Vegan Cuts Snack Box | June 2018

I am soooo super excited to show you all my new subscription box!! I purchased the “gift” option of 6 months (with no renewal) at a grand total of: $120– that’s only $20/box.


If you’ve never heard of Vegan Cuts before, listen up: they actually have three different boxes. There’s this box I’m showing you right now aka the Snack Box, there’s a Makeup Box, and a Beauty Box. A new Snack Box and a new Beauty Box is sent out every month but, the Makeup Box is only sent out quarterly. The Makeup Box includes 4 or more full-sized makeup products to match each season– all products are vegan and cruelty-free. Their Beauty Box has 4-7 products each month, this box includes a mix of makeup, skincare, haircare, nailcare, etc. Everything in that box is also vegan and cruelty-free.

And as for the Snack Box…


You will find a cute postcard with a list on the back with a little info about each snack and there will be 10-12 snacks in each box!!

What Was In My Box?!

Theme: Summer Snacks


Sunny Fruit
Sweet & Delicate Dried Mulberries

“Sweet and delicate dried mulberries with no added sugar.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 2/5
My Review: These were so odd. They were crispy on the outside and squishy in the middle. It was okay at the first bite but, left a bitter aftertaste.

Would I Repurchase?: No
Full-Size Retail Value: $8.50 (5.3 oz)


Rise Brewing Co.
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in Lemonade

“Bright and refreshing lemonade nitro cold brew that is half organic lemonade and half creamy coffee.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 0/5
My Review: What the heck is this crap?! I was so scared to try it! Like, lemonade coffee?! I asked boyfriend to try it first and by the look on his face I knew I shouldn’t have even sipped it but, I just had to. It tastes exactly like the name. Lemonade mixed with coffee… very, very disgusting!!

Would I Repurchase?: Never!
Full-Size Retail Value: A variety pack of 12 cans is $33.24


Stoneridge Orchards
Whole Dried Tart Montmorency Cherries

“Dried tart Montmorency cherries in a convenient snack pack.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 4/5
My Review: Just simple dried cherries. I liked ’em but, they were nothing special. Aren’t all plain dried fruits vegan anyways?

Would I Repurchase?: Sure, I’ll toss ’em in a salad
Full-Size Retail Value: 5 (1 oz) packs for $11.34


Rise Buddy
Baked Rice Snacks in Sea Salt

“Brown rice crisps with a hint of sea salt baked to absolute perfection.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 4/5
My Review: I liked these airy crisps. They were nicely salted but, a little too plain to be completely satisfying for a snack.

Would I Repurchase?: Maybe– to try the other flavors
Full-Size Retail Value: Variety, 12 pack for $18.00


Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread

“All natural Belgian dark chocolate spread perfect with fruit or bread.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 4/5
My Review: I spread this on a piece of bread and I liked it a lot. It was just yummy chocolaty goodness.

Would I Repurchase?: I don’t see why not
Full-Size Retail Value: $9.99 (14.1 oz)


Plant Snacks
Cassava Root Chips in Vegan Cheddar

“Vegan cheddar cheese cassava root chips free of the big 8 allergens.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 4/5
My Review: These were really flavorful. The “cheesiness” was impressive and I liked the crispiness of the chips. They stink though and I didn’t enjoy the weird, almost wet paste texture of the “cheese.” I would like to try them again in the future since boyfriend liked these, he actually ate most of ’em. 😉

Would I Repurchase?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: Pack of 3 (5 oz) Bags for $13.77


Pretty Smart Foods
Rawcha Choc Chip & Coconut Bar + Turmeric

“Superfood-packed snack bar with matcha, whole chocolate chips, coconut flakes and a dash of sea salt.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 0/5
My Review: So gross, I couldn’t even swallow the tiny piece I bit off. Like I did with the cold brew lemonade coffee above, I made boyfriend eat this first. He hated it and told me so, but of course, I had to try it myself. I think even those who love coconut would hate this– it was bitter and gritty… pretty much just pure shit.

Would I Repurchase?: Never
Full-Size Retail Value: I don’t know, they are sold out (HOW AND WHY?) so the price isn’t listed anywhere?


Janabanana Bar
The Original Banana Bar with Peanut Butter

“Sun ripened banana and peanut butter combined in a delicious snack bar.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 2.5/5
My Review: Oh man, how weird were these!? VERY. This bar was such a weird texture but, the taste wasn’t horrible. I’d rather just eat a real banana with real peanut butter.

Would I Repurchase?: No
Full-Size Retail Value: Pack of 12 for $13.90


Nutter Puffs
Puffed Snack w/ Real Peanut Butter

“Salty and sweet peanut butter packed into a perfectly snackable puff.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 1/5
My Review: These were like stale Cheeto puffs with real peanut butter smeared all over instead of cheese powder. Not so tasty…

Would I Repurchase: No
Full- Size Retail Value: Pack of 5 (4 oz) bags for $24.99


Veggie Elite Performance Protein in Chocolate Mocha

“Chocolate mocha flavored elite protein powder with 24g of plant protein.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: N/A
My Review: I’m not trying this. I’m too scared.

Would I Repurchase?: No
Full-Size Retail Value: $15.23 (1.26 lbs)


Kimera Koffee
Coffee w/ Cognitive Enhancers

“Premium high altitude artisan coffee grounds.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 0/5
My Review: I don’t think I’m that picky with coffee but I do drink it straight black so I can really taste the differences in each cup. This was really not for me. It was sour which isn’t what I prefer… I could only take a sip and then another before I decided I hated it.

Would I Repurchase?: No
Full-Size Retail Value: $21.95 (12 oz)


Vigilant Eats
Superfood Cereal in Mango Fusion

“Superfood cereal cup with a blend of organic tropical fruits.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 2/5
My Review: I’m not a huge fan of oatmeal but, I do think someone who is would enjoy this snack. I just added some cold almond milk and it turned all smooshy and creamy. The fruit bits were sweet then, bitter… that turned me off.

Would I Repurchase?: Nah
Full-Size Retail Value: Pack of 6 (2.3 oz) Cups for $23.75


Softer Than Brittle

“Soft and flaky brittle snack made with yummy pecans.” (via VeganCuts)

My Rating: 5/5
My Review: Yum, if you’ve ever had pecan brittle this was like that but, coated in something delicious. It was softer than brittle, for sure, but still had a good crunch. The best snack I received in the box.

Would I Repurchase?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: $11.15 (5.5 oz)

*All prices were found on Amazon Smile.*

Welp, I’m stuck with this box for the next 5 months… I’m nervous to see what I get next month but, still excited! If you want to check out Vegan Cuts, go ahead and click: here.


21 thoughts on “Vegan Cuts Snack Box | June 2018

    1. Yeah! One of the snacks I miss the most is Cheez-Its so I was happy to try those. 😀 I think I’ll truly buy ’em again. But, those bars… ahhh!! Aren’t they scary?! LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. These are some interesting snacks, but definitely not my cup of tea. I don’t think there’s a single thing you got that I would be interested in trying/eating. Never in my life have I heard of lemonade and coffee together. Just wow. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, I’m so terrified that I’m getting 5 more boxes. Everything is so out there. 😛 Still, it’s interesting to try snacks that are all completely vegan! Oh & that lemonade coffee was really terrible, what were they thinking? They’ve got some other weird flavors, too, if I remember correctly.

      Liked by 1 person

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