June 05, 2018

Hey, all. I just finished eating dinner (a frozen evol. meal) and watched an episode of The Carrie Diaries. I haven’t wrote a journal entry since Friday so I’ve gotta catch you guys up!!

Friday night at work wasn’t bad. I didn’t have a drink like I promised myself– I’m trying to not drink for the rest of the month but, on Saturday that was already ruined for me. A client wanted to be in the fantasy rooms with me and the only way to get into a fantasy room is to buy a bottle of booze. I told my client that I wasn’t in the mood for drinking and luckily for me, he wasn’t either. He bought a bucket of 4 beers for himself instead of a full bottle for our first half an hour together. He continued our time in the fantasy room until it was 6 in the morning. Every 30 minutes he had to renew our time together and he also had to buy a bottle each time. I was able to get the manager to waive one bottle fee for my client, he barely drank any of his beer, and I only took 4 shots out of one of the bottles. We left over half a bottle of Don Julio in the room when we were done. The other two bottles are unopened; sitting in my locker. They’re going to tempt me every night. Great. I still have like half a bottle left of Don Julio in my locker from a couple weeks ago, too.

Sunday, boyfriend had to work during the day but he called off because he was “too tired” from waiting up for me all night. I was annoyed because he shouldn’t have stayed up. He said he had just fallen asleep because he never knows what time I’ll call him, he says he can’t fall asleep when I’m at work because he’s nervous he’ll miss my call. Idk. I’m still annoyed about it. I wish he would’ve just sucked it up and went. I was the one working all night and when his alarm went off, I felt even I had enough energy to do his job with the little sleep I had gotten. I know I’m being selfish yet I still feel this way.

But anyways… besides that. Our Sunday was nice and relaxing. We just stayed at home all day, boyfriend cooked dinner for us, and then we went somewhere new for dessert! You know, I love my espresso and frappucinos but, I’m tired of going to Starbucks everyday… I wanted to try somewhere cute that we’ve never been to before.


I scored by finding this little café called Sweet Box. Most cafés are closed by like 5p, if not earlier, so I was ecstatic to see that this one is open until 10p!!


The interior was very on-trend. Minimal, rustic, chic. It was millennial central in there.


They not only had gelato but sorbet, too! We shared the mango one:


And of course, we ordered frappucinos. I ordered the chocolate chip one and boyfriend ordered a vanilla one. They were super watery because we added extra espresso shots… we regretted not going to Starbucks because they actually know how to add espresso and still make a frappucino… not this chocolate and vanilla milk with espresso crap that we got.


The drink in the middle ^ was one of their specialties. There were tons of fruity flavors; we chose the mixed berries one. It was supposed to be carbonated but their carbonated water was in a 2-liter… therefore it was flat. Absolutely no fizziness for us. The drink itself was good, it just tasted like a sweet berry lemonade. They are pretty drinks, I’ll give ’em that but they’re not really worth the drive and the taste isn’t as unique as the looks. Honestly, I doubt they’ll be in business for much longer.

Ugh. I just died a little. My browser closed down unexpectedly and I was so scared that everything I just typed wouldn’t be here but BLESS WORDPRESS and their auto-saving, lol… back to what I was saying…

After Sweet Box, we drove home and I worked on my OOTD post, scheduled it, then I worked on a few other posts in my drafts, took a bubble bath, went to bed. I started a new book called The Upside to Being Single. I read like 30% of it before I fell asleep. It’s kind of blah but it’s short so I’ll just finish it.

Yesterday, boyfriend had to work during the evening but, it was slow so he only had to be there for 3h. From 3p-6p. He was home around 7p, we smoked a blunt, and quickly decided on a place to eat so we could make it to a restaurant that closed at 9p or 10p instead of going to a 24/7 or 2-3a one because I wasn’t in the mood for greasy pub food.

I was so excited to find that there’s this place called Geisha Steak & Sushi only 5min from our place!! It’s a hibachi place like Osaka. I have only ever been to Osaka once in Minnesota and I wasn’t actually that big of a fan of it but, EVERYONE raves about how good it is so I thought I’d give it another shot. All of my co-workers and I were talking about it one night in the dressing room last week, they’ve made me crave it ever since and I have never even liked it before?!


