Birchbox | June 2018


How freaking adorable is this month’s box?! I love love love the little cartoon people playing on the beach of my box’s lid. They all look like they’re having so much fun and it’s just so perfect for June.


They even went so far as adding these little people in donut floaties in the water of the sides of my box. So precious!!!


I’m not sure if Birchbox has “themes” but, I realize maybe warm weather pleasures” is the theme this month if they do do that kinda thing.

What Was In My Box?!


Dr. Jart+
Ceramidinβ„’ Cream

“This lightweight cream is full of ceramides, making it a powerhouse hydrater that boosts skin’s moisture retention.” (via Birchbox)

My Review: This was just a *bonus* sample so it was really small. I was only able to use it twice and I hated the scent. It smelled just like walking into Whole Foods which is fine for awhile but, not for as long as this lasts on your hands and face. It’s a yellow, thick lotion but, it wasn’t too sticky and it dries rather quickly. Sadly, it didn’t moisturize my face at all. The day after using this instead of my regular moisturizer, I’ve never been drier. The skin around my lips was ashy and boyfriend was like, “babe… you need lotion.”

Full-Size Retail Value: $48
Cruelty-Free?: No


Midnight Recovery Eye

“This eye treatment contains lavender oil to minimize lines and dark circles, Butcher’s Broom to reduce puffiness, and squalane to hydrate.” (via Birchbox)

My Review: I was surprised to see that this was actually more of a thick lotion than a serum. It says to use “two drops” so I thought it would be thinner. My face had a little oily glide to it for the rest of the night, which I was not a fan of but, I did wake up a little brighter– probably in that only noticeable to myself way. I won’t be using this product again because I saw a small red dot appear on my skin in the area I applied it… the dot went away before the day ended but, I’m almost positive it would get worse if I used it again.

Full-Size Retail Value: $37
Cruelty-Free?: No


PEEK Beauty
Metalimatte Naturally Quick Drying Blush in A-boo

“Add a pop of peachy-pink to your cheeks with this cream blush that has a subtle hint of shimmer.” (via Birchbox)

My Review: The packaging of this creamy blush is so cute. Even cuter that the name of the shade I received is “A-boo” but, none of that matters. I didn’t like that I had to apply this with my fingers… I like to use my fingers to apply makeup to my face: never. This barely shows up on my skin and I got sick of wiping more and and more of it onto my cheeks, I never got any sign of color so I just gave up. Blah.

Full-Size Retail Value: $22
Cruelty-Free?: Yes


Beauty Protector
Protect & Oil

“This light argan oil-infused formula leaves hair glossy and frizz-free (even in humidity). It also protects from UV rays and heat-styling, making it an ultimate damage defender.” (via Birchbox)

My Review: I like this. It’s not too greasy and the scent is a little strong but, not terrible; it smelled faintly of a smoke shop. It did make my hair look glossy, shiny, and frizz-free almost immediately. I believe that it helped protect my hair from UV rays and heat-styling, too, even if I don’t have proof. My hair just felt better. I’ll for sure use this entire sample!

Full-Size Retail Value: $28
Cruelty-Free?: Unsure


Beautaniq Beauty
Fill + Tame Brow Gel

“Keep your brow hairs in place with this lightweight aloe vera-enriched formula that doesn’t flake or fade.” (via Birchbox)

My Review: How can they even claim that this crap doesn’t flake? It literally is like clear liquid glue!! It made my eyebrows so hard and created loads of white flakes all over my eyebrows. Oh no no no. This is NOT a nice product. The packaging sure is adorable though.

Full-Size Retail Value: $12
Cruelty-Free?: Yes


Big Apple Sun Cream SPF 50

“Formulated with apple water extract and natural herbal ingredients, this hydrating cream with SPF 50 smooths, evens tone, and protects your complexion.” (via Birchbox)

My Review: How fun to receive a K-Beauty product! And it was a SUN CREAM?! I was so excited. As you guys might’ve guessed; the sun is outrageous here in Vegas and my face was definitely in need of this! The scent is a bit much, it smells like one of those cheap bar soaps labeled “original” but, even worse. It dried onto my face extremely quickly, it wasn’t one bit greasy nor did it feel thick or heavy. It was creamy as it came out but, nearly pasty or chalky when rubbed in. I didn’t mind that. I’ll probably continue using it. I’ve only tried it once so far and I didn’t see any bad skin reactions. I also don’t have anything else that is protecting my face from the sun so I don’t see any harm in continuing use of this sample!

Full-Size Retail Value: $28
Cruelty-Free?: Unsure, will update if I receive a response to my e-mail

I was ecstatic to try each and every product I received this month. I was sad that they all didn’t work out for me in the end but, at least I was able to try. πŸ™‚ If you’d like to receive your own personalized Birchbox for just $10/month, you should use my referral link:


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    1. I think I am obsessed with beauty boxes but I think they might be a bit unnecessary so I could understand why you’re not interested in them lol. But yes!! Isn’t the box so adorable?! ❀ Love it!!!

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