LV RESTAURANT WEEK 2018 | Day 4 – Zenshin Asian Restaurant

Every day from June 18th to the 29th, some of Las Vegas’ best restaurants are teaming up with Three Square to bring us Restaurant Week 2018!

All participating establishments have curated pre-fixe menus for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. Prices range from $20 per person to $80 per person.

The food is always worth it but, the best part about Restaurant Week here in Las Vegas is, for every meal you purchase; you are also providing up to 18 meals for the hungry.

I’ve taken on the challenge to attend a new restaurant every day of this event, even if I have to go it alone! I’ve chosen 12 different places with a $40 per person dinner menu and I have made all of my reservations.

Zenshin Asian Restaurant


Located inside the South Point Casino
Address: 9777 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV 89183

June 21@05:00PM
Dinner for Two

It somehow happened that I had booked us two reservations back to back at the South Point Casino. To get to Zenshin Asian Restaurant, we needed to walk deeper into the casino than we had to for Don Vito’s.


We were seated right when it was time for our reservation. We were brought to the back dining room. From the outside, you wouldn’t even know that this room existed. There were no other guests at first, the atmosphere was very casual, the interior design was very up-to-date, clean, and modern. All the popular pop songs were playing overhead but other than that, it was nice and quiet.


I was waiting around for our server because I didn’t notice we already had our menus right in front of us. Zenshin had their Restaurant Week options inserted on the first page of their everyday menu.


Both of the first courses sounded appetizing. Boyfriend chose the Three Cheese Lobster Artichoke Dip:


Rating: 2.5/5

First of all, we couldn’t believe that they only served 4 crostinis with such a big bowl of dip. The crostinis tasted like garlic bread and were really good on their own, I would have preferred a plain bread for dipping. There were good-sized lobster pieces mixed in, though, I can’t help but feel they wasted it. The rich flavor of lobster was nearly undetectable underneath all of the artichokes and creamy cheese.


Rating: 4.5/5

I was so excited for the Wagyu Steak Salad. The yuzu-bacon vinaigrette was unique and extremely tasty. It worked so well drizzled over everything, boyfriend was even lovin’ the baby heirloom tomatoes (which he usually hates)! The steak was cooked nicely but, was a little over seasoned (very black peppery). I usually don’t like to eat the fatty parts but, I actually wasn’t bothered by the little bit they left on each piece. It was also the absolute perfect portion for a first course.


Rating: 1.5/5

We saw the Filet Oscar all over IG. We were more than ready to try it ourselves. It was underwhelming as can be. The sauce tasted like a raw egg yolk (without salt or pepper on it) and while the beef was of high quality, it was cooked-well, and we were given a wonderful piece of it… it was seriously lackin’ some flavor!! The crab was alright… well, because it’s CRAB but, I feel the same way about the crab here as I do about the lobster in boyfriend’s first course. Wasted with too much detail.


Rating: 4.5/5

The Seared Duck Breast & Foie Gras was the number one entrée I was looking forward to over every single entrée in ALL of Restaurant Week. I LOVE me some duck meat!! I looked up ‘foie gras’ and it’s duck liver (in case you didn’t know, either)! Somehow, some way, and somewhere there is foie gras on or around my duck breast but, I didn’t see nor taste it… or maybe I did but, didn’t have the knowledge to recognize it. The duck was cooked to absolute perfection. The pinkish color in the center of each piece of meat was just beautiful. The red wine cherry demi sauce wasn’t bad; it worked well with the duck but, not so much with the mushrooms. If I had never tried duck in my life before and this was my very first time, I’d give this dish a 5/5. Since I have had TONS of duck before, I know I’ve liked it better prepared in different ways. I have zero complaints about the quality and presentation of this dish!

While we had a hard time choosing between such glorious options for our first and second courses… there were only 2 options for the dessert and NEITHER of ’em sounded good to us so, logically, we tried both.


Rating: 4/5

Boyfriend and I both HATE coconut and anything that tastes like it. We knew we’d hate the Kona Coffee & Coconut Cheesecake before we even took our first bite. I am giving it a 4/5 because it wouldn’t be fair to rate it lower just because I wasn’t a fan of the flavor. The texture was so silky and smooth, there was just the right amount of cheesiness, and the crust (my favorite part) was both on the bottom and top of the cake (unfortunately, it didn’t cover the back). I’m not giving it a full five stars because I didn’t taste the coffee flavor at all and there was no cocoa dusted atop like the menu claimed. Might as well just call it a Coconut Cheesecake.


Rating: 1/5

Even worse was the Mixed Berry Mousse & Gelee Verrines dessert! I do not understand how people enjoy mousses at all. It literally tastes like flavored whipped cream. The gelee was a sweet, fruity that I kind of liked but, it would’ve worked better as a cake topping. I just hated the texture of this; squishy over smooshy! Yuck. Boyfriend and I both only took two bites (the second one was just to make sure we didn’t like it).

We were really happy with the service here, they were super fast and friendly. The tables were a little dirty, with permanent cup ring marks, and other misc. stains all over it; I didn’t like that you could see your fingerprints on it every time you touched it. It was the table’s fault, though, not the bussers’.


28 thoughts on “LV RESTAURANT WEEK 2018 | Day 4 – Zenshin Asian Restaurant

  1. More misses than hits! But oh gosh the first dish with the cheese and artichokes and lobster,URGHH it sounds so good, too bad they all overwhelmed each other. And that duck with foie gras!? talk about fancy! Love these foods! Also, since you like duck, have you ever tried peking duck?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok, even though not all of it was as good, I have to admit that the dish presentation looks outstanding! I’ve never had duck…I wonder if I would like it lol. The cheesecake looks delicious as well, I’m not a fan of strong coconut taste on anythin* either lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They really did have beautiful dish presentation here! I do think you’d like duck. It’s delish! 😉 Ah, yay! I’m glad to find others who also don’t like coconut, most people think I’m crazy!!

      Liked by 1 person

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