Journal Entry #100

June 01, 2018

WOW! It’s the first day of June AND this is my 100th journal entry here on my blog! I can’t believe I’ve continued writing these for so long, I really don’t see myself stopping anytime soon! I love sharing my shenanigans with you guys and even more than that; I love being able to go back, to remember how my past days went.

In the blogosphere, I’m okay. I’m not behind on reading blogs and I’m not stressing out about posts that I need to publish… but, in real life… I’m just not really feeling myself lately. I think I’m depressed because I’ve been gaining too much weight, too fast. It’s def because of my excessive drinking so I’m gonna have to quit that shit. I prefer to be drunk but I prefer even more not to be fat. I did my YouTube fitness routine twice today and ate a Kroger’s Pomegranate Chopped Salad Kit with a piece of pita bread with hummus spread on top of it.

I hate June, not only because I’m aging but also, because it’s the start of the slow season at my work. The next 3 months are gonna be horrible and I’ll have to work twice as much to be comfortable (and that’s only if I’m lucky; I could even have to work three times as much).

I woke up around 2p today and boyfriend had already left for work. I read a good chunk of The Descendants. When the kindle app said I only had 40min left in the book I decided to take a shower. After the shower is when I did my quick workout, made myself dinner, and watched an episode of The Carrie Diaries. I finished the episode before I started typing this. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish The Descendants tonight before bed but, more than likely I’ll be too tired to read for 40min so it’ll prob happen when I wake up tomorrow instead.

Yesterday, boyfriend had the day off and we went outside to take some pictures of my OOTD that I’ll be posting on Monday. After that, we came home and I realized I had missed some ingredients for the recipe we were gonna cook so we had to head over to Albertson’s to get those items. While boyfriend was cooking, he realized we didn’t have any Balsamic Vinegar… neither of us could remember when we had used it all, but it was nowhere to be found so boyfriend had to throw everything in the fridge and go back out to get it.

After dinner, we went to Starbucks for our espressos. I’m feeling like 4 shots of espresso is becoming weak to me and I may need to up it to 5. Maybe I’m crazy. I also painted my nails yesterday (I never got to it when I said I would). They are so pretty now. 😀 I am getting better and better at painting my nails each time but, they’re still not super neat. It also takes forever to shape and file them. Boyfriend said they look the same as before, too… so I was upset, lol. To me, they look much more even and rounded. Thank you very much.

I’m gonna get my Mini Book Reviews scheduled for tomorrow morning (9a PST) then, start getting ready for work.

Be safe and have fun this weekend!!


XO, Hunida

26 thoughts on “Journal Entry #100

  1. Happy 100th! I know how exciting that milestone is… and for the first time ever I’m on the laptop and it shows me your followers count. There aren’t enough sad mad emojis for this post lol I wish I knew your secret because I’m close to 300 posts and have like… I don’t even know the math for it because the number is so low! So congrats all around! =)

    It’s funny I hate June and this time of year in general because you blink and it’s Christmas! I had a mom moment when you mentioned Descendants. I was all “OMG I wonder if she’s excited for the 3rd one” and then I realized we were talking about two different Descendants. That book is actually on my “Summer Reading List” because apparently our library here still does that sort of thing for adults. -flips hand whatever- LOL

    Sidenote- I loved the Carrie Diaries I wish they hadn’t cancelled it. It had good potential!

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    1. Oh! All together in almost to 400 posts on my blog but this is just my 100th journal entry post! Haha I don’t have a secret! Just interacting & supporting other bloggers. I dont even use social media!!

      I know! The holidays will be here anytime now & that is the most stressful time of year. Ugh. Lol when I first The Descendants on Goodreads, I did think of that children’s film but I’ve never watched it lol. That’s pretty neat that your library makes a summer reading list! I wonder if ours does! I would def consider to be be a nice, adult summer read!

      Gosh! I was worried The Carrie Diairies had gotten cancelled because there’s only two seasons! It’s like I only love the shows that get abruptly cancelled. 😭


      1. Yes I have that luck too with shows. There was one called red band society. It got really good at the end and then they cancelled it. With such a cliffhanger!!

        I also meant to tell you that I know how it feels to be in a funk and not feeling yourself and that I’m always here! 💜

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  2. Summer is slow season at my job too. I actually like slow season because I would rather be bored than totally stressed out and overwhelmed. However, my overtime seriously lacks which sucks because right now I need extra money for some things for my house.

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    1. If I didn’t depend on customers to pay me and I got paid by the hour, I think I’d be fine with slow season, too. It’s definitely better to be bored than stressed out lol. Hopefully your job will be able to give you some overtime anyways! ♡

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  3. 100 posts! Wow! That’s great!
    In my business it’s the opposite. People have way too many doctor appointments in the summertime. I need to read more, I’m watching a bit too much Netflix!
    It’s our birthday month and it will be good, I refuse to think otherwise. 😀

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    1. Yes! This year is going by terribly fast. Almost faster than last year! I’m just getting old for the job I’ve got. 😛 Anyways, you’re only ready for a rocking chair whenever YOU say you are, not your age! ❤


  4. AYYYYEEEEE 100th journal entry dassLIT! So far summer hasn’t really affected what I do. I hope it doesn’t cause these bills don’t slow down in the summer!!

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  5. Wow, how exciting to reach 100!! Also, that’s too funny about your boyfriend saying that your nails look the same. Guys never notice those things, I promise. 😉 Joshua would say the same thing haha

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  6. Yay 100 journal entries that’s amazing and idk when exactly I started reading but I love them!!
    And girl. I feel you. I don’t think I’ve necessarily gained any weight but I’ve been working out since th beginning of the year, though there were many breaks in between mental health stages lol. But I’m just not happy with my body and it makes me feel so frustrated that I have yet to see a change 😭 but you’re not alone in those feelings but hey, I think you look great!!! So don’t beat yourself up too much, though drinking less would probably make you feel generally healthier all around 😁


    1. Gosh, I can’t even remember what month I started writing them!! I’m so happy that you love them because I love writing them. 😀 ❤ You're the best!! I know I tell you that all the time, hehe. ;D

      & agh, yeah… it just gets SO frustrating. I'm so happy with my body then I let myself go because I'm not so worried about it then I feel like I'm at the point of no return! It's nice to know that I'm not alone in the struggle though. ❤ I think YOU look great, too!! ❤ Thank you for all of your kind words!!!


  7. I don’t know why but lately me and my bloke keeping needing to do two or three trips each time we shop – doh! Are you always a little sad when you miss your guy leaving for the day/night? That’s sweet that he takes your outfit posts photos. I guess nails are just nails to guys *eye roll* ha!

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    1. Ugh, it’s too easy to forget something… am I right?! LOL. 😛 Yes, I’m always sad when I leave my boyfriend. It sucks that I work at night which is prime snuggling time. He is sweet, I’m lucky to have him for such things as taking my photos for me; even if he doesn’t notice my nail shape hehe 😉 thanks for commenting, Chrissie! ❤


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