Journal Entry #112

July 09, 2018

Hi guys. 🙂 I know I said we were gonna go to the outdoor pool movie at the Red Rock today but, I changed my mind. I woke up and decided I wanted to just sit at home and do nothing all day before going back to work tomorrow. 😛 Hopefully we’ll be up for it another day before the summer is over.

Saturday night at work, thankfully, did end up being loads better than Friday for me. It was steady yet, not as lucrative as Saturdays typically are but, I’m satisfied with how my night went. If you guys read my last journal entry, you might remember the drunk girl I mentioned that flopped around during our dance together? Well, gosh, she is starting to become a huge problem for me.

I was standing against the wall and a client approached me and she literally stood there and watched us while we chatted, I knew she was going to jump in and try to get him to pay her, too. He ended up walking away and saying he’d get a dance later, I’m not super pushy so I let him go freely. She instantly grabbed him and tried to persuade him to spend on us. I could tell I didn’t want to dance with either of them– they were both wasted and I’m still scared of drinking so I haven’t since I got sick.

I tried to walk away but, she grabbed my hand and I didn’t want to look like a bitch in front of everyone so, I let her pull me along while she talked to customers who weren’t interested in her. She was talking all kinds of crap to them when they denied her like “ew, you must be retarded?! Get out of here!”. I HATE girls who talk shit like that to the clients for denying them… it’s not their fault they have a different type? It makes the clients real upset, obviously. Sometimes they’ll even leave! Those girls are so offended that they are denied, they think EVERYONE should think they’re hot??? It’s so annoying and I’m starting to really hate this drunk bitch but, she’s my locker neighbor and I don’t know how to be rude to her or how to tell her to leave me alone. Help!

Anyways, I decided to head home at 3a that night. Boyfriend was way too drunk for his own good, too. I was so annoyed of drunk people at that point, you guys. Ick.

Yesterday, boyfriend and I both had the day off. 😀 We woke up and laid around for a bit. I looked up some recipes and made a grocery list. We went to Smith’s as usual… I, once again, bought way too many snacks and we spent even more than we did last time I said we spent too much lol.

When we got home, I blogged a little and we ate dinner while watching the 5th episode of Big Brother. If I heard correctly, there was another new episode last night so we are not all the way caught up yet so please, don’t say anything about it to me yet! See what I mean about that show? There are SO many episodes, it’s insanely hard to stay caught up.

After BB, we watched an episode (or was it two?) of Boy Meets World before I decided I needed to get back to blogging so I could schedule that unboxing post I published this morning. 😉 When I was done writing that, I decided I wanted to watch a film before bed. I looked on the Vudu app on the Roku connected to our TV and I discovered that they offer a good variety of free films and shows. I found Showgirls which I’ve heard of but, have never watched. We were halfway through before boyfriend got sleepy-eyed. It is a long movie so I understood. In bed, I read a bit of Every Day before dozing off.

I woke up around 1p and boyfriend stirred awake not too long after. We chilled in bed together until like 5p; we both had the absolute worst tummy aches. We weren’t the least bit surprised though because we bought Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper salsa at the grocery store and couldn’t help eating way too much last night. P.S. If you like spicy shit, seriously, try it. I think I’ve mentioned it before on my blog awhile back, too.

We were finally getting a bit hungry after smoking 2 blunts in bed so boyfriend got up to start on dinner. I laid a bit more before I dragged myself into the shower lol. After my shower, I read a few blogs while boyfriend finished up in the kitchen. It wasn’t long before we could eat!!

Food was yummy and we ate it in front of the rest of the Showgirls film. Tomorrow I have a film reviews post going up and I don’t know if I should include it or if I should wait until my next film reviews post? Hmm… I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what I decide.

My July Birchbox has already been shipped and I still need to show you all two more boxes from June!! I’m trying my hardest to get all the products tested out, I promise!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!



10 thoughts on “Journal Entry #112

    1. Yeah I think if I told the boss he’d fire her… I don’t want that for her. & she’s not the only girl who is incredibly rude to customers, they don’t care unless the customer complains. Then most of the time the girl is suspended if not fired.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Jeez that girl is such a hindrance, not only will is it bad for business but its awful to work with! Hopefully she’ll shape up! Looking forward to your unboxing posts (and maybe food recipe reviews too?😋)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m surprised it’s even allowed for that girl to do that. You would think she would get fired or something for possibly scaring away customers.

    That ghost pepper salsa sounds yummy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate it, but if she were to get caught or a customer complained she’d get fired or suspended. She’s been suspended before for hitting a customer with her purse but she’s back & at it again. 😛
      Next time you go to the grocery store, look for the salsa!! It might be there!? You will LOVE it.

      Liked by 1 person

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