Journal Entry #103

June 09, 2018

I just took a sip of this strawberry flavored Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters juice pouch and I hated it, yuck!

On Thursday, after I posted my journal entry, I wrote and scheduled two unboxings. The first one came out already (Influenster’s Maybelline Shine Compulsion Voxbox) and the second one will be published on Tuesday morning at 9am PST (May’s Play! by Sephora). Later that night I used my bath bomb that I had bought from Walmart.


Oh! I forgot to tell you guys about the yoga mat that I also bought from Walmart the other day. It was less than $8, I’ve used it twice already and am loving it. Working out is so much easier on a mat instead of a slippery blanket.


The new coffee machine we bought is BROKEN. It leaks water so we have to exchange it, super luckily, I found the receipt nice and neat in my purse which is the RAREST thing ever, haha. I painted my nails yesterday with the new matte nail polish, too.


It was extremely difficult. The formula is WAY too sticky. It dries fast, probably even too fast, and it really does leave a matte look… unless you go over it with a shiny top coat like I did. So, I do not recommend Color Club’s matte lacquers but def their holographic ones. I’ve never tried a normal one, lol.

Yesterday, boyfriend was at work until 9p. I woke up pretty late… around 3p. I had started A Child Called “It” before bed Thursday night and finished it by 5p. I took a shower, did my fitness routine, then put together a chopped salad kit by Taylor’s Farms called Maple Bourbon Bacon. The dressing was super sweet but, I still ate it all. I added some turkey meat from our leftovers, too.

I worked on my Monthly Currentlys… post for a really long time last night. I didn’t expect it to take so long but, I had to stop in the middle of it to do my makeup. It was already nearly midnight when I decided I should paint my nails. I thought it was going to be as easy as the last nail polish I applied but, IT WASN’T. It took FOREVER and I had to re-do two of ’em because I messed ’em up before they even dried. I didn’t get to work until a little past 1a. It wasn’t super packed but, there was a good amount of clients and definitely enough dancers there. I left around 4a, I was lucky and had a really good night. I told all my clients “I don’t drink” when they offered me one and they respected my decision?! I was honestly so surprised but, very very grateful. I hope I don’t get overheard by one of the club employees because you can totally get in trouble for declining drinks. I’ve been really feeling loads better, mentally and physically, now that I haven’t drank for a whole week. I might just quit drinking at work altogether. When the month is up, I’ll just allow myself some cocktails during dinner dates with boyfriend maybe?

Today, I woke up around 2p. For my collaboration with Rossy and Tialla, we’re doing a “Day in the Life” post that will be going up on Monday morning. I thought it would be more fun to show you guys what I do on a work day so I started that post this morning and have been setting my alarm to remember to keep it going for the rest of the night.

I did a little reading on my reader and then, I walked to Albertson’s to grab me something to eat since we’ve got nothing in our fridge right now.


When I came home, I had to cool down a bit before I took a shower so I spent some time playing with my cats and finishing up the posts on my reader. When I was done with the shower, I did my usual fitness routine. It seemed harder for me today, though. I was sweating more than normal…


After my workout, I put together my dinner. I bought sushi and an Asian chicken salad.


I started an episode of The Carrie Diaries while I was eating and finished it before I started this journal entry. I’m sad I only have like 2 or 3 more episodes left! Everyone in the show is so cute and I love them all. I will miss watching it but, I’m excited to start a new show, too. I think I’ll go with Doctor Foster per the wonderful Dom’s recommendation to me. It sounds SUPER interesting.

I haven’t started a new book yet but, I think I’ll start reading The Vanishing Year then Nice Try, Jane Sinner after that one. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I made reservations for me and boyfriend to go to this highly-rated, yet not stupidly expensive, southern restaurant called Yardbird. It’s in the Venetian. Boyfriend goes as far as saying that he thinks it’s the #1 most beautiful casino in Vegas. It’s hard for me to decide though… I like The Wynn and the Cosmopolitan a lot, too (interior wise). Boyfriend will have to work during the day but, he’ll def be home on time for our 7:30p reservation. I was trying to make us one for 7:00p but, it was already taken. 😦 All of the slots from 6-7p were already gone.

Boyfriend requested the day before, the day of, and the day after my birthday off from work. His work was really generous and gave him an extra 2 days off, too!! YAY!! ❤ 😀 We were thinkin’ bout going on a vacation but, there’s no one I trust with my cats and to enter in and out of my home. I also can’t decide if we’d have more fun in Portland, OR or New Orleans, LA. Anyways, I’m really not prepared for a vacation, either, my head is all out of sorts and I’m trying to maintain a schedule and routine. Plus, the no drinking thing. I’m proud of myself so far and I don’t wanna ruin my mojo and get the after-vacay blues. We’re gonna just do as many fun things here in Vegas as we can throughout the 5 days!

Have you ever hired a person off I was looking at their website and it seems legit but, at the same time still sketchy. I hate strangers in my home! Even the maintenance man. I don’t know why; I truly have nothing to hide, especially since weed is legal here, lol… but I just do NOT like it. And I’m sure my fur babies don’t, either.

Nooow, I’ll prob browse the web for a bit then, I’ll start my makeup for work.



