July 07, 2018

Ugh, I cannot wait for it to be tomorrow already! Boyfriend has the next two days off so I will be taking them off, too. 😀 On Monday, I am really hoping we can make it out to one of the outside pool movies!! I’m thinking the one at the Red Rock since I was able to get a free ticket on Eventbrite just by RSVPing.

Thursday night at work wasn’t so bad. It’s summer (which means it’s nearly desolate in our club every night) so I can’t complain. I did a VIP dance with my locker neighbor and she was literally SO drunk, she just plopped down next to our client and put her head down while I carried her weight and did all the entertaining. I was so mad… that’s why I HATE doing dances with other girls. If you guys thought I had a drinking problem; it’s because you haven’t met half of my co-workers yet. This particular girl I’m speaking about is well over the age of 21 so she could get free drinks all night but it’s still not enough for her so she ALWAYS has a bottle in her locker. She needs it for her first couple shots before she can even go out and talk to the other customers. My used-to-be-BFF at one of the clubs I worked at in Minnesota is the exact the same way and I’ve been down that road, I was there with them and I keep thinking I’m better, that I’m walking down this clear and happy path now… but, I have to admit… I sure do stumble and fall onto that dark one more often than I wish to. I hope I don’t just give up one day and say “fuck it all” and be a drunk bitch every night like I used to be.

It feels soooo nice typing with these short little itty bitty nails. 😀 I never want long nails again but, gosh… they make my hands look so much better.

Yesterday, boyfriend had work and I woke up around the same time as he did– around noon. I laid in bed, read Girl in Pieces and some posts on my reader. A little past 5p, I decided I needed to get showered and start on my Currentlys… post. After my shower, I took a few pics for that post then, I made a salad with chicken and ate it in front of one episode of Bunheads. I started my post and of course, the editor was being wonky so it took me much longer than I had anticipated. When boyfriend got home I was still working on it when I should’ve been doing my makeup.

I didn’t get to work until around midnight and I left early at almost 2a. The atmosphere just felt bad in there and the customers were just annoying the crap outta me. Wish me better luck tonight!

I haven’t ate anything yet so I should go find something in the kitchen now. All I did today was read Girl in Pieces all the way to the end (and take a shower)!! I’m so proud of myself for finishing it with only like 2 hours left before it’s due. 😀



20 thoughts on “Journal Entry #111

    1. No one comes to Vegas except for students in the summer because it’s way too hot & there’s not as many/nearly no conventions in town. It’ll be slow here ’til nearly Sept. Thanks for the well wishes, April! ❤ ❤

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  1. I know a lot of people in the sex industry have drinking or drug problems because it’s the only way they can cope with what they’re doing. It’s not the right type of work for just anybody, so I think people like that girl probably need some extra ‘courage’ and then develop a problem along the way. =/ I know for me, personally, I am too shy and awkward. I wouldn’t even be able to be chatty with customers or even do a dance (with my clothes on) unless I was pretty drunk.

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    1. Ah… yeah, it’s lame. I love my job & a lot of ’em already had the problems & couldn’t find any other jobs so they hate dancing. It’s sad but, all you said is true, too. I just feel if you aren’t fit for the job… it’s not worth it to keep fucking yourself up for the $. When I first started I was 19, so I was always sober & ecstatic about my new job. Then I met some girls who would put bottles in their locker & all of a sudden I thought I needed to be drunk to work. Now, I’m okay without it. 🙂 I have trouble being friendly with my co-workers, though. I am completely fine with the men… but the girls are literally the reason why I drink- so I can socialize with them & not seem so weirdo. 😛

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  2. Well, I’ve never imagined any of your story.. I think it is a hard work really 🙄 I am amaze.. Bravo for you still stand up high and do all the things.. I really got drunk sometimes in the past when I was in college in Melbourne.. Last time I really got drunk and I felt really bad after that, like my body cannot handle it. Maybe because I am older 🤣🤣🤣

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