It was late, only an hour left until they closed. I was overjoyed because there were no other customers but, right when we were seated… a couple and their (super adorable) little 1 year old son came and sat down with us. UGH, lol. Every single one of us at the table ordered the Geisha Special which included two shrimps, lobster, filet mignon, chicken, a soup, salad, appetizer, and a drink.


The soup was fantastic. It was a simple, savory broth with mushrooms, green onions, and onion straws. It tasted like a French Onion Soup broth without all the cheese and onions mixed in.


The salad was the plain iceberg lettuce kind with a little red cabbage and carrots mixed in. I was lucky to receive a tomato but, boyfriend got a tomato and a cucumber… he could tell I was jealous so he ended up giving me his, hehe. I really enjoyed the dressing but, I can’t explain the flavor… it was just GOOD.


I chose the shrimp tempura ^ for my appetizer and an unsweetened iced tea for my drink.


Boyfriend chose an unsweetened iced tea, too, but opted for the egg rolls. I think the shrimp tempura was delish, even better than a lot of other places I’ve tried, but the egg rolls were tastier.

Aaaaand as you can see in the background of the eggrolls…


We HAD to try one of their sushi rolls! There were a lot to choose from but, since boyfriend and I both hate avocados, we always have like less than 5 options. Salmon is my favorite and we loooove spicy shit so we ordered the Salmon Lover ^. It had spicy salmon and a cucumber in the middle, with a fresh slab of salmon on top and some spicy ponzu sauce. It was excellent and fresh as can be!! I loved it even if it wasn’t spicy at all.


AND THEN… the chef came out to start the fire at our table AKA cook all of our veggies, fried rice, and meat!!


The filet mignon was tender and juicy. I liked the lobster, I wish I would have received a bigger portion and that he hadn’t cooked it until they were shriveled dry, almost shrimp-sized pieces but, I still liked it. The chicken though… ew. It was completely inedible for me. They were hard and dry… I don’t know how boyfriend even ate them but, he did. All of mine and all of his!!


It was expensive so we probably won’t go again for awhile but it was a fun experience and I liked that the food just kept coming to us… plate after plate, meats after meats. I was always eating and that was the best part!!

It was too late for coffee, even if I wanted some, so we just headed home. We watched Boy Meets World for a little while. Then, we turned on Family Guy for some background noise while boyfriend played this game on his phone and I read the July issue of Cosmopolitan that I just got in the mail a couple days ago. I’m supposed to be getting Seventeen magazine, too, but I guess those subscriptions haven’t started yet?? Thank you to T-Mobile Tuesdays! Does anyone else use their app for deals?! I saw they have a deal for the same card I sent boyfriend in the mail for Valentine’s Day (from the Felt app) but, now they have Father’s Day cards. I’m gonna send one to my pops. 🙂 Speaking of him… he called me today while I was in the shower. When I got out, I called him back and he sounded tired or sad? I asked him why he sounded that way and he said because I never answer his calls. HE’S LYING because I always answer or call him back. At least, a lot more than with my mom. I actively and purposefully ignore her calls but, if I miss a call from my dad, it’s on accident. Most of the time.

My mom commented on one of my photos on FB today– she told me I look old… which I ALREADY know and am stressing out about. That’s why I HATE talking to her lol. She’s just so rude, I can’t take it and act like I’m not offended ALL of the time, ya know??

Before I started typing this, before dinner and The Carrie Diaries, I read a little, had a shower, did a quick stretch and workout, and took some photos of my handwriting for tomorrow’s post! It’s the second post of my June Collab with Rossy and Tialla and it’ll be going live at 9a (PST) so keep your eyes peeled!!



31 thoughts on “Journal Entry #101

  1. Omg. When my mum decided to have Facebook, that’s when I deleted it.
    She commented on each and every of my posts and pictures.
    I love her for sure, but all these advises about what I should wear or how I should do my hear are not really necessary for an adult person 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL she tells me not to wear things, too. Like she tells me all the floral I like is too grandma-style. I should delete her as a friend but I like to see her photos, too. 😛


  2. I love how you take pictures of your food and the interesting places your visit.it reminds me that I should start taking more pictures with my blog!Its also really inspiring how much you share with the internet.it really takes guts,and you do it really well.love your blog,keep writing!Id love for you to check my blog out too<3

