Journal Entry #102

June 07, 2018

Last time I wrote was on Tuesday and I was going to get up and get ready after I published that journal entry but, there was like free burgers for teachers at boyfriend’s work so he had to be kept there hella late. He wasn’t able to get me my iced espresso on time and I was sleepy… so I just ended up staying home.

Yesterday, boyfriend had the day off. When we woke up, I made a grocery list real quick and then, we went grocery shopping.


We came home and boyfriend made dinner for us while I took a shower. Dinner was absolutely delish. As usual, we went to Starbucks for our espressos. We each got 5 shots this time. I was energized as fuck! lol.


I went to work a little bit after 10p and I stayed until a little past 4a. I had a really nice client who wanted to come see me again tonight but, I decided to stay home because it’s boyfriend’s last day off for a few days in a row. I feel bad for telling the client I’d be there tonight but, boyfriend is more important, right?


Today, we woke up really late. It was nearly 4p. We went to Walmart for a whole list of stuff but, I also bought a few extra items for myself…


  • Peet’s Coffee – Dark Roast in French Roast
  • Onyx Bathouse – Bath Bomb in Wine Time Red Wine + Charcoal
  • Color Club – 2 Nail Lacquers in Holographic Bewitched and Matte Study Buddy

We also bought other necessities such as: new razor heads, new toothbrushes, trash bags, cat litter, aaaaand I think that was it? At least, for things we actually needed. We didn’t own a coffee machine before though, so we bought the $8 one that’s super tiny (and super cute), it makes “5 cups” at a time. That’s why we bought the Peet’s Coffee beans. I’ve never been to a Peet’s cafe nor have I tried their beans but, boyfriend picked this out and I was like, “yeah! I always read how these two awesome bloggers that I follow love their coffee!!” (S/O to Mackenzie and Katie!!) so, it was a no brainer for us to throw it in the cart. I also found there’s an actual Peet’s here, it’s a little ways away but, I do see us visiting it in the near future– I’m sure they make their own coffee loads better than we ever could.

We also bought these cool mugs that match our bowls and plates already in our cupboards:


We were gonna go to the money center at Walmart to send my dad the cash I owe him but the line was ridic so we were like “hey the Albertson’s by our place can do it and they’re always slow so let’s just go there…” so go there we did… but of course, their little money center was closed. Boyfriend’s gonna have to send it at the Walmart by his work tomorrow before he goes in. He was also looking for a new pair of jeans but, they had only those rough, old-school looking, thick, for work ones, lol. Hopefully he can find what he’s looking for when he goes tomorrow.

By the way, the nail polish I’m wearing in the photo with the mug is by Color Club, too. It’s another holographic one called Sidewalk Psychic. I liked it so much which is why I bought two more today. 😉

Boyfriend’s already brewing up our first pot of coffee. We stopped at Starbucks for frapps with 3 shots each but, you can never have too much coffee, right? Lol… I know that’s not true. I’m more than sure coffee can make a person go crazy.

And to those of you who have been patiently waiting… I’m almost done trying out my Play! By Sephora products from last month, I just have one more item to try and I think I’m going to try it tonight. I also received a box from Influenster that I’ll have to show you guys soon, too.

Does anyone know if Ulta gives free birthday gifts during your birth month? Or does only Sephora do that?

I’m so excited to show you guys my two new subscription boxes but, they both don’t even ship out until the 15th (aka my bday). I’m still getting my three $10/mo. ones, too. Can not wait! 😀

Oh, do you guys remember how I mentioned that I wanted to see the new Marilyn Monroe Musical at the Paris Casino? Maybe once, twice… or three previous times? Well, I’m glad I never bought a ticket because I watched a review on YouTube and there was literally no stage set nor props, it looked super low-budget (which would be fine, I guess, if it wasn’t in the PARIS CASINO and the tickets weren’t super expensive). Apparently, they’re still in their “soft-opening” stage or whatever, so I’ll wait until the show is totally ready.

At work, there was this new sign put up. It was titled in big letters “WEIGHT WARNING”. They’re going on yet another “overweight girls” firing spree. So… I’ve def got to stick to my goal of not drinking this month (firing day is in July). I didn’t have any liquor last night but, it was only my first day of work this week. I do think I’ll be able to lay off the liquor for this entire month, though, I have faith in myself. 🙂 I feel much more fresh and awake when I’m not drunk every other night.

I feel bad for the super insecure girls that are reading the sign, though. So many girls are worried about their bodies already. There’s this super thin girl, she’s under 21… (I know because she wears the underage wristband, lol) she was using the single dressing room bathroom before me and I could tell she hadn’t been drinking or anything but when I walk in after her, there was such a horrible stench of vomit. I think she wasn’t able to flush the toilet because someone knocked on the door for her to hurry up and she had to rush out. I walked to the toilet and I saw that she left her freakin’ bile in it!! Gosh. She always walks around sucking her stomach in, too… like she is already SO tiny. I saw her teeth in the real light and up close, too… she is so pretty and her teeth are ruined from who knows how many years of forcing herself to throw up?? Another underage girl told me she went to get lip injections but she was allergic to the lidocaine which really upset her because, in her words, she said this to me: “I was going to get injections in my hips so they’d be like yours after I injected my lips but now, I can’t do either of ’em. I hate my life!” I told her she was the perfect the way she was but, I could tell she didn’t believe me.

I’m not saying I’m the most confident person in the world. I, too, feel insecure all the time… I’ve just never been to the point where I’d risk my health by getting surgery, injections, or sticking my finger down my throat… I can only imagine how tough that battle in their head must be and how mean some clients, managers, and other dancers can be only makes it so much worse. It just really saddens me listening to some of my co-workers bash themselves so hard when they’re all so beautiful.

