Journal Entry #108

July 01, 2018

Oh man!! It has been awhile. It feels so good to be writing a journal entry.

Boyfriend and I have been going out to eat everyday for like the past 3 weeks, we have just been so bad. I’ve also barely been to work in the past 2 weeks. I actually did go for 3 nights last week but, 2 out of 3 of those nights I left early because I wasn’t feeling well… blech.

Last night, I really could have went but… I just didn’t want to, I guess. We went out for AYCE sushi instead lol. We had to go to Sushi Kaya since the places we usually prefer were closed. It wasn’t that good and I didn’t take any photos of the food because I was too lazy.


I didn’t want any of their desserts because I didn’t want to upset my stomach with the dairy. I still wanted to satisfy my sweet tooth though so we went to the Gelato Bar. We haven’t been here in so long and we never saw these cute little macaron guys they make now!


You can choose which ever cookie you want and they’ll put your choice of gelato or sorbet in between to make a macaron ice cream sammy!! Neither of us thought we’d be able to eat one of those though so we just ordered regular waffle cones.


I got their watermelon sorbet and boyfriend got their marshmallow gelato.


We licked our cones on the drive home. When we got home, we just snuggled on the couch, smoked a few blunts, and watched Boy Meets World. I’m so sad that we will run out of episodes soon.

Today, boyfriend had the whole day off. I woke up around 1p and he woke up about an hour later. We laid and smoked a blunt before I decided I should probably look up some recipes for the week. I found 3 pretty quickly, wrote up the grocery list, and then off we went to Smith’s. I saw these weirdo apple and grape mixed thing:


They sketched me out a little, I didn’t buy ’em. πŸ˜› I do wish I had bought some regular apples now that I think about it though. Dang… I think I went overboard on the snacks because our list wasn’t that long and we spent more than we ever have before. Oops!! At least our kitchen is all stocked up now. I actually had a dream last night that boyfriend came home and woke me up saying “the kitchen’s stocked” as he did one of those showy arm waves, LOL.

When we got home, boyfriend put the groceries away and then we had to go back out for various other things such as: refilling our water jugs, buying White Owls at the smoke shop, weed at the dispensary, and depositing cash onto my debit. It is blazing hot outside here, guys, so hot that the sun HURTS.

I’ve got two June sub boxes that I’m super close to being able to post about and then two more that I’ve not even touched yet! I will get on it as soon as I can. Keep a look out for those sometime this month!! I’m getting 5 boxes for this month, too, so I really need to hurry on trying out those June products before I get my July stuff.

Boyfriend’s cooking dinner now! And I’m probably gonna go look for a little snack and then, read some and write some blogs for the rest of the night.



18 thoughts on “Journal Entry #108

  1. I totally relate with the food thing!I’ve been eating absolute junk for the past 2-3 days too haha, feels like I gained 10 pounds this weekend.But the pictures look like the food was totally worth it, especially the ice-cream!Lovely post!

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  2. I’ve had those apple grape things and they aren’t bad. I prefer to eat them as apples and grapes though!
    Sorry you didn’t work much. And yes, it is WAY too hot, that’s why I don’t want to come until October! πŸ˜‚

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    1. Oh my gosh! What do they look like on the inside? Lol. It’s my fault for not working but I must get my booty there tonight for longer than 2 hours. πŸ˜› I think Oct. is a little chilly but since you like the cold, it may be perfect for you!!!

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  3. Omg th gelato bar!!!!! Macaronis!!! I NEED to go thee. You better take me there when I go haha that place is a must for me now ugh lol. I’ll have to make a list of places I wanna visit haha


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