Journal Entry #105

June 14, 2018

There was this musical comedy that I had bought tickets for on Groupon that was scheduled for this Saturday at a certain theatre. This morning I got an e-mail telling me the show was rescheduled to a different date and relocated to a different theatre as well. I was able to get a refund (hopefully, within 10 days) but, I’m sad because I was really looking forward to it. I doubt boyfriend will have July 21st (the day it’s rescheduled for) off because he always works on Saturdays so if I do plan to attend the musical, I’ll probably go alone.

I was mistaken because I thought he had Monday off next week but, turns out that’s the day his vacation ends, so I decided to take today off and I’ll be going back on Monday, too. πŸ˜›

Tuesday night, work turned out pretty well for me. I went in around 11p if I remember correctly and I left at around 3a.

On Wednesday, it was boyfriend’s first out of five days off. We went out to eat at this restaurant called DW Bistro.


It was 30 minutes away from our place and of course, the A/C in our car decided to break down when the temperatures are as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit here. I thought I was dead from the heat. I was so happy when we finally reached our destination. It was in a super ritzy, rich part of town that I’ve never been to.


The interior of the place was absolutely beautiful– very modern. I loved everything from the golden chairs to the different shaped ceiling lights.


They had tons of fancy, crafty, and unique cocktails that I was dying to try but, I’m on that stupid alcohol diet. It was freakin’ HAPPY HOUR when we went, too. It was hard not to order the fresh muddled blueberry margarita!!


Boyfriend did order a cheap $3 cider that was pretty sweet and tasty. I forgot to snap a shot of it, though, dang it! It looked like regular tap beer but, tasted MUCH better. πŸ˜‰


I told him he matched the walls and lamp shades, he noticed it, too, and started laughing ^, hahaha. ❀


Our appetizer came out pretty quickly ^. The DW Spanish Chorizo and Shrimp: fresh tomato, roasted garlic, lemon beurre blanc, basil, lavash, and crostini crackers. MMM, MMM. SO DIVINE. The chorizo was ribboned; both boyfriend and I thought they were dried chili peppers at first, lol!


I was a little disappointed in my Jerk Chicken Salad ^. It came with grilled squash, jicama, orange segments, and macadamia nuts tossed in a mango vinaigrette that tasted like straight-up mayonnaise. The little squash salad on the side was really bland– I think the squash would have been been better without the weird sauce they topped it with. Fresh and plain. I did like the jerk seasoning on the very, plump and tender chicken.


YOU GUYS, boyfriend said that the burger he ordered here at the DW Bistro (write it in your travel notebooks) was one of the VERY best he’s ever had.


The New Mexican Green Chile Cheeseburger topped with jack cheese, jalapeΓ±o bacon, and an heirloom tomato on a buttered potato bun! I had to have a bite and even though it was the smallest bite possible… I definitely have to agree that it’s one of the most flavorful and juicy burgers I’ve ever had!!

When we finished eating we went to a standalone JCPenney’s that had a Sephora in it and I bought a new concealer and mascara, I also redeemed my birthday gift. I chose the Bite lippie set. I was mad because the cashier didn’t even offer it to me… I was like “um, can I have my birthday gift?” and she replied, in a rude tone, “you want it today?” and I was thinkin’ “when the fuck else would I want it?! My birthday is on Friday…!” I’m also mad because I forgot my in-store points card that comes with the Play! box. Bleh!

The lipstick set and my concealer nearly melted on the ride home but, I was able to salvage them by popping them in the fridge for a bit. I wasn’t expecting my Ipsy bag so soon but, LUCKILY, I decided to check the mail when we came home (I knew it was on its way and wanted to make room in the box for it) and THERE it was; boiling in the heat. I was terrified that all of my products were going to be completely ruined. AHH! I’m proud to announce the fridge saved those products, too. At least… the ones I’ve already tested out!