Anywhooooters… what am I even talking about anymore?

Goodnight, loves ❤



29 thoughts on “Journal Entry #102

  1. I love the color nail polish you bought. I will have to try those myself! 😁
    And yeah, unfortunately especially with the media, and how they portray beauty, people go to extremes to try and be “beautiful”. It is very sad to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I highly recommend the holographic ones but NOT the matte one. Lol. It super sad to see how far people want to go to change their appearance, especially when they’re still so young! :/

      Liked by 1 person

  2. omgard the bath bomb looks amazing – I’ve never actually tried one in wine but that sounds fancy af. argh, and it feels terrible to have such a young girl going through body image issues – what with society’s so-called beauty standards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was the first bath bomb I ever tried. It smelled nice until it hit the water. 😛 & I know, they’re SO young & they’ve got fake boobs, butts, 6-packs, hips, & lips… People change & grow so much throughout the years, they don’t even give themselves a chance to grow up before they alter themselves.

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  3. Ulta does give a free gift on your birthday, but it’s in store only. I never got my free gift because I was too lazy to go to the store. lol

    That’s so awful about that bulimic girl. It’s so hard for me to understand people like that because I hate and am scared of throwing up, so it’s so weird to me that people make themselves throw up all the time.

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    1. I need to buy new concealer & mascara so I was thinking of buying the mascara at Sephora and the concealer at Ulta so I can get both birthday gifts. 😀 lol. Thanks for letting me know!!!

      I KNOW! I mean, honestly, I’d starve myself before I was bulimic. Throwing up is just disgusting & obviously really bad for your teeth. 😛

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  4. Isn’t that the worst? When you go to one place but the line is too long so you go elsewhere and they’re closed or it’s even worse? Ugh lol
    And I had to go back to the photo of the mug when you mentioned the holographic nail polish, i could kind of make out what it looks like and it looked pretty gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to try holographic polishes but i don’t do my nails often enough to be buying nail polishes lol.
    And cool, I’ve never been to Peet’s either but we have one here too lol.
    And yes, ulta does give you a free gift, you have to have their loyalty/beauty card, and also, you need to have an email with that card. They used to allow you to get your free gift any time in that month but now you have to wait until your ACTUAL bday, they’ll send you an email and THEN you can go in and claim it. If I remember correctly they send you some sort of code or coupon in your email which is why you have to have an email and that beauty card they give.
    Can’t wait to see your Sephora products, mines going up next week lol. On Tuesday I should be able to post my boxycharm one lol. Anyway….
    How sad for that girl! Eating disorders are really serious. And how awful that they do that at your work, firing girls who are “overweight” are you freaking kidding me? That kind of pisses me off, though I get it, but it still doesn’t make it ok, it’s no wonder some girls are constantly so insecure about their bodies, I mean, I am for once, always have been lol.

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    1. Yes. I guess sometimes the line is worth the wait. *eye roll* lol.

      Oh gosh, I do have the loyalty card connected with my e-mail but I doubt I’ll go into the store ON my birthday lol what the hell?! That’s kind of ridiculous. I’ll just go to Sephora & buy all the stuff I need and rack up points there plus get my free gift any time during the month, right?!

      Yayy!! Can’t wait to see your sub box reviews, too! 😀

      Yeah, EVERYONE is talking about being nervous about the ‘weight warning’ even the majorly thin girls. I’ve never known anyone with an eating disorder so I don’t know how to act now, I feel sorry for her but she acts completely normal! IDK lol.

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      1. You can go after your birthday, I’m not entirely sure if the code is only active for that week or for an entire month though. But yeah, I love Sephora for that lol.

        Yeah, they tend to appear normal because most of that stuff is in their head anyway, so unless they talk to people about it, you’ll never know how they feel or how it even started in the first place. I wish her the best though!

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    1. I figured the café would be able to make their coffee better than I would. PLUS my coffee machine was faulty so I only got to have one cup. It was really good though!! ;D

      You are too sweet, Mackenzie!! ❤ I thought these photos of me were pretty bad but, they were fun so I added them in haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I immediately thought of Mackenzie when I saw that bag of Peet’s coffee, lol! I’ve never had it before either and I think the closest one to me is about two hours away, haha.

    Those mugs are super cute! I love that you guys have matched all your mugs, plates, and bowls! We have such a mix, haha.

    It really is sad about that girl and high standards like that at your work just don’t help society’s perpetuation of the “perfect” body. Women are under such pressure these days to look just right and super thin or they don’t fit the image of beauty and it’s ridiculous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting! Yeah I had never heard of Peet’s until I started following her here on WP lol then I started seeing it everywhere, of course.
      Almost everything we have is glass like the mugs but we do have so mix & match stuff, too ;D hehe.
      Ahh yeah!! They are just so young & cute. It makes me feel horrible to think about what must go on in their heads!! :/

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha that’s how it always is–you hear someone talk about one thing a lot and then you suddenly notice it where you never saw it before. 😉

        I think that’s so cute! I love that most of it is glass. 🙂

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  6. Oh my, I feel so bad for those young girls I just want to go in and mother them all
    Seriously don’t you have a house mother there, why isn’t she taking care of y’all girls?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know. They make me so sad… & yeah, we have two house mothers. They do take care of us by providing us with snacks and every other thing we could possibly need but often they’re told by management which girls are “gaining weight” & should not be fed anymore… house mom has nothing to do with the firing of girls but I have seen her hugging girls and holding them when they’re on their way out from being fired. ♡♡♡ we are lucky to have them but they cant protect us.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am glad you have the house mum’s there to help you it’s just so sad that there are girls with some weight issues causing illnesses


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