Journal Entry #98

May 28, 2018

We are so close to June! I’m not excited because I am turning one year older on the 15th. I don’t want to get older anymore. I am at a good enough age.

On Saturday, I went to work, it wasn’t the busiest Saturday ever but, it was still good. I was lucky to be able to hang out with a lot of super nice customers. I did learn that they hate to be called “customers” though and would rather have me refer to them as “clients.” I don’t really remember how I spent my day before work. I know boyfriend went to work and he didn’t get home until past 9p… I know we went out for some cocktails before I went in and I had like, one or two more at work. I also remember that I ate a frozen yet, delicious Frontera taco skillet bag with brown rice.

Friday, I stayed completely sober… and it was such a draaaag. 😛 Weekends are literally the worst at my work when you’re not drunk along with everyone else but I did it, and I was proud of myself!! Boyfriend had this day off, we just stayed at home, ate dinner, and did nothing until it was time for me to go to work.

Today, I’m going to just heat up some leftovers after I’m done typing this. I woke up at 2p and read some blogs then decided to switch over to the Kindle app and finish Start Without Me. I finished the book, took a shower, and now here I am. I need to eat and take off my old nail polish to apply a new one then by that time, boyfriend will probably be home with our espressos. I’m gonna go to work tonight and tomorrow since boyfriend has Wed & Thurs off this week, I’m gonna take those two days off too so we can spend ’em together. ❤

Yesterday, boyfriend had to work during the day. I woke up around the same time as he did because I couldn’t get back to sleep with all the poison gurgling in my stomach. I promise I didn’t drink that much on Saturday night but, my body didn’t want any of it in me. I threw up once and had to spend my day running to the toilet but, I didn’t have a migraine and my body didn’t feel drained like it usually does after too much drinking. Yay. Boyfriend got home around 4p and he whipped up our dinner while we watched some Boy Meets World. We had to go to the ATM, buy weed, fill up our water jugs, stop at the gas station for boyfriend’s cigarettes and blunt wraps, and we also picked up frappucinos from Starbucks. We came home and I blogged a little, we watched a little more Boy Meets World. I got sick of watching TV so boyfriend made me a bubble bath so I could read in it for a little bit. When I was done, we smoked and boyfriend watched a movie on Netflix while I browsed the interwebs for random, fun stuff. There’s a Pizza Hut within walking distance and all my dairy-free posts made me crave a real pizza… we ordered one for pickup and boyfriend walked out to get it for us. It was sooooooooo worth it; even though as I’m typing this I’m still trying my best to ignore the burning bubbles in my tummy. If you don’t get to eat pizza as often as you’d wish, it tastes EVEN BETTER when you do. I know it sounds impossible but it’s true!!

I’m gonna heat up some food and watch The Carrie Diaries while I eat then, continue to watch the show while I paint my nails.

Hope everyone has a good start to their week!!


XO, Hunida

23 thoughts on “Journal Entry #98

  1. Mhh Interesting what you say about your age!
    I am turning 28 in July which suddenly seems so old because I didn’t realize that time went by so fast!
    I’m still always the youngest at work. But nearing to your 30’s also means that you have to think about other stuff like large investments (children, house and so on).


  2. I think at some point we all just would like the aging to chill. So I feel it. Once I turn 23 I’m probably gonna be like WAIT wait lol. I am JUST getting a Netflix and don’t know where to begin.

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  3. Happy birthday for next month…totally feel you on the whole aging thing, can I just pause on right now? I don’t think I would’ve aged past 18 tbh.. It’s nice you and your boyfriend can take a few days off together, hope you get up to some fun stuff lovely!xx

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  4. I hate when you reach the age to where you just don’t want to get older anymore, but it’s happening whether you like it or not. For me, it was age 25 when I started feeling like that. However, now that I’m turning 30 this year, I ended up getting over that at some point. Now it’s 30 that I’m not looking forward to and makes 25 not seem so bad. lol If only we could go back.

    I love Starbucks frappuccino’s! I haven’t had one in so long though. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one soon.

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    1. Ugh, I would be happy if I could stay 21 forever. Just so I could be legal but still young haha. 😛 I hate aging. I know! Starbucks frapps are so yummy, they have a ton of new flavors for the summer I think!

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  5. Girl, I hear you on the pizza!!! I usually don’t eat it (or make a sorta healthier version of it), but when I go for it all out it tastes like absolute heaven. Nothing beats it. Same with pasta too! Sounds like a fun weekend!

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  6. I’m in my mid 20s, I don’t want to get older either but i guess I’m kind of over it already? Lol. I still feel like I’m 21/22 because I’m a huge dork and Alex and i still act like kids who have a kid haha.
    And pizza, I love it so much. I feel like I’ve had it twice within a week haha. I wish I could eat it again but if I keep eating pizza I won’t get toned or lose the belly pouch that has been extremely hard to get rid of lol

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    1. I love that! I hate people who take life too seriously and act like they can’t be goofy because they’re too grown. I wish I could eat it everyday but my stomach has been out of sorts for nearly a week now. 😦
      You are still young, though! & You will get rid of any excess weight fast & easily. ;D

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      1. Lmao well there are instances where we do have to toughen up and “be adults” but I mean, we rarely are like that. I think it’s important for kids to have playful parents because it’s teaching them that life isn’t that serious. You don’t want your kids to grow all stuck up or whatever lol. You want them to enjoy life, I mean isn’t that what it’s all about?! Lol
        Ugh idk lol. Once you hit your mid 20s I hear it’s harder to loose the weight or get toned 😣😣

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        1. Well, of course!! You just pick the right times to toughen up. I totally agree that kids should see that life isn’t so serious all the time. ❤ The point of life really is just to enjoy it!
          & yeah, it gets harder & harder to lose weight as we grow older. AH!!! Lol.

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