I took a shower when boyfriend went to get our espressos and then, I got ready for work. I didn’t work too long. It was nice and steady for me. I went home at 2a which is kind of early and I probably should have stayed just a little longer but, it’s okay. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! ;D

Today, I made us (unnecessary) 5 o’clock reservations for this European tapas restaurant called Barcelona Tapas. It was located inside the Artisan Boutique Hotel which we’ve never been into (but have always been meaning to!). We were roaming around looking for the restaurant, we followed this woman (who was clearly in swimming attire so I have no idea why we thought this was a good idea) out these big, heavy doors. There was a pool and LOTS of women were topless. MOSTLY OLDER ONES, lol. It was a sight to see… just not exactly what we were looking for.


We asked the man at the desk where the restaurant was and of course, it was just a few feet away in the other direction.


The interior of this “boutique hotel” was out of this world. Just bananas! (Boyfriend said he felt as if he was in Bam Margera’s house!) The paintings hung across the ceilings in no particular pattern or order, the fantastical chandeliers, the antique style bookcases, statues… all of it was: WOW! I was in complete awe; I can NOT believe it took us so long to finally visit The Artisan.


There were actually zero other diners in the restaurant when we walked in but, that’s never stopped me before. I don’t care. My dad has always been like “there’s no one here, it must not be good. Let’s go somewhere else.” if we walk into an empty establishment. I’m glad I don’t take after him. πŸ˜‰


Yelp hooked us up with a free “welcoming” sangria just for checking in! We both chose the red wine sangria. There were two other choices: white wine or the “tropical bull.” We never got around to asking what the “tropical bull” one was all about.


I know, I know. I’m on a freakin’ alcohol diet! But, hey, they were FREE and I heard red wine and fruit are both supposed to be good for you? They tasted amazing, too. Nice and strong– not that wimpy, overly sweet crap.


OK NOW… Be prepared for an OVERLOAD of foodporn. I couldn’t bare to collage these beautiful creations.


First up, the SautΓ©ed Mushrooms. In garlic, butter, and red wine sauce. We couldn’t choose favorites, everything was that good but, when I asked boyfriend which was his fave he listed the mushrooms first. Then, he said but, “such and such was so good, too” LOL.


Then, we had the Shrimp a La Diabla— the name speaks for itself. It was a nice level of spicy. We really liked that they included the baguettes on each plate, too! They tasted awesome dipped in this diabla sauce.


Next, we had the Chorizo Bilbao. Spanish chorizo sautΓ©ed in sherry wine. I’ve never had such meaty, chunks of chorizo. THEY WERE INCREDIBLE. They ended up getting a bit too salty towards the bottom, soaked in all that sauce but, it didn’t stop us from finishing every last piece.


We also got the Beef Empanadas. There was also pork and chicken to choose from. The pastry was crisp and flaky yet, soft and chewy. The aioli wasn’t even needed; the empanadas shine without it. Plus, I hate all aiolis.


The Surf & Turf ^. We asked for the petite filet mignon to be medium rare and it ended up being too chewy for me, so I gave most of it to boyfriend. He was ecstatic to have it. It was wrapped in a thick piece of bacon and topped with a juicy, plump shrimp. Underneath was a lovely pile of mashed potatoes topped with a thin gravy.


The Lamb Chops we ordered medium-well. They were a tiiiiny bit dry and the portions were pretty small… but man, were the little guys tasty. I love me some lamb chops!! They were served over cous cous and a red wine sauce, sprinkled with feta cheese. Boyfriend and I both don’t like cous cous aaaand we still don’t… we did eat it all though because we paid for it and that’s how we were both raised, lol.

We thought about ordering more but, I was quite full already. I was nervous I’d reach that uneasy feeling if I ate another plate so we called it quits and paid the tab.


We were going to go to this ice cream place that has VEGAN ice cream and it’s also one of those places that turn the ice cream into rolls, you know? Where it looks like they’re making pancakes? Sadly, it was half an hour away and I was NOT in the mood to bake in the sun for that long so we went to Starbucks as usual.


