LV RESTAURANT WEEK 2018 | Day 7 – Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar

I know I said we were going to make it to our reservation on Wednesday but, we ended up skipping it. We could not miss the last day of the event though!

Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar


Located at Town Square
Address: 6605 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV 89119

June 29, 2018@05:30PM
Dinner for Two


The Tommy Bahama restaurant is located inside one of their large clothing stores. There was definitely a beachy, coastal vibe to the place.


It was so cute the way the staff dressed. They were in islandy tropical wear. I loved it.


The interior was perfect. The chairs, wallpaper, everything helped give us the feels of sitting by the ocean (even though we were in the middle of the most city thing ever; a mall).

There were two Restaurant Week menus here. On one side, there was an all-day $30/pp three-course meal and on the other side was a $40/pp dinner-only three-course meal. For both options, the dessert was an extra $5 but, we opted out of it because we were stuffed to the brim after our last entrée!


Rating: 4/5 stars

Boyfriend chose the $40 dinner menu and his first course was the Mango BBQ Chicken Lollipops. I can’t help but wonder what they do with the chicken they scrape off? It’s a nice presentation to make the chicken into “lollipops,” though, kind of wasteful, don’t ya think? I enjoyed the mango BBQ sauce on the chicken, the dip that came on the side was a bit spicy, which I appreciated. I did think the meat and skin were both a little dry.


Rating: 4/5

His second course was the Classic Caesar Salad. I only had one crouton (it was yum!) but, he said that it could have used a little bit more dressing and he wasn’t a fan of the way they chopped up the lettuce. Otherwise, he thought it was really good!


Rating: 4/5

The main course for him was the Filet Mignon. Oh man, did they cook that piece of meat well!! It was so juicy and perfect. The topping wasn’t for me. The bleu cheese was overpowering and the mushrooms were minuscule. Boyfriend, on the other hand, only agrees that the mushroom pieces were too small… he liked the bleu cheese bits. He hated the arugula salad because if you’ve ever tried it, you know how bitter it is. We both got the cauliflower-potato mash side and it was PHENOMENAL! You couldn’t tell that there were cauliflowers mixed in and you didn’t need to add anything to it at all; no salt, pepper, gravy, etc.


Rating: 5/5

I went for the $30 menu. My first course was their World-Famous Coconut Shrimp. I usually don’t like coconut-flavored anything but, for some reason, I am in love with deep-fried coconut shrimp. These were fantastic, I can see why they’re “world-famous.” The papaya-mango chutney was delish. I did think the slaw on the side needed more of a citrus pop, though.


Rating: 4/5

I chose the Crab Bisque for my second course. I liked that there was a decent amount of the lump blue crab included, it was wonderful… but, it just wasn’t special. I also found one of those clear/white hard pieces you find inside crab and I almost swallowed it, too. Yikes!


Rating: 3.5/5

There was no creativity in my last course: the 1/2 Rack of Grilled Baby Back Ribs. The slaw on the side was the exact same one that came with my first course… how lame. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender though, sadly, a little too dry. The sweet & spicy blackberry brandy BBQ was my type of sauce but, boyfriend didn’t like it so much.

The service here was A+!! The first two courses came out at the same time for both of us; almost immediately after we ordered them. They also gave us free bread and a wet towel for my hands with the ribs!!


Boyfriend added on an unsweetened black tea that was so, so refreshing and tasty. They refilled it continuously with a pitcher just like they did with our waters.


We will definitely return to Tommy Bahama in the future! We had an awesome experience! I’m so happy we chose the right restaurant for our very last LV Restaurant Week outing!! Can’t wait for next year. ;D I hope you all enjoyed this series on my blog at least half as much as I enjoyed eating all the food!!


Featured Imaged found on Vegas Experience

4 thoughts on “LV RESTAURANT WEEK 2018 | Day 7 – Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar

  1. Omg this is probably the first restaurant where I feel like I’d literally eat everything you ordered. Too bad the ribs were dry and that you got the same slaw as the other dish before it that’s so stupid.
    But so glad you liked this place and that you tried all of these new restaurants


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