Journal Entry #109

July 04, 2018

Happy Independence Day, friends!! What are your plans for the holiday?

Boyfriend and I are probably going to go to the festival in Henderson. We’re gonna go a little later in the day so the sun goes down a bit and it won’t be so hot. Last year, I worked on July 4th and it was terrible so I’m taking the night off. Luckily, boyfriend also got the whole day off! 😀

Last night, I regrettably drank too much. It’s always the same old story with me. I was hoping to be able to go back to work tonight but, I was sick sick sick all day. I woke up when boyfriend left for work and tried to eat some noodles to soothe my headache and nausea but it was a BAD idea because I added the spicy packet and a liiiittle bit of sriracha. It really hurt coming back up. I watched an episode of Bunheads on my phone while throwing up in the trash can next to me. Boyfriend texted me and asked if I wanted him to find someone else to cover his shift so he could come home. Turns out like 3 of his co-workers wanted it so he came home to take care of me. ❤ I continued throwing up, off and on, took a shower (I also threw up in there) and then I finally took a really short 30 minute nap at around 6p. I woke up to find boyfriend had fallen asleep right next to me. I gently woke him up because I had a sudden craving for some fresh, juicy watermelon.

I was happy he woke up right away to bring me across the street to Albertsons. We bought a seeded watermelon, some big tupperware containers, and a delicious bottle of unsweetened tea by Tejava.

When we got home boyfriend cut up the watermelon and it was soooo freaking wonderful. MMMM. We have so much though. We decided to freeze some and make a simple sorbet out of it later but we’ll have to pick out the seeds which might be really hard and we’ll more than likely miss a few LOL but we’re still gonna try it.

I was finally feelin’ a little bit better but even now I don’t feel 100%. We watched an episode of Boy Meets World and smoked a blunt then, boyfriend started making us dinner. While he cooked I watched an episode of Bunheads. It was so weird because I got an e-mail yesterday (or the day before?) with Sutton Foster’s (the main character, Michelle, in Bunheads) face smiling at me. I was like “HEY! That’s the girl from the show I’m watching!” she’s coming to Vegas and performing at the Smith Center. Since I’m a season pass holder, I get 20% off the tickets if I want to see her in Sept. She’s so funny and talented; I am actually thinking about going to see her! When I first started watching the show I wasn’t sure if I would like her but now, I’m really starting to.

While we ate dinner, we watched more Boy Meets World and I got sucked in. I was going to  write this right after I ate but, we kept watching more and more episodes.

I’ve eaten so much, too. After dinner, I had a bowl of Oreo O’s (cereal) then, we smoked and I ate a mango popsicle. I had tons of watermelon then, I had a Quorn Chick’n Patty sandwich with fries.

Yesterday, I didn’t do much but read blogs before getting ready for work. I ate a chopped salad kit by Taylor Farms that I wasn’t a huge fan of because of the kale. I went to work from like 11p-3a.

Sunday night, after I wrote my journal entry, I found out Big Brother Season 20 started so we watched the first 3 episodes. Has anyone else started watching BB this season?? Who’s your favorite house guest, so far? I think it’s too early for me to pick faves but, there’s no one I hate yet so that’s a good thing. They picked an interesting and attractive cast this year. Well, the females are attractive. Like every single one of ’em but, the men… not so much.

Anyways, I keep forgetting to use my last product in my Birchbox!! I want to get these unboxing posts out asap but my memory keeps failing me.

I don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of the night. I feel like I’ve been laying in bed all day and it’s almost time to go back in. I’m not ready for that yet! 😛

Goodnight ❤



18 thoughts on “Journal Entry #109

  1. Happy 4th to you and the boyfriend. Besides watching and listening to my neighbors turn my street to one long dance party and fireworks show, I’m doing the three B’s- booze, BBQ and oh yeah, baseball

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    1. Thank you, babe!!! I’m definitely feeling better today. Thank God. & it is not the first time he had to stay home to take care of me lol I’m the worst. He is the sweetest though!!! ♡

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  2. It is so awful throwing up the next day after drinking! I’ve had it happen a few times, but I don’t drink more than 3 or 4 drinks at a time anymore to help prevent that. The older you get, the less your body tolerates alcohol. I can’t drink like I could when I was younger. 😦 I miss those days. lol

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    1. It really is so awful. I have no self-control. I know I shouldn’t even have 3 drinks because my mind is out the window after that. I wish I could drink & never get hungover lol.

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  3. Oh my gosh I hope you’re feeling so much better now, that must have been terrible!! 😩
    And girl you’re not the only one eating so much, I hate how much I’m eating but getting visited by Mother Nature makes me HUNGRY LOL.

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