For some reason, when I first read the ingredients on the back of the S’Mores Squares ^ I thought there wasn’t any dairy… I was wrong. They were worth it.

I made another mistake by ordering the new Seriously Strawberry frappucino. It was disgusting. I added three shots of espresso and subbed in almond milk… I don’t know if that’s the reason why it tasted bad. I doubt it; EVERY other frappucino works that way.


I barely drank it so when we came home and tried to watch this boring film called Satanic on Netflix, I, inevitably, fell asleep. I woke up at almost 9p, with both my baby boy cats snuggling me. One in my arms and one in my legs. I never wanted to get up but, my throat needed to be hydrated, lol. I got up to get a huge drink of water. I’m always so dehydrated when I wake up, I don’t know why.

Boyfriend had a blunt ready for us to smoke. After we finished smoking it, I asked him if he would go across the street and get us a cup of the horchata and the Jamaican tea at the Mexican restaurant, hehe. He obliged because he’s the very best. ❀ My PMS cravings were cured and we’ve been sippin’ on these two drinks for a few hours, they’re still cold, fresh, and delicious!!

I read some blogs on my reader before I started typing this but, eventually I pressed the “write” button and started on my own post (this one). It’s almost midnight already.



27 thoughts on “Journal Entry #105

  1. Happy Birthday!! I had a random thought while reading this post… you should have your boyfriend write a post about what he thinks about your relationship and his life in Las Vegas. You could even ask him questions and write down his answers if he doesn’t want to write. Like I said- just a thought. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I guess my main question is what are his thoughts on you being a dancer? Does he ever get jealous? You guys have been together for some time… is a proposal in the future? What kind of future does he see for the 2 of you. ❀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The Jerk Chicken Salad looks really good, so that sucks that it was disappointing. These places look so fancy! The Shrimp a la Diabla looks so amazing! I love shrimp and spicy food.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Luckily I was eating when I was reading this. Our AC broke also. Isn’t it just so great? Especially cracking them open so you don’t die of heat stroke when you get back in. A wasp flew in our car and I wasn’t getting in it til it got out smh πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well well well, look at you guys going out and splurging in fancy looking food lol. I still have yet to try places like that, mainly because we also have Ciel, and I prefer to just be me and Alex so we can enjoy a nice night out.
    Anyway, how rude of that chick. I seriously hate going into Sephora because some of the girls ruin my experience there.
    Anyway I was gonna ask, is the horchata you get dairy free then? Some are made with milk and other just might be the powdered mix lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. People bring their kids everywhere!! You deserve to have good food, too!! But I do understand that you’d wanna just enjoy a night out with Alex.
      The people at Sephora are always so weird… like why?! Sometimes they’re not even mean, just awkward? Idk. lol. I just get in & get out as quick as possible!

      I think horchata is always dairy-free… at least that’s what the lady who served it to me said and I looked it up on Google lol. I think it’s rice milk which is dairy-free ooor ground-up rice, and almonds and cinnamon and lime.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah but Ciel can be kind of a pain.. LOL.. There are times when he won’t let us have our food in peace, many times actually. Literally the only place where we haven’t had any problems is our at our favorite Japanese restaurant because he LOVES the food there.. But we will see. I asked Alex yesterday if we was going to treat me this weekend, he might. And we might be able to leave Ciel with out sis in law and her kids. I just have to ask her first if that’s okay.
        I hardly go into Sephora, like once or twice a year at the most haha.
        Hmmmm, okay. Because I’m pretty sure I saw some recipes that used regular cow’s milk, but yes, horchata is made out of rice. But glad you found one you can drink! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aww, well at least there’s one place he’s comfortable and calm at. πŸ™‚ I hope you get to go out this weekend!

          I have to go like every month for that stinkin’ mascara. Ugh lol.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. AGH YES. I hate how expensive tapas is because I wanna try it all. πŸ˜› We tried to limit ourselves & actually thought we wouldn’t be full but, we were & it was worth it. Try going when there is Happy Hour!!

      Liked by 1 person

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