May 30, 2018

Hey, all. 😀 Yesterday, I decided to stay home even though I said I was gonna go to work. No surprise there, right? On Monday night, before I went into work we went to Starboard Tack to have one fancy cocktail together.


I guess mine was a bit too fancy for my liking because I ended up having to exchange it for their grapefruit flavored one that I ordered the other two times we visited this bar. The one I ordered (pictured above) was just way too strong for me.

Work was alright. There really weren’t that many customers until 1a and by that time I was tired and ready to go home. I definitely should have stayed later though.

Boyfriend did have to work yesterday but, at least he got to come home rather early… like around 7p, I think it was. Before he got home, I started a new book called The Descendants. When I added it to my Goodreads To-Read list a few months ago, I had no idea it was turned into a film. I only found out when I borrowed it from the elibrary and the cover of the ebook had George Clooney on it! I looked it up and the actress Shailene Woodley is in it, as well. It’s not on Netflix nor Hulu, though. 😦 I’ll have to find it elsewhere to watch when I finish reading it. I’m only like 30% through right now.


We decided to go out to eat last night. I wanted to try this AYCE Korean spot called Biwon. They not only have KBBQ but, sushi as well!! It’s pretty much right off The Strip so we’ve never gone before because we hate to wait in lines but, I read in the Yelp reviews that the lines died down after 8p so when we went (after 8), we were happy to find that the Yelpers were right. There were plenty of open tables and no wait! Well, except for the host to seat us… she took a little while to notice us come in.


Right when we sat down, they gave us all those little Korean side dishes. You know the ones (if you’ve ever been to a Korean restaurant).


We started with the KBBQ meats: Pork Belly, Ribeye, and Spicy Octopus.


You get to grill your own meat at the table, they change the rack every time you order new meats. It was a really fun experience!

We then ordered some Shrimp and Beef Brisket along with some Eel, Mackerel, and Halibut sushi, a roll called Burn Your Bum Bum, and a mixed sashimi salad type bowl.


We also ordered a ton of different appetizers. Boyfriend tried all three of their poppers: Jalapeno, Shrimp, and Mushroom. We had Gyoza, Chicken Wings, and some Miso Soup. I forgot to photograph those. They were the first things we got and we were starving so they were gone before I knew it.


Even though my stomach still wasn’t fully recovered from that pizza I ate I needed to see what this Korean Ice Cream sandwich was all about…


It was interesting! The brown part was a chocolate mochi and the outside shell was pretty much like a classic ice cream cone. The ice cream in the middle was plain vanilla.

Boyfriend chose the delicious Chocolate Crunch Bar:


It was like one of those Oreo Ice Cream Bars you can buy at the gas station but with strawberry filling… mmm, mmm.

After that, we just went home, snuggled on the couch, smoking blunts periodically, and watching Boy Meets World. I took a bubble bath at around 11p and we laid in bed afterwards. That was really early for us but, I was sleepy!! I listened to the audiobook (while following along in the ebook) of The Descendants but started dozing off after less than a chapter in so I turned it off and went to sleep while boyfriend stayed up to finish a new episode of Lucifer.

I woke up around 9a today and boyfriend was still asleep so I just laid and listened to the rest of the chapter that I left off on and then, the next chapter of the book. That’s when he woke up; around 10:30a. We just lazed about until around noon when we smoked a blunt and I wrote up our grocery list. I had already picked out the recipes yesterday.

We went grocery shopping then, we came home, made dinner, and ate. We went to get some Starbucks frapps (yes, we’re addicted), food for the cats, and now, we’re at home. I started typing this pretty much right when I walked in the door. I’ve gotta lot of other posts to write for my blog now so, off I go. I’ll more than likely be typing all the way until the time we decide to go to bed.


XO, Hunida

22 thoughts on “Journal Entry #99

  1. Hey girl! Always love reading your updates. I’ve only had Korean food once and wasn’t sure if I liked it or not… you have convinced me to try it again! This meal sounded deeeelish! And that ice cream sandwich- yum. I have yet to try mochi, but it’s pretty big around here. I’ll definitely be trying it soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes I’m not sure if I like Korean food, either haha. There are places that are much better than others & it’s kind of expensive compared to other Asian cuisines. 😛
      I hope you like mochi when you get to try it! My boyfriend hates it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg omg omg omg I’ve been wanting to go to a Korean bbq for th longest time. We finally found one but it’s a little ways away from us and when it’s dinner time it takes a while to get there due to traffic and sine ive never been there, idk if it gets full or not. All of that looks good though even the dessert!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We had only tried it once before & this place was much better than the first! Hopefully you’ll get to try the one near you one day! I hear ya bout the traffic. We never wanna go anywhere because we don’t wanna get stuck in it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My next visit to the US will definitely include your neck of the woods… I used to think Vegas was my happy place, then I really believed that being with The Captain was my happy place….Now I realize my happy place is where I make it!!


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