Last month, like every other month, I read a large amount of entertaining posts that I want to share with you.

I’ve been doing this for the past two months at the bottom of my Monthly Currentlys… but, I wanted to completely separate this part and give the talented bloggers I feature a little more recognition than I was. I also wanted to have some more room to explain why I chose to include each post.

Alrighty, my favorite posts that were published in June 2018 were…

The Day Continues (SF Part 2) by Jess at Grubbing With Jess Jess goes exploring for some awesome food, nature, and a beautiful cinema! There are actually 4 parts to her trip and I enjoyed them all but, I had to pick a favorite!!

Driving, Quincinera, Day 1 by Julie at Julie Cares – I honestly love every single one of Julie’s posts. She is hilarious and it’s so fun keeping up with her day to day to life. I did my best to narrow it down to just a FEW of my faves. I chose Driving because she includes a delicious looking Meat & Cheese Pie recipe that she makes! In Quincinera, she goes out of her comfort zone and attends a beautiful party and in Day 1 she walks us through her first day on a little birthday mini vacation with a little photo tour of her rental and amazing beach photos. ALSO, she unboxes Loot Crate every month!! She’s the only blogger I follow that opens that box so it’s always exciting to see what she gets!

How to grow your hair faster, Inspiration provided by you (doodles), The blog I initially intended to make by Andrea at The Perks of Being Different – I constantly find myself shaking my head up and down, agreeing with everything Andrea writes on her blog. She usually doesn’t share such posts as How to grow your hair faster but, the method she talks about is something I’ve never, ever heard of before! It’s super interesting to read her own experience with it, too. She also draws these cute little Emotion Doodles and one day, she wrote a post asking her readers for some suggestions/inspiration. I came up with the “Love Lemon” and she REALLY drew it. It’s the cutest thing ever, she also drew a few of her other readers’ suggestions in Inspiration provided by you. In the last post I want to share of hers, The blog I initially intended to make, she shares short stories of her past… just read it– it will surely bring a smile to your face.

Coconut Lane: Mermaid Magic by Savannah Marie Harding – Savannah introduces us to a really adorable brand I never heard of before called Coconut Lane and she shows us the goodies she received in their Mermaid Sass Box.

Some More Decor by Britney at Surrealistique – Britney recently bought a new home and I just am completely envious of her decorating skills. In this post she shows us her kitchen, a sneak-peek of her basement, and her cutie cat Cameron making himself at home!

Spring Pinks : Beautiful Spring Inspired Lipsticks by Oriana at Oriana’s Notes – The lipsticks Oriana compares are so beautiful and her pictures are so pretty. Even though she titled it “Spring Pinks” I think the colors are nice for the summer, too. The post is well-organized and I just always enjoy a beauty comparison post over a one-product review post.

Fit Friday-Summer Break Addition by Carly at Caffeinated Carly – Being a foodie and that Carly includes the most scrumptious looking food in all of her posts, it’s always hard for me to pick which one of hers is my favorite! I chose this one because she included Chipotle tacos probably.

DIY Crystal Hairclip by Mia at Beautiful, Creative, Inspiring…Life – These hairclips that Mia makes are amazing! She proves that impulse buys can be worth it in the end. πŸ˜‰ I like DIY posts but, most of the time I’m like, “cool– I’d never make that.” I would actually try making this, maybe.

Wayback Wednesday : For the Love of Food by Mich at Love, Emmitchell – Beautiful food and super interesting drinks!!

Menstruation Frustration by EJ at EJ Today – So much up and down head nodding when I read this. It was comforting to know that someone else goes through exactly what I do each month.

Birthday Freebies 2018 by EmmaΒ Kernstein – My birthday was in June so this post was super helpful for me and if your birthday is coming up, seriously, check this one out!

Liberty Tree Tavern Review by Magic In The Everyday – This Disney restaurant is out of this world. The interior is really the cutest and the food looks so hearty and wonderful.

Story Ideas from The Aisles Have Eyes by Marnie at Marnie Writes – Marnie comes up with some super creative and intriguing science fiction ideas after reading The Aisles Have Eyes by Joseph Turow.

