Journal Entry #110

July 05, 2018

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, damn. I can’t say it enough; time flies by way too quickly and I just hate it!!


Yesterday, was pretty fun but, the heat was exhausting. We went to Heritage Park in Henderson for the July 4th Festival I mentioned in my Summer 2018 Bucket List. It started at 6p and everything like the games, shops, and food were scheduled to close at 8:30p. We ate some leftovers at home earlier in the day so we wouldn’t be starving but, still hungry enough to eat some fair food. We didn’t leave our place until like 7p… we weren’t expecting the longest line ever to just to get into the place!!


It took us over 15m to find a parking spot and then, when we were walking up, we were all of a sudden stopping… I looked ahead and was like “holy crap…” everyone had to be checked by security before going in so that’s what the hold up was. Luckily, that line went pretty quickly.


By the time we finally made it into the place, it was nearly 8p so we only had half an hour to get all the food we wanted! We wanted something savory and hearty and we also wanted a dessert or two. We took a stroll through all of the food vendors and decided on a few that we knew we had to stop at– ALL of the lines were outrageous.


The Lunch Crew truck had a line but, it looked like the only one that was moving and it was at least half as long as the funnel cake and carne asada fries line so we stood in that hectic line for our two combo meals.


I ordered their Pastrami Wrap with no cheese and a side of their sweet potato salad. Neither of ’em were very tasty. Boyfriend chose their Chicken Philly Wrap and a side of fries… neither of those were that good, either.


We sat down on the curb to eat our meal from The Lunch Crew but, looked at the time and realized we needed to get in line for our desserts! I wanted deep-fried Oreos but, that line was waaay too long for me. I went for the mini donuts which for some reason didn’t have a line at all.


They let us choose two toppings; we went with powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar. The donuts were a bit small but, they were mighty delicious.


I also spotted the Fluff Ice truck on our way in. I had tried their bizarre shaved ice concept at the Foodie Pods Festival I went to a little while back and I was so excited to try a different flavor this time!!


It was already 8:40p when we got into the Fluff Ice line. I was so grateful they didn’t really close up shop at 8:30p like they said they were going to. The fireworks were starting all around us, in every corner of the sky.

While the line we were waiting in was quite long, it didn’t compare to the one that was next to us:


I think they were all just waiting for regular ice cream cones and freshly squeezed lemonade? I don’t know… but, what we got was even better than that anyways.


I had the Candy Factory which was was strawberry fluff ice topped with sprinkles and gummy bears. Boyfriend got their Original flavor, which was just white fluff ice that tasted like milk (I didn’t try it because yuck), topped with strawberries and mangoes. He liked it but, I hate the taste of milk!! We also shared a freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade… mmmmm. โค


Right after we got our cups of Fluff Ice we seriously bee-lined to our car. We were eating while we were walking and I was laughing my ass off because I kept seeing boyfriend drop bits and pieces from his cup. We really didn’t want to get stuck in the traffic of humans and cars when the fireworks show ended and honestly, the fireworks were going on EVERYWHERE anyways… every spot was a good spot.


It was the coolest thing seeing them far off in the distance. They looked so tiny, then there would be ones that I swear I could touch. We drove off as soon as we ate up all of our dessert, way before everyone else at the park lol.


Boyfriend and every other driver on the road was distracted by the beautiful shooting lights going off all around!!! It was such a sight to see– so mesmerizing. I am really glad we decided to drive home because we got to watch ALL of the light shows instead of just the one above Heritage Park.

I had never seen anything like it, it was truly amazing. I’m sorry I couldn’t capture any of the fireworks in action, I would watch them and press the capture button too late… as in, after they disappeared so I just gave up LOL. I’m sure you all saw some of your own fireworks anyways. I just wish I could have shown you how awesome it was when there were little fireworks in the distance and then bigger ones close to us, all at the same time and in every direction. SO crazy cool.

When we got home I took a shower because I was super sweaty AND this disgusting old man sneezed on my arm!!, I typed up my Birchbox Unboxing (finally!), scheduled it, then, I turned off the computer and sat with boyfriend on the couch for some Boy Meets World. We went to sleep a little bit early for us… like around 1:30a. I was the one falling asleep on the couch but, when we got into bed he fell asleep first so I stayed up and caught up with the blogs on my reader.

The book I’m reading is due in like 2 days back to the library and I’m so nervous because I’m not even 50% done, yet. AHHH. I want to finish it.

We woke up today around 3p!! I don’t know how because we went to sleep earlier than usual. The heat must of really exhausted us!!

We laid around for a bit while I read some blogs and a bit of my book, then around 5p I decided it was time for a shower. Boyfriend started making dinner and when I got out, there was only around 20m until it was done. I decided to take off my old nail polish and clip my nails (all the way down!! They were really long, too, but they were annoying me).

Dinner was done at almost the exact same time I was done clipping my fingers minus one pinky, lol. We ate in front of the 4th episode of Big Brother. I changed my mind about not hating anyone… I have grown a distaste for Tyler now. His eyes are buggin’ and they scare the crap outta me.

After dinner, we smoked a blunt while still watching BB… after it was done, I went back to doing my nails. I filed them and then, painted them. I was still working on them when BB ended so I asked boyfriend if he could pretty please go without me to Starbucks for our espressos so I could finish up. He was so lovely and went while I painted.

I watched an episode and a half of Bunheads before I was done, then I got those pictures above ready for this post and I doubt my nails are even completely dry yet but, I started writing this, now we’re going to smoke again and then I’ll have to start doing my makeup for work. Hopefully no one remembers how embarrassing I was on Monday…….



19 thoughts on “Journal Entry #110

  1. That pastrami wrap looks delicious! And Yeah the weeks go by so fast for me also! And I need to start getting library books but I am so forgetful I know I would forget to give the book back even if I did finish!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a pretty wrap but it didn’t taste that good lol. I hate how fast time flies! It makes me so stressed out. & Oh, I use the OverDrive app. It’s a digital library so like when it’s due, it just goes bye-bye!! :/

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmm, I love mini donuts but they were thin compared to some real fluffy ones we’ve had before. I wish there were more food trucks here- there always seem to be the same few trucks even at different festivals.

      Liked by 1 person

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