29 thoughts on “Journal Entry #103

    1. For which show? The Carrie Diaries or Doctor Foster?
      Thanks for noticing the roundness of my nails. 😉 hehe. The color is really interesting, I’ve never done sucha bright orange before LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Not surprised that you’re sweating , the temperature is 100 plus right? Love that nail color on you. I have that same matte color on my toes! I haven’t really been in Cosmopolitan and I don’t remember that much of Wynn except the carousel , so I would have to agree with the boyfriend on Venetian. I had heard of the Yardbird restaurant in the Venetian . Hoping to try In out Burger and Gordon Ramseys Fish and Chips at Linq Promonade .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YES, it’s 100 plus everyday now but, my apartment is set to 70 degrees so I usually don’t sweat SO much. I usually don’t go for such bright colors for my nails but thank you, I’m happy that you like them! 😀 The Cosmo is super duper beautiful but yes, the Venetian is too!! We didn’t end up going for our reservation LOL but one day we will get there.

      I’m surprised you’ve never tried In N Out Burger!! Boyfriend and I went to Gordon Ramsay’s burger restaurant in Planet Hollywood. It wasn’t the best thing in the world! 😛 I do love the Linq Promenade though!


    1. Thank you!! ❤ ❤ All of this skincare I've been getting from the beauty subs are really workin' for me, I think! I was actually surprised to see how clear my skin looked in the photos too lol!!

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  2. You can get in trouble for declining drinks? That’s awful. It’s your body and you should get to decide whether to drink or not. I get they want to make sure the customer is pleased but still.

    That sushi and Asian salad looks really good! I just ate, but I’m still hungry. lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, you don’t have to order alcohol. You actually can order a juice or a water but I rather decline them because I don’t wanna wait for a waitress to grab me a beverage LOL. 😛

      I just ate too and already hungry!!

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  3. This is a terrrific reminder to get a new yoga mat. I have two but they’re both a little worn, I’ve had them literally for years, since before Ciel was born lmao.
    I love that color on your nails, good to know not to get the matte one. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t done my nails, sometimes the formulas are really sticky and thick or maybe not opaque enough so I need to do several layers which then looks really weird.
    Anyway, I cannot wait to start reading a child called it, I’ll have to find it at my libraries.
    And….I was gonna comment about something else…..hmmmm…..your cats? Yeah, maybe lol. I wouldn’t trust strangers either. Any chance that one of your family members would go to Vegas to watch them while you’re on vacation?
    And I’d say you’d have just as much fun if not, possibly more in New Orleans than Obed here lmao, I mean, I’ve never been there but I’ve read blog posts of a few people who have been there and they all say there’s so much to do and see!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had never owned a yoga mat before because I thought they were a waste of money when I could just use a blanket but man, was I wrong! They’re so useful and effective. The one from Walmart was only $8, too & I had never spotted one at such a low price before.

      A Child Called ‘It’ is so sad, I couldn’t even pick my favorite quotes out of it because it was too horrible. I hope you can find it at your library. You’ll probably be able to read it all one day!

      I was thinkin’ of asking one of my family members too but then wouldn’t I wanna stay and spend time with them lol. IDK.

      Boyfriend wants Portland because the weed is legal and we always spend our first day on vacation searching for weed anyways, in Portland we wouldn’t have that problem. 😛 lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah they’re pretty convenient. Have you ever noticed that we talk ourselves into not getting something that would probably benefit us in some way, meanwhile we get what we don’t actually need lol. And at Ross or Marshall’s you can find some for the same price as well 😉
        Yeah i remember it from when I was much younger, my cousin was reading it and she summarized a lot of what she read for me and it almost made me cry. I know I’ll cry and will probably have to put the book down many times when I do read it no since I’m a mom. Oh gosh I’m not even reading it yet but ugh. I can already feel the emotion based on what my cousin told me.And also, I saw a video on fb earlier today of a woman abusing a one year old literally seconds after the mom had left. So upsetting. But think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.

        Omg 🤣🤣 I can see that, I’d probably do the same not gonna lie haha. Family time is the absolute best!

        Omfg!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 I should have figured that’d be one of the reasons lmao. Gosh there’s so many around here I literally don’t know where to point you in the right direction lol. I do know there’s an app to find weed shops, I hope that’s in other states as well not just here, I’ll have to find the name of it again

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s so true! I’d rather buy fun things, not necessary things. 😛 which is so bad lol.
          Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the book.
          Yeah, I would just feel bad to leave if they took time out to come here, I’d prob wanna stay with them haha.
          Lol yes yes we are big weed heads I know. 😛 There are a ton of weed shops here too and more and more opening up everyday it seems. Yeah my boyfriend is always looking on that app for deals of the day lol, I think it’s called weedmaps?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You guys will be right at home here then 😂😂 yeah that one and I think there’s some other one, possibly not, I’m not sure lol. I just see billboards on my way home sometimes advertising the apps haha

            Liked by 1 person

  4. You should look into a cattery for your cats when you go away and then you do not need to let people into your home. You can read reviews and find ones that treat your cats like pets and not money makers. I used to take my dog to a sitter and she loved going, she would get all excited because she knew she was going to get to play with other dogs

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