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As usual love the food pics and restaurant reviews. You’ve given me some more places to possibly check out in Vegas. Now as for your mama, wow. If she is on Facebook , delete her, no seriously. Delete her. I know she is your mama and mama’s are critical when it comes to their daughters, but your mama is a little extra in her put downs of you. You aren’t looking “old”. Far from it and it doesn’t need to stress you out. You have positive people all around you. One negative Nelly ruins it for you so don’t just let them do that. It’s hard to brush off but shut out the negativity. Who knows what’s going on in your mama’s life? Maybe she’s jealous of all the things that you’re doing now and maybe she COULDN’T do, so instead of being happy for you, she’s got to criticize you every chance she gets. You don’t need that shit in your life. From reading your blog, you have overcome a lot. She should be trying to support you not put you down constantly, just saying .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!! Thank you, Jo Ann. 🙂 I’m always glad to add to your list of reasons why to come visit me!!

      You are so sweet. ❤ Your words have really warmed me up inside. I have distanced myself from my mom; mostly limiting her to comments on my facebook only because phone calls with her are even worse. I've heard her say even meaner things to my sis and my sis just takes it and still calls her all the time! I don't wanna delete her off Facebook because I wanna see her pics with her new husband & her new life. 😛


  4. I have to admit, if I was your boyfriend I’d have trouble sleeping at night worrying about what might happen at your work place. I’d certainly be pestering you to let me teach you the martial arts stuff that aren’t allowed in tournaments because they do too much damage.

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  5. GIRL you are NOT old! You are gorgeous! I LOVE the Carrie Diaries and Boy Meets World. Did you ever read the book version of the Carrie Diaries? It is so good and highly recommend it if you didn’t! Ahhh I LOVE when cafes are open later! That one looks so cute. Starbucks makes the BEST fraps have you had the Ultra caramel frappuccino yet with the cold brew sweet cream? SO yummy!
    I am on a drinking hiatus until my trip to San Diego next week. The struggle is real! Lol. I hate when that happens! I always die a little worried that my posts haven’t been saved. That steakhouse looks SO yummy my mouth is watering! I hope you have an amazing day today sweets! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, babe! My ma is just the rudest lol I’m used to it. 😛

      I had NO idea that there was a book version of The Carrie Diaries!! I’ll have to check it out when I finish the series. Thanks for filling me in!! ❤ I've not tried the Ultra Caramel yet!! I'm scared it'll be extra sweet & also I'm lactose intolerant so I can't have the sweet cream!! :((
      LOL HEY at least you get to drink next week– but that is definitely still a struggle! You're gonna have so much fun in San Diego. I can not wait to hear all about it!! ;D WP is the bes for auto-saving!! I wonder how many good posts could have been lost if didn't lol. I did enjoy the steakhouse!! ❤
      I hope you have an amazing day, too!!! Thanks a million!!!!


  6. I really like the interior of the Sweet Box place. It’s so modern and cute. That food looks delicious too! That is so rude of your mom! My Grandma is like that too. She always comments rude stuff on my photos. If she doesn’t like a particular photo, she will leave a comment that she doesn’t like it. On one of my more recent photos, she told me I looked too pale.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh my gosh thank goodness for WordPress!! I’m so glad it saved your post, that would have sucked! I hate those moments of terror, lol. Also, that sushi looks DIVINE. I’m totally craving some now, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Awh that sucks about sweetbox. You walk in and the place looks amazing but their drinks are total crap lol. Very disappointing.. nice that they’re open late though, I wish we had cafes that stayed open late too so I can go try them in the evening because I don’t have time to go during the day lmao.
    And hibachi style places are like Benihana then? I’ve never been to Benihana or anything like it lol. But sounds like it would be a cool experience to try every once in a while. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, for real!! You can’t just have a cute interior with no good drinks?! Lol. I wish there were more cafes that weren’t open late night, too. 😛
      Yeah, Hibachi style is exactly like Benihana’s. I’ve never been to a Benihana’s before, either! It was a fun experience; you should try it sometime. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not much of a coffee drinker so I don’t know if we have cafes here that are open late lol.
        And nice. I wanna go so bad but as far as I know, we have to make a reservation and with Ciel, that doesn’t always work out lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. It’s strange I couldn’t imagine my mum being on Facebook but I’m on my daughter’s Facebook and she loves having me there it’s all about the dynamics really

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