛 lol. Every lip scrub I’ve used (not too many) has caused my lips to dry out even more, so I’m a little afraid of them now lol. Thank you for your recommendation though!! I might have to give it a try. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I actually like this bag design a lot! That Too Faced lippie… omg. But I think it’s great that they included that Milk Makeup Kush mascara, I feel like that product is fairly new. I am surprised you didn’t like the Belif aqua bomb, I feel like everyone raves about it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had never even heard of the Belif Aqua bomb before and man, it looked nice but did nothing for me since my face is extra dry! ❤ Hope you've got a better idea if you'd wanna try the bag or not!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yasss I think you told me but we got the same products! Lol.
    And I actually didn’t like the perfume very much, it’s not something I would wear. I think I still have it if you would like me to send it to you lol.
    Awh too bad you didn’t like the belif moisturizer,I loved it and I’m glad I got a second sample lol. Same with the hair spray. I used the hair spray without blow drying and my fine hair still looked pretty good after using it.
    I’m still not sure how I feel bout the makeup remover..I forget I have it so I haven’t reached for it because I have a makeup removing oil and towel lol.
    I’m excited to use the milk mascara but not until I go through the older ones I have. I’m excited to try it because it’s made with hemp derived CBD lol.


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