Street Food Festival by GlenΒ Conbeer – Glen goes to an awesome festival and tries all types of mouthwatering vegan foods!

Films to Watch this Pride Month by Jessica Riga Not many other people included anything on their blog about Pride Month. I haven’t watched any of the films Jessica included on her list but, they all sound extremely interesting and have been added to my Watch List.

This time on the SIMS4, On the eve of my daughter’s birthday… by Demi at The Lupie Momma – Demi’s writing is the best, it’s always so easy and quick to read with a few jokes here and there. Reading how she plays the Sims inΒ This time on the SIMS4 was one of my favorites because I LOVE that game and I’m always interested in hearing other people’s gameplay. When I read On the eve of my daughter’s birthday… I was both laughing and nearly crying. The way she tells us the story of her daughter’s birth is breathtaking to say the very least.

Recreating A Childhood Picture – Tea Party With Dad by Jamie at Don’t Give A Jam – This post seriously pulled at my heartstrings. Jamie and her father are soooo freaking precious!

Favorite Fictional Fathers, Tabletop Wishlist: The Sequel by Michelle at A Geek Girl’s Guide – For Father’s Day, Michelle made a list of her Favorite Fictional Fathers and I thought it was so fun and unique! In Tabletop Wishlist: The Sequel she introduces us to board games you’ve never seen before. I want to play them all but, especially the Cat Lady game!

Yes, It’s True, I Don’t Want Kids by Rosie at Rosie Culture – Rosie talks about why she doesn’t want to have kids… not now, not ever. I am on her side 100% and agree with all of her reasoning. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Summer beauty products that I am actually excited for by Nova at Super Nova Beauty Blog – Nova puts us in the know about all of the best new beauty releases this summer!

My Science and Industry Museum Visit! by Pamela at Starring Pamela – You guys know I love a good museum! Pamela brings us with her on an exciting visit to the Science and Industry Museum.

The Kahlo Alternatives by Daisy Grey – Daisy shares with us some extraordinarily talented female artists to look up to.

Kenosha Lakefront Love|Piano Crawl 2018| by Alexyss at All Things Alexyss – Alexyss finds beautifully painted pianos all over her city of Kenosha.

GOOD THAI FOOD IN LAS VEGAS AT LE THAI DOWNTOWN by Jo Ann at Sports and Travel Blog – Of course I’m including this because Jo Ann hit up my city and convinced me to move this restaurant higher up on my list of Thai restaurants to visit!

Okay, that’s it!! I hope you will enjoy reading the posts listed above as much as I did. ❀


Featured Image by Kari Shea

41 thoughts on “The Best WP Posts I Read In June 2018

  1. You like me you really like me 😍 thanks for including me! I have more Sim adventures I need to share too! I can’t wait to go check out the other stories

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh yes! Can not wait to read more about your Sim adventures. I need a new computer because my game runs way too slowly to be enjoyable. 😦 I hope you enjoy reading the other stories I shared! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are so sweet! I never miss your posts either. Yours are so fun and interesting!
    We follow a lot of the same blogs too. πŸ˜‚
    I love opening those boxes each month and it’s because of you that I started it, with your boxes that you get!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!! You’re the best!! ❀ ❀ I'm not surprised we follow a lot of the same blogs, it seems we have the same taste on a lot of stuff. πŸ˜€ & really?! I didn't know I inspired you to get the box but, that's so awesome because I love those unboxings, they're so fun hehe. ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for featuring me! ☺️ I still have to get my blogger spotlight post up soon too. I love how you explain what you like about each post. I’m going to have to check out some of these.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Gaahh, I was going to write up the post tonight, but I got sidetracked with shopping for skincare stuff. lol Friday is bath bomb and movie night, but I’m gonna get it up sometime this weekend. I have like 4 posts planned now. I just have to write them all up. πŸ˜›


  4. OMG I haven’t been on WP in so long and this was such an amazing surprise to come back to!! Thank you so much for linking my post in this! I’m looking forward to reading through some of the other posts you mentioned and also looking forward to being on WP more regularly!

    Liked by 1 person

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